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UK`s Kalender UK`s Kalender

Do you need a calendar? - this is the one! 5 stars
I'm using this excellent Calendar for the last 4 years for planning my art shows - listing all the shows to apply, their deadlines...etc, reminders for the deadlines 10 days before or 10 weeks before...It's the most flexible and the most capable Calendar. Trust me, it's The Best of all, and I tried them all. I'm switching to Mac, and will have there Windows too just for one purpose - to keep using this beautiful and useful utility. Price: Free
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Junkanoo Junkanoo

Small, neat, easy, effective! 5 stars
I tried all the major spam filters, at least 7-8. Sure, all work fine. I don't know what it is, but I stopped using each one of them after a few days. I tried Junkanoo and couldn't believe how easy it is, how simple it is, and how neat and simple is the interface.Highly recommend ! And Big Thank you to the developer, he needs more support. Price: Free
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Photoscape Photoscape

A new gem! 5 stars
It is definitely a new player in the growing area of image editors. It's freshly different from others. Very neat printing combinations feature. Other features I didn't explore yet, but looks very very promising. Price: Free
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Password Depot Password Depot

Excellent, but limited to 20 passwords 4 stars
As a freeware it's useless. Today with passwords everywhere you go, and sign ups here and there, 20 passwords is a minimum that most people have. In this regard, there are better alternatives with unlimited amount of passwords. Other than that, this program is really state of the art. Price: Free Trial ($45.00)
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PocoMail PocoMail

The king of all email 5 stars
PocoMail is a brilliant piece of software. I'm sure the designer of this piece of art has put a lot of thought in it. Nothing is left out. Outstanding features and perfect design. No doubt, well worth the price. Price: Free Trial ($34.95)
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Opera Opera

Opera is a gem - well above all others 5 stars
When I switched from IE to FF about a year ago, it was like going from night to day. The difference was shocking. About 2 months ago I tried Opera and was shocked again. It's the most pleasant browser aesthetically, very nicely designed, joy to use, beautiful integration of an excellent email client wit spam filters and RSS feeds. Opera should be the king of all browsers. This is a lesson in design with sophistication and simplicity. Price: Free
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Kirby Alarm Kirby Alarm

Tried them all - this is thebest! 5 stars
Decided to post my review after reading the review of BagLady. Why ? Because I too started using Kirby Alarm just a couple of days ago. As a matter of fact I installed it a year ago, but never used it. Was hard to switch from one I was using for many years. the other one was good too, but not as good as KirbyAlarm. And I also tried so many of them, and decided to stick with the one I had for some years. But when I installed it and started exploring the endless options, I knew this is it. The features and options for alarms are as many as they could be. Just about every option for the alarm you can think of, is there. You can even set the alarms/reminders not to go between certain hours! Not many Reminder and Alarms have this. Plus more and more... It's also light on resources. It's the very best! Price: Free Trial ($24.95)
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Foxit PDF Reader Foxit PDF Reader

Everybody should get rid of adobe behemot 5 stars
Foxit is a pleasure to use, compared to Adobe's behemoth. This is what great software should be. Adobe should be banned from all computers. Price: Free
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FastStone Capture FastStone Capture

Just excellent! 5 stars
This is Excellence in Simplicity! The idea is so simple, but nobody yet implemented it. Every screen capture utility has their program sitting in the tray. FSC is very different: when you double click it, a small window of 2x1/2" appears on the screen. You have four options to capture:window,full screen,rectangle,free hand. Click one of them, draw anything you want to include,Enter and...voila..the FS Editor opens up with the capture right there, ready for you to edit or to save. Can be simpler more effective than that? Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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EssentialPIM Free EssentialPIM Free

Consumes resources,too many features 4 stars
I used it, but then realized that it uses quite a bit of memory. Plus it's too bulky, too many features, which nobody will ever use even half of them. Generally it's good, but there are a few lighter alternatives with features just about right. One of the alternatives is UK Kalender and TaskPlus. Another kanaReminder, which does the same thing but in a much simpler way. Price: Free
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Kana Reminder Kana Reminder

The best reminder:simple,effective,light,easy 5 stars
I've tried so many reminders, notes with reminders, alarms, name it... Kana Reminder is The best. It's light, simple to use, without unnecessary clicking, without unnecessary features and options. Very effective, extremely helpful and joy to use. Highly recommend to everybody. If you set the reminder every 6 hours, for example, and two of these reminders should popup at night when the computer is off, then in the morning when you turn the computer on, these missed reminders will be popping up or flashing in the task tray(near the clock), so there is no way to miss them. Just download, install and start adding reminders to anything you want to do today,tomorrow, next month..any day..any time. After a couple of days you'll be addicted. Many Thanks to the developer! Price: Free
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Shrink Pic Shrink Pic

Amazing !!! 5 stars
I was hesitant to try it, but the idea of saving time emailing pictures, kept me thinking about it. So yesterday I tried it. Opened up my OE, then the folder with pictures, clicked one photo "insert"..and was expecting ShrinkPic to popup.. But instead, to my pleasant surprise, a small message appeared right above the clock, saying that image was shrinked to 60kb! That's all..?!..I thought. Unbelievable! It took less than a second to shrink the image. Actually you don't even notice it. As soon as you click "insert"'s done! All it takes a click of "insert" that does a double job. The originals are not touched. And the new shrunk images are saved in a temporary folder with different names. AMAZING!!! This is the most innovative solution for emailing and posting images. I hope more features will be added. Everybody should have it as the most essential email tool! Thank you to the developer! Price: Free
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Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

I was a little skeptical, but when... 5 stars
I was using IE since 1997. One year before that Netscape. I was a little skeptical about Firefox, with all the hype and praises. But when I installed it and did the first browse - the difference was right there, and this moment when click a link. It was as fast as it was when you fire up your new computer without almost nothing installed there. But when you go back it's even faster! There are of course issues with certain links that don't work. Hopefully it will be fixed. Highly recommend! Price: Free
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Skype Skype

Excellent replacement for a phone 5 stars
I remember using the first software to make phone calls over the net back in 1997, VocalTek, by an Israeli startup. They were the pioneers in this field of internet communications. It wasn't as smooth as Skype is today. Overall Skype is very good. I haven't tried other programs. What bothers me is that when somebody is calling, you easily might miss the call, unless your speakers are on and you see the screen. The alert is TOO small, tiny. To be more effective it should be something like 4x6 or to be able to change the size and the color. Price: Free
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Maxthon Maxthon

Agree with last reviewer not to follow hype 2 stars
I wasn't hyped up about Firefox either when it came out, because I knew, that it's just a matter of time for them to start dealing with security. that's exactly what's happening now. I'm using IE since 1997, after one year with Netscape. What I want to say is not to rely on a browser for security. It's you and nobody else who can protect your own computer. So, my advise is to read and research here and what to use to for best protection. I use: AdAware,SpyBot S&D, Spyware Doctor, Spyware Blaster,Mycrosoft AntiSpyware, Symantec SystemWorks,WinPatrol, CCleaner...and more. Price: Free
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