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Cobian Backup Cobian Backup

Latest version (10) should have 5 stars 5 stars
At least for the version 10 I can not agree to anyone who gave less than 5 stars. It can (now) copy locked/used files; has schedule-automation; mirroring-sync option; full, differential and incremental backup; separated time-stamped backups or overwrite-option; "before and after"-command execution (can also be scheduled without a sync-job using "dummy"-backup); ... The only feature that I almost miss is real-time backup. But since I could not find a proggi that offers this in a satisfying way Cobian Backup is the best free file-backup-proggi I know of. (Of course it is meant for file-backup, not for whole partitions.) Price: Free
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Command Prompt Explorer Bar Command Prompt Explorer Bar

Oldies can be goodies (with software too) 4 stars
This is a nice piece of free software. It does, what the description says. The only weak point, I found so far is, that paths with language-specific characters, that are no part of the English alphabet, are not fully supported. Price: Free
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AutoIt AutoIt

Seriously recommended by me!!! 5 stars
The general description gave me a wrong first impression about AutoIt. It is NOT a program as such but more a scripting language environment. You have to learn the language and then write your macros as individual textfiles. As a help there is a tool for automated recording. The syntax has variables, operators, functions, programming-logic,... It is seriously one of the BEST downloads I ever downloaded. If you are interested in computer-programming but are NOT a professional programmer then get it FOR SURE! You can write your own pretty powerful progs (with GUI) pretty easily, even as standalone exe-files. There is A LOT of good support: i.e. there is a huge forum , the online-help is ok and there are some very nice extras: i.e. you can download a customized version of SciTe (a cool script editor). If you are not sure then check out the forum (mentioned above). There you can get a little impression what all is possible with this coool tool. Price: Free
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Filseclab Personal Firewall Filseclab Personal Firewall

Actually not so bad 3 stars
First of all i want to say, that there is a newer version available on the developers website than what you see here on It also is freeware. The thing with the asterisks i don't understand either, but with me that was only automatically set for a few programs from the start. I was able to delete these entries. Most new entries are "normal" then. You should read the help file though, even if it is not very good. You can set a generalized rule for all "System"-files. You can also set the program to let pass all Microsoft-certified programs automatically, but you can also UNcheck that option. The programers are located in China. I like it, because it is "real" freeware, not only for personal use, but for all use. What i do not like so much is the fact that the program itself wants to use the internet, even with at least two program-parts. Price: Free
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R-Firewall R-Firewall

Why so low in popularity? 4 stars
I like it. Maybe because my demands are not so high? I want to see which programs want to access the network. That seems to work well. It has a simple but nice wizard at the beginning too. What could be better: A better programs-Description (especially the file-path) should be shown with the pop-up window, where I have to decide, what to allow to the program. And it is REAL freeware (not just for non-profit organizations -> as far as I understand the license). Price: Free
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IrfanView IrfanView

Keeps getting better 5 stars
IrfanView is one of the very rare freeware-programs that was already very good at the beginning and also keeps getting better through the years. It has very many plug-ins (is supported by many programmers of other programs). It's fast, small, easy to install and uninstall. The only negative point is that you have to get used to some ways of handling the program but show me a prog where you don't have to get used to some ways of how it works. So, overall, I think it is really the best image viewer there is. If you want to use it for general everyday-work with pictures, then get it. It's worth at least the try. A fan. Price: Free
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