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Process Lasso Process Lasso

Great program when you need it! 4 stars
Most of the time you really don't need this program, but when you do it priceless. Before I started using it there where several times I had to hardware reboot the PC as a program (usually an old dos program in full screen mode) took all CPU. With this piece of software you actually get a chance to start up the task manager and kill the hanging program instead. And unlike other reviewers I've never had any problems with it. Price: Free Trial ($32.95)
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Visual Task Tips Visual Task Tips

As someone else wrote 5 stars
Why the h*** hasn't MS included something like this already. Have used tab scope for Firefox for a while and this is equally good. And I just realized it actually updates the thumbnail as you look at it. Now I'm really impressed! Price: Free
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RocketDock RocketDock

Best launchbar i've tried 5 stars
This is the best program of this type I've tried. Easy to use and 0 learning curve. Excellent program Price: Free
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Taskbar Shuffle Taskbar Shuffle

Why? 5 stars
Why has not MS already included this functionality into the taskbar. OK I admit that it's the similar functionality in Firefox taskbar that made me realize the need. Doubt that I would have thought about it otherwise. But when you think about it it's so obvious that you wonder why it's not in windows from scratch. Price: Free
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Lookout Lookout

I'm usually suspicious when it comes to ms 5 stars
But this one is actually great. Very fast indexing and search. If you have a large inbox or mails spread out it's a very handy search tool. Price: Free
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TaskSwitchXP TaskSwitchXP

A very good replacement 5 stars
It's easy to use and has many small features built in, not just the excellent task switcher. Among others I like the feature to send programs down into the task bar by rightclick on the minimize button. I've used other programs before for that but now with TaskswitcherXP I only need that one. Price: Free
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ForecastFox ForecastFox

One of the best ff extentions 4 stars
Works fine and is easy to configure. Manages metric measurements as it should and also 24 hour clock. Have forecasts for locations not just in the US, I have Stockholm set up. You can also have different profiles if you have several cities you would like to quickly check the forecast for. A city you often go to or where you come from or so. As I started with, one of the best FF extensions. Price: Free
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