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Whisper FTP Surfer Whisper FTP Surfer

Simple but good 5 stars
FTP Surfer performs simple tasks admirably. Nothing fancy, and it doesn't look incredibly slick. But it gets the job done and it's easy to use. Price: Free
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Thunderbird Thunderbird

Everything you need 5 stars
Thunderbird is a well designed program, and it feels great to use it. Smooth and easy---a great program and it's free to boot! Price: Free
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Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

Why use anything else? 5 stars
Mozilla Firefox is a browser that is extremely flexible and which has tons of features. The "tabbed browsing" is wonderful (though other browsers have that too). What really sets Firefox apart is the ability to customize it by downloading extensions. These extensions (mostly free) can be found at Mozilla's Web site and can add various features. I particularly like the extensions CustomizeGoogle (to improve ease of Google searches) and Forecastfox (weather forcasts appear in my browser window), but there are others that may be more useful, depending on one's preferences. Firefox is just terrific! And, importantly to some of us, it's one way to take a stand against Microsoft taking over the Web, since it's a browser which is not produced by them. Price: Free
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