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Spy Sweeper Spy Sweeper

Resource hog 2 stars
I recently tried SS again. I had used it 2 years ago, and found it no more useful than the free spyware detection and removal tools available. I took advantage of a special discount offer from Webroot for former users and installed the latest version. I have a 160GB and a 320GB hard drive on my machine. Spysweeper scanned the 160Gb drive for over 3 hours before I canceled the sweep. I decided not to run it on the larger drive. The active agent is a resource hog. It slowed web activity, and cut my download speeds in half. It did report false positives, although not as many as some users have experienced. Sadly, there are no good spyware detection and removal programs out there. A recent study I read on a tech website showed that all of the well known spyware products were poor at detecting and removing spyware. My advice is practice 'safe surfing' and save your money. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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IrfanView IrfanView

This program is amazing 5 stars
It seems like I have been using IrfanView for ever. Even though I own (purchased) 2 heavy duty image editors, and have tried most of the freeware full blown editors, this little program still meets 85% of my editing needs. For resizing, orientation, color correction, format conversion and effects, this little piece of freeware beats the big boys. It is frequently updated, has a small footprint and plenty of plugins to expand its usability. Unless you are a professional photographer (or aspire to be one) this program should meet your needs. And even if you are a pro, this program allows you to get rid of that awful Windows Image viewer!! Oh, and did I mention it's free?? Price: Free
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Quintessential Player (QCD) Quintessential Player (QCD)

Ok, but not great 3 stars
It's been almost 2 years since there was an update, and no new plugins in quite a while either. It lacks Flac support. But if you like wiedo skins, go for it. I prefer Winamp Lite, (not the full bore Winamp which is suffering serious bloat). Winamp Lite sounds better, has Flac support and is just as easy to use. Price: Free
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Window Washer Window Washer

Support is lacking 2 stars
I've used Window Washer since my win98 days. It was always a good product. But... I think webroot is having problems. There have been no program updates in over a year. It no longer supports Firefox for versions higher than 1.5.0. The plugin detection module is weak and fails to detect installed software. Webroots tech support response is always the same; create a custom object to resolve the problem. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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