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XMPlay XMPlay

Astonishingly good 5 stars
Tiny, fast, incredible sound - I've made this my main audio player now, and am delighted with it. Memory footprint is minute. First-rate streaming radio support. The media library is excellent, and a very wide range of audio formats is supported, both natively and with easily installed plug-ins. Skinnable, around 70 skins to choose from currently, but the default interface is pleasant and practical, with a handy mini-mode accessible by double-clicking the main display. Do read the support documentation - this is a very flexible and powerful little app, and it has far more options than meet the eye at first. Price: Free
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Quintessential Player (QCD) Quintessential Player (QCD)

Really fine player 5 stars
Pros: Fast, stable, versatile. Really nice, and usable, interface. Wonderful sound, excellent EQ, uses Winamp DSP plugins if you need them. Skins if you want them. Truly excellent encoding (file conversion) utility. Loads of plug-ins, including, of all things, a proper Ogg Vorbis encoder. Very nice playlist handling, and by far the best tag editor I've so far seen. Cons: no MIDI support; no Real Audio (.ram, etc.) support. But there are plenty of free MIDI players, and a Real alternative for the rare occasions you need to play those. Overall: one of the best everyday players, lovely to look at and to use, and some very cool extras on the side. Price: Free
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Winamp Full Winamp Full

Complete audio solution 5 stars
Pros: Extremely attractive, intuitive, flexible interface. Huge range of supported formats, and plug-ins for loads more (even RealAudio). Excellent MIDI support. Fully skinnable (but why change the lovely default skin?) Excellent colour theme option - eye-candy! By far the best library of any player available. Very neat radio, with inbuilt ShoutCast tuner and the ability to bookmark any stream from anywhere else, in any format. Very handy portable device handling, with iPod, Creative, and Plays-for-Sure support right out of the box. Sounds wonderful! Cons: Can be a little slow starting and closing. Such a very flexible and powerful interface, though intuitive enough to use straight away, naturally takes a while to get the best from - but I enjoy playing around with it! Very poor ripping and burning in the free edition - but there are excellent standalone freeware rip and burn apps you can download, so it doesn't bother me too much. Price: Free
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