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Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder

Not bad, the the interface is inadequate 2 stars
I just bought this tool, played around for a few hours and realized how close it is to being good but find it almost unmanageable for any multi-text sequence. Far too many clicks to see information, could be better displayed in a grid so all 'texts' could be seen at the same time, the ability to resize the UI would help, fire up the swf at any frame, some way to get a handle on timing of frames, the ability to center or align text, built-in background effects.. the works.. Its' only feature that is good is that you can enter any number of lines of text, which was the main reason i bought it. The entire UI needs to be replaced. As a developer myself, if i had access to an api to do the graphics, i would love to rebuild this tool. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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WinSock XP Fix WinSock XP Fix

Awesome! thanks!! 5 stars
I am an experienced software developer and in the midst of all my tweaks etc, i blew away my wireless on my laptop.. nothing worked, spent hours on it, then i tried my wired connection, and realized my winsock was somehow hooped.. a few seconds after installing this little gem.. everything was a-ok! thanks folks.. Price: Free
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The Castle SplitImage The Castle SplitImage

Excellent little tool.. 4 stars
This tool does exactly what i needed. I did not want to have to fiddle with placement of rectangles in order to chop/splice my image, i just wanted to get it done, and this great little tool did it perfectly for me. Price: Free
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Foxit PDF Reader Foxit PDF Reader

Excellent program, but a catch.. 4 stars
Performs most excellently, in all areas except for large pdf files. My wife routinely prints 65+ page pdf docs and this program will not ever print them properly. Too bad because in most every other way tested, it performs very well! Price: Free
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TaskSwitchXP TaskSwitchXP

Excellent utility 4 stars
As i work on my computer for a living, every little way to save time, energy or effort helps me. This little utility does all that and more. No issues, hassles or troubles. Nice work by the author.. Price: Free
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Whisper FTP Surfer Whisper FTP Surfer

Almost perfect, but.. 4 stars
I used this nice program for a while, but then i noticed that while uploading files to a remote virtual server, the upload does not seem to know the end of the file has been hit, goes past the byte limit, waits and waits, then starts over. If i watch closely, i can flip to the remote desktop and make a quick copy before the attempt is aborted and the remote file deleted. This makes this program useless for my needs, but it is soooo close to being excellent. cheers. Price: Free
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