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TextCrawler TextCrawler

Awesome, and a couple of suggestions 5 stars
This program is gold. Very easy to use, and powerful. I would only add that the confirm dialog should be asynchronous so that the user can examine the results before issuing the confirm. It also would be nice not to have to install it, for portable use, but that's minor. Thanks much for an excellent utility! Price: Free
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Clipboard Master Clipboard Master

Terminal bugs 3 stars
I really thought this was the one, but the bugs have overwhelmed me. What a shame. The program is very well thought out, and would serve all my needs, but it simply will not do what it is supposed to. I can't add text to the permanent clipboards. And there is no way that I can see to get support from the website. A shame, but I can't recommend this prog. Price: Free
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SoftPerfect Network Scanner SoftPerfect Network Scanner

Very nice tool 5 stars
This is a great scanning tool. It works perfectly. The only feature that I'd like to see is a scanning range by subnet option, rather than raw IP range limits. Then, the typical Class C subnet could be preloaded Price: Free Trial ($29.00)
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DSynchronize DSynchronize

Superb tool, needs documentation 5 stars
This is a superb syncing tool. I've tried many, and this one beats them all. MS's RichCopy is the most feature-rich, but it's problematic and difficult to use, especially from the command line. This tool processes quickly and does exactly what it says. You have to pay attention to the settings, because you can mess things up royally if you misdirect the program, that's the way powerful tools work. While the prog is pretty intuitive, more documentation would be helpful, especially when it comes to the command line. I want to hook this thing up to the Windows Scheduler, and I can't figure out how... I also have an email in to Dimio, but I don't know how busy he is. Price: Free
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Duplicate Cleaner Free Duplicate Cleaner Free

Intuitive and effective 5 stars
I give this program high marks. I was able to start using it right away, without a whole lot of fighting the interface. It found the dupes, offered to help my way through the selection process, and handily got rid of the unwanted files. Simple and effective. Nice job. Price: Free
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Cobian Backup Cobian Backup

Great program, with one major drawback 2 stars
This would be a great program, except for the front end. Each folder/file has to be dragged individually into the backup job, rather than showing the entire tree with checkboxes. It has been like this from Day One, and it`s hard to believe it hasn`t been improved on. Price: Free
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GFI Backup Home Edition GFI Backup Home Edition

Excellent design, but buggy 3 stars
This simple program has many desirable features not found in other commercial offerings. If it would do what it advertises, I would have my backup program. The problem is that I keep getting inconsistent and unreliable performance from it, and am now looking for a replacement. The latest issue is that differential backups are not deleting defunct files, leaving the backups large-sized. If GFI would clean up the code a little, this program would go to the very top of the list. Price: Free
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Back4Sure Back4Sure

Pound for pound, amazing 4 stars
Coming in at under 2Mb, this is an amazingly tightly-written, feature-rich program. It does what it does well, and has many surprisingly advanced options. I would suggest making a small test backup job and playing with the program to see what the options will do. My problem is that, as good as this program is, it doesn't hit the bases I need hit. I need differential backup, and the program`s Cleanup function is not a substitute. I need each file zipped individually, with customizable splitting, for ease of Cloud access. This is the rare case where I`d like to see some more weight added to the program, in order to get these features. But with them or without them, this is an impressive offering. The program that sets out to do all that I want is GFI Backup. The problem is that I have been onset with a continuing rash of bugs that deem the program unreliable. Otherwise I wouldn`t be looking for a replacement. Price: Free
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FileMenu Tools FileMenu Tools

A gem 5 stars
This utility is surprisingly feature-rich. All kinds of file/folder management, renaming using regular expressions, add your own commands, and much more. It's all unobtrusively tucked away in a fly-out menu, waiting for your command. Very well thought-out and executed. The author(s) should be proud. Price: Free Trial ($11.00)
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Any Video Converter Free Any Video Converter Free

Simple, attractive, and it works 5 stars
Kudos to these guys, because finally there is a video editing tool that simply works, and works for a variety of formats without worrying about transcoding, codecs, etc. Finally, you don't have to be a video guru to make easy edits on video files. I like how easy it is to choose your compression rate. Thus, I've been able to significantly reduce file sizes. You'll have to put up with one nag screen per edit job - not a bad price to pay, IME. Other than that, I wish there were easier navigation controls when editing a file; dragging the shuttle via mouse is very inexact. Price: Free
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Excellent, could be superb 4 stars
This is a fantastic clipboard tool. I've used a few, including pay-for, and this is the one I've stuck with. Make sure you make use of the extra tools, available via the .dlls. Though other tools do these things and more, it's very convenient having them in the main clipboard tool. Now for how this utility could be better. First, I wish it were still developed, because the extra tools should be 1) expanded, and 2) an integral part of the installation, and their configuration should be direct from the interface and a lot simpler. Second, this utility badly needs documentation, especially with English not being the author's first language. This need would be somewhat mitigated if my first suggestion were implemented. Bottom line: Thanks for a really great utility! God bless. Price: Free
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RoboForm RoboForm

Solid 5 stars
Great software, constant updates. I only wish the toolbar was skinnable. Dark themes obscure the text. Price: Free Trial ($9.95)
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PDF-XChange Viewer PDF-XChange Viewer

Just excellent 5 stars
Here is my thanks to Tracker for a really excellent job. Besides being a very attractive, well-designed, and full-featured program, it beats the one problem I have had with pdf documents - namely, the sea of white background hurt my eyes. PDF-XChange Viewer allows the user to spec his own colors, so I've gone back to the old WordPerfect for DOS aqua-on-navy pattern. One small niggle - oddly, the spacebar does not function as PgDwn. Otherwise a perfect 10. Price: Free
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