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Magic Bookmarks Magic Bookmarks

A little more magic 4 stars
I keep stuff I need to use on different computers on an SD Card. (Less bulky than a USB Drive.) I use lots of browsers. I need all my bookmarks in one place and it must be portable. Magic Bookmarks does the job. The interface is functional. The import function works despite a message to the contrary. Setting the browser to use is easy. Opening favourite sites is not intuitive. This is small, quick and portable which is just what I need. Price: Free
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AnalogX FastCache AnalogX FastCache

This free product could save you money. 4 stars
If you access the internet you access a DNS server every time you access a website. FastCache is your own DNS Server running on your own computer, keeping track of where you like to go but only for your own benefit. When you want to access a site a second or subsequent time FastCache already knows what to do so you save a little bit of upload and download every time. That might save you money and it WILL save a little time. For the price you pay (nothing) it's an absolute bargain. It WORKS and once set up you have nothing else to do, BUT you must read the documentation to set it up properly. It's easy for almost anyone to do and if you don't do it you are wasting your time downloading. Price: Free
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