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iTunes iTunes

Check the menus. no "play." no "ope 2 stars
An mp3 player should require nothing more than ordinary Explorer tools. Drag, drop, delete. Software intended for playing CDs or audio files yet offers no "Play" or "open file" options from the Menus strikes me as strange, to say the least. iTunes is a bloated, Byzantine amalgamation of features designed to LIMIT what you can play, keep track how many times you can play it, then guides you to a "store" where you can buy audio files. There is no functionality offered by iTunes that is not provided by other applications WITHOUT the limitations and the pushing to buy that afflict iTunes. Read the fine print. iTunes only "permits" you to play or burn the same playlist seven times. I have freeware rippers, burners, players that perform quite well. File Management can be adequately performed using Windows Explorer. Drag, Drop, delete, play, and open are all I need. [Editor: Please note that iTunes is not designed to be used with just any MP3 player. It is a companion application for the Apple iPod device] Price: Free
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Playlist Creator Playlist Creator

Small and useful 4 stars
Browsing over my mp3 collections, I often spot a variety of mp3's that I want to have ready as playlists for future projects. Playlist creation is a component of several of my larger audio programs, but I don't want to opening these multi-featured larger aps until I need their other advanced features. When that time comes, I have my collection of playlists made with Playlist Creator ready to go. The FILE menu does not offer a "CLOSE" or "NEW" option. The option to "CLEAR THE PLAYLIST" is confusing, possibly leading users to think they are deleting the playlist just created. Many may find it self-evident that "CLEAR THE PLAYLIST" means "prepare to create new playlist," but, when using new aps, I've been fooled more than once by guessing at what might be self-evident. In any case, I find Playlist Creator convenient and useful. Price: Free
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Visual CD Visual CD

Visual cd: an indispensable tool 5 stars
Visual CD is an indispensable tool for me. I use it to maintain a very large collection of installation files, digital camera uploads, MP3s and other audio and multimedia files. Visual CD's option to generate and save thumbnails within its catalogs is a lifesaver. I also use visual CD to make play-lists. I include printout reports of the catalogs in my albums of CDs. There are other features not mentioned in the Snapfiles description of the application, but the thumbnail feature and the tool to generate play-lists are the first that come to mind. I have used Visual CD for more than three years with no problems.I have experienced neither crashes nor significant discrepancies in file-size reports. (Mentioned by others who evaluated this app.) Without Visual CD, my collections of CDs, application-installation files, jpgs, MP3s, and other files would be as useless as a PC without a file manager. Problems with earlier releases? Try this newer release. RamirLopez Price: Free
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EssentialPIM Free EssentialPIM Free

Be careful with the "contacts" feature 4 stars
The CONTACTS feature invites the user to move the fields in any way preferred, implying that one can change the order of FNAME, LNAME, STREET, CITY, Home Phone, etc. Do not take the risk. It might be safe if done before entering any data; however, when I made changes in the order of fields after entering many contacts, the database was corrupted by the action, and I've found no way to restore or recover. Luckily, the data can still be brought up (with error messages), but PRINT is disabled. I assumed that my changes would affect only onscreen view. The "MOVE" option of the CONTACTS feature should be disabled after the first entry. it may be "common sense" to keep the default order of the fields. But it is also "common sense" to use features offered in the application, assuming that the developer would not include "MOVE" options in the GUI if using the options presents high risks to the users' databases. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Sep 11, 2005: Thank you for posting! This is a known bug in a 1.5.3 version, which will be fixed in the upcoming 1.6 version. Moreover, we are fixing any data files for our users (both free and paid), at first request, free of charge.

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