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Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

Not a lightning fast browser 3 stars
I like this browser. For a full featured speedy browser I find the IE based Cayman browser to do circles around Firefox. If your stuck on a dial-up connection for some reason or other you will find that IE and most any IE based browser is faster than this excluding Maxthon which in my tests was just as slow loading graphics. Although I'd give Maxthon a higher rating than Firefox it is very well featured and not buggy in some aspects like Firefox is. Firefox extensions are very nice but the themes I think are lame. I would still recommend this to use but is not my browser of choice. I like it better than Opra but then again thats not saying much. If you have Firefox and are a bit disappointed then give the new Cayman browser a try. I think you will switch. Cayman is very full featured and the fastest browser I have found yet. Security wise I find that if your machine is fully patched it is as secure as it's going to get with any browser. Price: Free
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Download Accelerator Manager Download Accelerator Manager

Every download failed 1 stars
What attracted me to this product is it states that it works on password protected sites. I installed it and it did go into the IE right click menu. I tried to download from many different sites most not password protected. Out of 20 files I attempted to download all 20 failed. I tried reinstalling this and the net framwork it requires. All to no avail.... simply didnt work, period. Uninstalled well and I didnt find any spy/adware bundled. That I found to be the highlight of this program. I find it hard to believe it works on password protected sites (if only it worked at all). Waste of my time anyway. Theres still free version of net transport and leech get download managers that do all this does and actually function correctly. Although those don't download multiple files or resume on password protected sites. At least none I have seen in the last 3 years anyway. But they do on free sites. [Editor: We did not experience any problems during our review] Price: Free
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