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Recover Disc Recover Disc

Succeeded where others failed 5 stars
This program is a cracker! I have some old backup CDs, now damaged, with some files I desperately needed to extract. I tried out a few here on snapfiles, both free and shareware before I came to this one. Sadly the others weren't able to help or just froze. Recover Disc came to the rescue and copied files I highlighted with little fuss. The registered version isn't cheap but not as expensive as others either, and worth it in my opinion. What price those precious 100s of files that were otherwise unreachable? It did what many others couldn't. The interface is simple and has a step-by-step guide (I didn't really need it but I wanted to be sure as the trial version allows only 2 files per day to be extracted). After a few minutes I was delighted to have 2 important files I needed safely back on my hard drive. Now I can get after the rest. After several frustrated days I can't thank the makers of this recovery program enough for coming up with this gem. Price: Free Trial ($27.00)
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MusicBee MusicBee

Very good but complicated 4 stars
Nice interface, can be customized to different layouts. Skin colours are nice though not really necessary. Has some great features: getting album cover art & lyrics, syncing computer music files/folders with an mp3 player. However, many things (i.e. tag editor) weren't initially easy to find. I had to wade through the busy interface to find what I wanted. The help file was no help at all here. I do like it, it just seems that the focus is on customizing options rather than on ease of use. Overall it's better than I'd anticipated, and has some features that many other free tag editors don't have. For freeware it's amazing and a lot of work has obviously gone into it. Price: Free
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Dirhtml Dirhtml

Exactly what I needed 5 stars
I needed a program or function that would let me save a list of files in a folder or directory as an html file. This little gem does just that. It can save subfolders too which was a plus for me as I use it a lot for mp3 files and folders. It has many options yet I found it simple to use and the interface isn't cluttered. A small, fast program, just unpack the zip file and you're ready to go. It doesn't go through an installation process so if you don't need it, it can be easily deleted. Many thanks to the author of this very useful utility. Price: Free
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Simply Calenders Simply Calenders

Excellent software, publisher non-responsive 4 stars
I love this program and have used it several times. It's 'simpy' the best calendar software out there. Perfect for my needs, I found it easy to use and customise. It is loaded with information and options (languages, holidays, moonphases) without being cumbersome or bloated. That said ... it's the program maker himself who is letting it down. The website does warn of slow reponse at holiday times but no replies to my queries since before last Christmas? I just want to update registration code as I've gone from W98 to XP. I understand it's a 1-man band working part-time, however: I gave all information needed but now it's 3 months and no reply so I can't use it. I wouldn't begrudge buying a new version as it's so good (though not required according to website, should be able to get free updated reg code). However, lack of response is making me hesitate to do this either. Price: Free Trial ($24.95)
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Free M4a to MP3 Converter Free M4a to MP3 Converter

Does exactly what it claims to do 5 stars
This is a simple converter which does exactly what it claims. It has the option of converting to wav, but not a lot else. But then it doesn't claim to be an all-singing all-dancing application and it has links to other (pay-for) programs. However, if you just want to quickly and easily convert m4a iTunes files to mp3s, this is for you. Price: Free
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JAlbum JAlbum

Best gallery program i have come across 4 stars
I've tried out several gallery programs and this knocks the socks off the rest. Excellent program and it's updated regularly. There's a lively community forum on the home website if you need any help. It isn't the simplest program to use and has a wealth of useful features but isn't full of worthless bloat. With a little experimenting you can find how versatile JAlbum is, especially if you want it to blend with your own website. I heartily recommend this one. Price: Free Trial ($39.00)
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Eusing Free Registry Cleaner Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Unreliable 2 stars
Sorry I can't agree with most other reviews here. Based on reviews I decided to try it out. It looks good and seems to have good features. That said however, I'm glad I did my standard procedure of backing up my registry first. Let's just say the "automatic backup" it performed didn't work well for me. I certainly wouldn't trust this one again. Price: Free
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