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True Launch Bar True Launch Bar

Regret purchase 3 stars
I was really impressed at first, so much so I decided to purchase. Then I started having problem with the menus just popping out by themselves all the time, it got very annoying. Support offered no help via email or forum. I even sent support a screen capture movie of the problem. Wish I could just get my $ back, what a waste. Would be great if not for this odd behavior, clearly a bug. Would have recommended, had support bothered to even recognize my problem, but I hear nothing after 10 days and several attempts. Price: Free Trial ($19.90)
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The software developer responded to this review on Aug 13, 2007: Thank you vary much for posting the same comment on many websites. I can give you some links.... Well, contact me via support forum. I ll help you. Maybe emails are lost in the way. (Yuri Kobets)

Screenshot Captor Screenshot Captor

Disagree with last poster 4 stars
It IS freeware, but they encourage you to visit the site by requiring a FREE registration. This expires after 6 months, then you get another one. After that, it never expires. Basically they want you to visit the site 2 times in one year. Thats not exactly unfair for such work and support (yes, support for freeware). And yes, the site does encourage a donation but it is never pushed in your face. I have no connection to DonationCoder whatsoever. That said, I do find it has a few bugs but I know the author is actively supporting and improving as of this date Aug.3 07. Pro: Extremely feature rich, even compared to more expensive ones. Active forum support. Free! (Donations encouraged!) Con: Doesnt remember settings, window positions, etc. at times. Not very intuitive to find all the features. Very small buttons for my taste (and vision!) Overall, well worth a try. No worse than some others out there charging $30-40. v.2.32.02 Price: Free
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Snarfer Snarfer

Best I`ve found 5 stars
Ive tried at least 20 RSS readers, this is best of all IMHO. Very little resources (around 2 mb. Wow!), clean intuitive interface, fully supported as of this date (7/10/07), integrates with Firefox add feed . Maybe missing a few minor features of others, but to me, thats good and keeps ram down. Highly recommended Price: Free
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FileZilla FileZilla

The standard 5 stars
I believe it's the standard for others to follow. And free to boot. Downloading this is a real no-brainer. Price: Free
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Stickies Stickies

Has become a must have 5 stars
Depend on it daily now, my second brain :) I have a quick reminder for everything. Price: Free
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