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WebDrive WebDrive

The solution to my remote diff issues 4 stars
This software is the key to solving the greatest issue faced by people who work with servers and remote data. Often we need to compare the content of a remote and local folder, and remote vs remote. The latter is particularly difficult because the available programs only anlow one remote folder, while the other must be local. With Webdrive this requirement is satisfied and I can use software to compare the content of my development and production servers when I normally couldn't, by fooling existing software in treating my dev server as a local drive. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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SendTo FTP SendTo FTP

Great! 3 stars
Lots of flexibility, as well as easy to use preconfigured sites such as Imageshack and Facebook. The interface could be more friendly and modern/simplified, but it still works just the same. Price: Free
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WinSock XP Fix WinSock XP Fix

It just works! 5 stars
This is like penicillin for an ailing PC. It has saved mine on more than one occasion. If your web browser suddenly starts to go haywire, this can very likely fix the problem. Price: Free
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Shutter Lite Shutter Lite

Does what it says....... 4 stars
As all other posters on this app, its great, the only thing i wish it had is a warning noise or dialog box for those times when you accidentally continue to work past the deadline....ouch! Price: Free
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System Surveillance Pro System Surveillance Pro

Wait for update 3 stars
A great program that needs updating badly! I have owned SSPro for many years now, and have found it to be a very useful program which did just what it said it would. However, it is limited to monitoring only certain browsers. This keeps it from being as useful as it should be, as the browser market has exploded. Adding the ability to monitor Chrome, Safari, and Opera would increase the usability of the program overall. In addition, there is a need for blocking ANY program by schedule, which makes me unable to recommend SSPro heartily. It is sad to pay the money for a product and find it is only half as useful as it could be. This review is based on version 5.5, which is sub-standard. If there is a new version, I would ask the company directly if they have added the other browsers and a general program blocking ability to the program before I purchased. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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DeskPins DeskPins

Nice! 5 stars
It does what you need, fantastically!! Price: Free
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SizeMeNow SizeMeNow

Very good program 5 stars
Unlike earlier versions, the latest updated ones are very fast and light. While the regular version does provide only the basic features, the Professional edition has quite a bit more. The duplicate file finder is especially useful. Price: Free Trial ($19.99)
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DShutdown DShutdown

Not reliable 2 stars
I tried using DShutdown to hibernate or shut down my PC after some downloads finished. Instead, it shut down while the downloads were in progress. Price: Free
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DK Finder DK Finder

Light, fast and in full development 4 stars
DK Finder is a FREEWARE PC file search utility that works fast because it makes an index. It's much less resource consuming than Google Desktop Search or Windows Search 4.0. An all new version 3.0 is coming up with new programming added functionality and ease of use. Keep your eye on this utility ! Price: Free
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Win32Pad Win32Pad

Dandy replacement for notepad 5 stars
Make line numbers visible, or not. Set background colour, even foreground color. Create zero-length file in its folder and name it Win32Pad.ini -- Then Win32Pad becomes fully portable on flash. One way to do that: echo.>Win32Pad.ini [ENT]andexit All settings get saved to this local .ini file. Win32Pad is not Unicode compliant, but otherwise it is most suitable and has a small footprint. Print margins are fixed, but they work well for a 3-ring binder. A more heavy-duty editor WITH Unicode is NotePad2, which allows MULTIPLE .ini files according to your taste or need (specify in the command line which one). I use Win32Pad all the time and recommend it. --Ruedriger Price: Free
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Comodo Internet Security Comodo Internet Security

Best freeware firewall 5 stars
Probably the best freeware firewall to date. GUI is a bit weird, but other then that really nice protection. Price: Free
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Foxit PDF Reader Foxit PDF Reader

Great, but no thumbnail view 4 stars
One day I got sick of waiting for Acrobat and tired of deleting the speed launcher and other junk it loads on my system, so I tried Foxit. It is definitely much faster - PDF documents now open as fast as notepad documents. Copying text is possible although not perfect (the line breaks are also copied). The only "gotcha" I can see is that there is no thumbnail view. I use this a lot on multi-page documents, so I will still have to keep Acrobat Reader around for that purpose. Price: Free
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Hot Corners Hot Corners

I agree with first reviewer... 5 stars
1. Hide tray icon 2. Provide an e-mail address...using a "review" for feature request is a bit awkward...;) 3. Please provide "Disable Screen-Saver/Power-Management" as a corner feature, in addition to forcefully log-off. Thank you very much for such a nice freeware! Price: Free
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Vibe Streamer Vibe Streamer

Fast and functional 5 stars
Feature-rich yet fast and functional Price: Free
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TaskArrange TaskArrange

Extremely useful 5 stars
I use this every single day. With 30 or more taskbar entries, closing the wrong one and not being able to rearrange them is a catastrophe. The only thing better would be if the interface were part of the actual taskbar. This should be a standard feature of Windows XP. Hopefully Vista will take note. Price: Free
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Flexible Renamer Flexible Renamer

Great product, and it's free! 5 stars
Great, flexible program. Regular expression enabled and it's FREE! Price: Free
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FileZilla FileZilla

Excellent 5 stars
Excellent FTP client. Price: Free
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FastStone Photo Resizer FastStone Photo Resizer

Excellent watermark function 5 stars
I have looked for a watermark functionality which keeps EXIF data and this one do so. It does exactly what I wanted to do and is very easy to use. Price: Free
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Upload Express Upload Express

Yuhu! 5 stars
Very very very useful! This, Unlocker and FileTargets are making windows explorer a file manager! Price: Free
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IE Privacy Keeper IE Privacy Keeper

The best i've used 4 stars
I've use this app. for almost 2 years. Love its shell where you can just right click on a file/folder and secure delete it in the context menu. I'm too on dial-up a and never saw any difference whenever a page opens after I cleared out my cache. Maybe the previous users who gave low marks do not know how to configure IE Privacy Keeper. You can keeping or delete the cookies, values, or urls by checking and unckecking the appropriate boxes. Price: Free
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Avast Free Antivirus Avast Free Antivirus

A very good choice 4 stars
I would not put avast! up with the best-of-breed AVs in terms of detection capability, but it is nonetheless very good, and certainly good enough for anyone who isn't completely careless. Updates are totally painless--including program updates. It just works. No need to uninstall/reboot/install/reboot/clean up. I wish competitors would look long and hard at the avast! installer/updater. The avast! screen saver is a very nice touch. For me at least, it obviates the need for scheduled scans. One potential gripe is that signature updates aren't very frequent. Rather than the incessant updates of Kaspersky--or even the semi-regular updates of NOD32--you will only see an update every couple or few days. Highly recommended, especially if you're as sick of forever paying for upgrades as I am. Price: Free
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Best system information 5 stars
This free software is incredible. IT does so many thing I cant count, So much good information. Ease of use. Stuff like that. Price: Free Trial ($39.99)
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StrokeIt StrokeIt

This is what i was looking for! 5 stars
This excellent small piece of software was what I was missing in standard Windows interface for a long time. I had similar functionality in Opera, than later in Firefox via extension, and now, just any program I want to have mouse gestures support will have it. Works perfectly, makes my everyday use of computer more efficient.. Very recommended! Price: Free
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DoubleKiller DoubleKiller

Simple and easy to use, works 5 stars
The interface could use improvements to be able to select first or last duplicate for selected files. Otherwise the interface is very simple but still functional and elegant. It has lots of detail like asking if you are really sure when selecting all of the duplicates for some files. Best of all, no installer it's just a single binary! Price: Free
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NTRegOpt NTRegOpt

Ntregopt rocks! 5 stars
NTRegOpt Rocks! Does what it says. Price: Free
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CubicExplorer CubicExplorer

So long powerdesk 5 stars
It took me only a week to uninstall powerdesk after 3 years of use and switch to CubicExplorer.. what more is there to say? Price: Free
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Screenshot Captor Screenshot Captor

Not recommended 1 stars
1. Absurdly bloated, over 4 MB? It's just a screenshot utility. 2. Just disguised as freeware. Your free license is only valid for 180 days, they want you to 'donate' to get a permanent license. 3. Assume those flawlessly excellent ratings here are home made Price: Free
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KeyTweak KeyTweak

Excellent piece of useful software!!! a must. 5 stars
I'm surprised no one had reviewed this yet - I had a laptop with no CTRL on the right, and it annoyed me too much. KeyTweak was a god sent when it could remap the useless "properties"(?) windows button to act exactly like a CTRL :) And the best part is that it happens somewhere in the registry - no resources at all! (you can even uninstall the program completely if you want, and the change still holds) Bravo! Price: Free
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