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SafeInCloud SafeInCloud

Better than the paid software 5 stars
When I discovered this software program, I was--and still am--amazed. I had zero problems installing; and, I was able to figure out the software UI in a few minutes without looking for HELP. The program allows you to store website logons and passwords, software license keys, bank accounts with logons, credit card data with logons, email accounts, generic notes, and custom account data. The program allows customized categories (unlimited as far as I can tell), and has 9 data field types: Login, Password, PIN, Text, Number, Phone, Date, Email, and Website URL (10 data types if you include the Note field). It comes with about 7 template files that can be edited for different account types, and it seems ready to accept all the templates I want. One of the best things about the program is the note field is on a separate tab--allowing plenty of space for notes for each account. The program can sync with a Google Drive, Dropbox or Skydrive account. You can start your new database file by importing existing data from so many different password programs or from a CSV file (Excel). Android and iOS apps are available (Mac coming soon). It's ridiculously easy to use but if you need help, the HELP web page looked to be very thorough also. OH, and when used with either the Firefox or Chrome extension, you can auto-log into your web pages. And all this for free! The only thing it is lacking: it won't allow you to choose the hard drive destination for the database file. Price: Free
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Quick Cliq Quick Cliq

Probably as good as it gets 5 stars
I've tried many of the app launcher software, and I've grown weary of all of them; that led me to re-try Quick Cliq. Mind you, QCliq is not for a beginner who is trying an app launcher for the first time. QCliq was too difficult the first time I tried it, so I went with SE-Tray lite. SE-Tray is an excellent program but its limitations forced me to migrate to sTabLauncher. sTabLauncher is another fine offering but like all dock launchers, it has a tendency to get in your way. So, on the re-try, QCliq was given first try, and it was baffling at first. But with experimentation, I soon learned how to work the menu-build screen, and we're a happy couple now. QCliq stays out of my way until I call it up with the swipe-right-click mouse motion, then my menu appears, then auto-hides as soon as a choice is selected. The program offers plenty of options to hide/show this feature or that, and I've yet to find an irritating quirk; it's a remarkably-designed app that is balanced in features, functionality, and ease-of-use. For any launcher, it has to ride in the system tray or appear by keystroke or mouse click or it will get in your way. Dock launchers--whether docked to the side, top, or bottom--just get in your way. QCliq is an excellent app that will be my keeper for a long time. Price: Free
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Wieldy Wieldy

The best to-do manager I've used - a keeper! 5 stars
I've tried most of the To-Do managers out there, including a web offering. Most of those programs burden you with too much structure, an incoherent cursor path, and too many steps to transfer thoughts from your mind to software. Those programs create a hurdle to overcome while you're trying to organize abstract thoughts--not productive. Also, those programs don't adapt easily to changing circumstances and priorities. Wieldy avoids those problems with a unique approach: simply input your thoughts one by one without having to decide: when to do it, how to tag or categorize it, or what the priority might be. Tag it immediately if you wish; edit the tags later. The very act of easily dumping abstract thoughts into a simple holding queue frees your mind quicker, and allows more thoughts to flow easily. Then, when you're ready to act, you look at the queue, and decide, "What's important to achieve today?" and mark those thought elements with a simple click on a "star," and those priorities then show up in a "Today" view. Another feature that is easily overlooked: Wieldy employs a vertical data entry system; when you're entering your data, your cursor follows a simple top-to-bottom data path. Very simple yet elegant, much more productive. I highly recommend this gem. Price: Free
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RightNote RightNote

Makes your life, your computer use easier 5 stars
I've been using RightNote for at least 6 months, and I regret not getting started much earlier. RightNote makes it very easy to organize and find all types of data including web bookmarks, documents, image files, PDFs, misc notes, Logon data, web links, and so much more. I looked at virtually every note app available, and Rightnote had superior features--including tabbed interface, ease to capture bookmarks (CNTRL-SHIFT-F7), and ease to edit and revise the note tree. At first RightNote can be overwhelming but it comes with 3 tabs of HELP ready to use and get you started. Since I've been using RightNote, I no longer waste time looking for stuff--and I don't "waste" time getting organized because it's easy to do with this app. The old way of simply storing files under directory folders is crude compared to using RightNote. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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SyncBack Free SyncBack Free

Latest versions not worth it 2 stars
I've been a Syncback user since version 3.2.26 (current version is 6.3.13). Since version 6 was released, I've experienced a troublesome tendancy for the software to lose track of its own data scan when verifying updated files vs the backup set. The pre-backup scan will lose track but continue scanning indefinitely without progressing beyond an endless scan. The program STOP button doesn't work, the runaway program cannot be forced-terminated from memory, so you're forced to do a forced reboot, shutdown, or hit the kill switch. On the reboot, a chkdsk scan is required. NOT WORTH ALL THE TROUBLE. Price: Free
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Synchredible Synchredible

Baby - the best i've used! 5 stars
The latest versions of the leading syncbackup software have been troublesome, so it was time to find new backup software. I tried many, and Synchredible stood out above the rest for very easy setup, full set a features for a SOHO setup, incredible backup speed, and very easy to scanread reporting. I observed only two examples of foreign English applied in Synchredible, and neither was a show-stopper. I love this software! I was forced to select 4 stars or 5 stars; so, relative to the others, it's a 5-star easily. Price: Free
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