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File Shredder File Shredder

Best free shredder I've used. 5 stars
File shredder simply the best free eraser I've ever used. I did use another (popular)Eraser, shredder but found it had a bug that ended up reducing an 80GB HDD to 6GB in a few months! File Shredder on the other hand has never done this to my HDD and it's been nearly a year now. It's simple to install and use. I love it. This gets my thumbs up! Price: Free
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Eraser Eraser

Hdd hog 3 stars
Although this file shredder works it also took a lot of my HDD up by creating temporary files of the unused disk space. Problem: Eraser is supposed to delete all temporary files it created when it is finished shredding your unused disk space. However after a couple of months my 80GB HDD was left with 6GB of free sapce, and yes I let it finish uninterupted... Price: Free
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