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DriveImage XML (Private Edition) DriveImage XML (Private Edition)

Difference between 1.2x and 1.3 5 stars
Users of this excellent program should know that images produced with the newest version of this program (1.3) aren't compatible with previous versions (and vice versa) at all. So, if someone isn't aware about this change it is possible that try to restore a new backup using a wrong program on a BartPE disk. A bit more experienced users can integrate both versions (1.21 and 1.3) on the same BartPE and use the appropriate one (for this job you must have an old "", edit INF and XML files inside and repack the CAB archive in order to make different versions in different folders and with different names). Price: Free
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Now it is excellent 5 stars
In v1.1 there was a serious bug and the program almost always crashed on my PC. Now, with the latest version, this application works like a charm. Easy of use and incredible small files are produced. Absolutely great tool if you must explain to someone how to done some computer task. Many thanks to the author of this great free program. Price: Free
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CarbonFTP CarbonFTP

Nice but useless 3 stars
This program is useless for Unix/Linux servers because during uploading it change case of the file names. For some files only the first letter is changed to the uppercase, for HTML and some other files all letters in the file names are changed to uppercase. There isn't a link for support, bug report or so. Also, the program isn't listed at the authors site at all. I cannot recommend this program. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Nov 09, 2007: We have fixed this bug in current version

MyDefrag MyDefrag

There are front-ends too 4 stars
This is a very powerful defragmenter and I use it regularly about a year. Author of this utility stick with the command line interface but users should know that on the author's site are links to several excellent 3rd party GUIs for JkDefrag. With a GUI almost all advanced settings can be used with ease. Price: Free
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High capable, but a bit weird 4 stars
I have experience with almost all freeware clipboard utilities and also with many shareware programs. I'm sure that CLCL is the most capable clipboard tool I ever seen. In the same time, this program is without any help file, almost without any readme file. For full capacity of the program additional DLL plug-ins are necessary, but there isn't any help about how to use it (utilization of plug-ins is also a bit weird). The user interface and displayed data are very disconcert for an inexperienced user, but a highly experienced user could make miracles with this tool. The user interface could be modified a lot, you could assign shortcuts to some fields or to particular internal folders or functions. Seems as a tool done by very capable coder who make this powerful tool basically for itself. Highly recommended for very experienced users, in the same time of very small interest for PC amateurs and novices. Price: Free
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ExtractNow ExtractNow

Some versions are ok, some not 3 stars
In fact, some builds are recommended, many of them - not! Many versions of this program have serious bugs (including the most recent version). If you are lucky to find some OK build (seems that 4.30 was fine, although "show default type icons" is broken in this version too, but it isn't important for the main purpose) it is very convenient and useful tool. I can't understand why the autor don't make more serious testing before publishing newer versions. I'll stick to 4.30. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Nov 11, 2006: Stop your bitching -- it`s free.


A small masterpiece 5 stars
I'm a regular Thunderbird user but recently I've searched for a small e-mail sender, which is convenient for quick sending of e-mails during Web browsing. Then I found this amazing program: it is very small and stable, support literally all e-mail encodings (UTF, ISO, Windows chars...), it is incredible fast, the most recent version (1.08) have full SSL support (using additional DLLs) and is capable for full Gmail POP/SMTP use without any tweaks. There are several versions available: Unicode for 2k/XP, All Win32 version, WinCE... I'm a daily SnapFiles (WebAttack) user since beginning, the editor review is fair, I'm cannot understand how I passed this masterpiece before. Highly recommended. Price: Free
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Papel Papel

Really an unique tool 5 stars
This program is improved a lot since first public release (compilation window, linking papels, adding all linked papels to the compilation, translations, many types of word count, dragging of work-area, new icons...). Seems that the author is completely dedicated to Papel, his e-mail responses are always quick and detailed and he ASAP solve all possible problems. The support for this freeware tool surpasses many commercial applications. Papel is highly recommended for all (creative) writers. Price: Free
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SiteUp SiteUp

This small program works excellent... 5 stars
This small program works excellent and seems that it is carefully programmed, all important options are present - no more, no less. Also, if you regularly check your sites SiteUp doesn't trigger your site statistics, check is silent for stats. Highly recommended. Price: Free
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K9 K9

Good but abandoned by developer 4 stars
K9 is one of the best anti-spam tools around. Unfortunately, there are some bugs (RETR command instead of TOP, possibility to cheating program using bad mail boundaries...). K9 isn't updated about two years and this is the reason why I give only four stars for it. If the author change his mind and update K9 it can be really one of top anti-spam tools. Price: Free
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PDF-ShellTools PDF-ShellTools

Time-limited to 30 days 3 stars
This tool working only for 30 days and after that period you MUST download the newer version in order to use it. Because such time limit this is simply not a freeware but a time-limited demo. Such type of software with heavily limitation is simply not-acceptable for me. The author always may decide to stop providing newer "free" version and in such case we are without the program after 30 days of use. Price: Free Trial ($50.00)
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