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Cookie Monster Cookie Monster

No longer works with Firefox 3 stars
This app worked great for several years, but starting with Firefox 3.5 (approximately) it is unable to work with Firefox. Price: Free
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News Rover News Rover

Decent but expensive news reader 3 stars
I've been using News Rover in all versions since 6.0, and I'm currently on 11.3. Feature-wise, it's among the better news readers, although that's not saying a lot. NR is powerful, but it will take you some time to learn, and I don't recommend it for novices. The authors have irritatingly chosen to use highly non-traditional menus, so even expert users will take significant time to learn to use them. The biggest problem I have with News Rover is a big one: price. In the past few years, they've come out with upgrade versions every year and they only grandfather people who have bought the previous version within about 2 months! Bottom line, you have to shell out $9.95 for upgrades every year. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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The coolest app you'll wish you'd always 5 stars
I love PTFB. I've used it for years, formerly as freeware, and now I happily pay for the Pro version. It's hard to describe how phenomenally useful it is, but in brief: Every time you have to click on a button in a dialog box *again* (e.g., OK, Save, No, Yes, Open, Close, etc.) that you have to click on *every* time you perform an operation, PTFB will *automatically* do it for you. This alone would be enough to justify the $$, but it does much more. You can easily create macros that will *automatically* (or using hotkeys) perform series' of operations that you formerly needed to tediously perform over and over again. Novices will find it easy to use the primary button-pushing feature, and experts will love its ability to perform complex macros. To top it off, the developer is very responsive to questions, and continually improves PTFB based on those questions. Once you use it, you'll wish you'd discovered it long ago. It's addictive and fun! Price: Free Trial ($39.99)
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Starter Starter

The best startup manager 5 stars
I'm *very* picky about my apps, and I think Starter is great. I've been using it for several years, and it gets better all the time. I've tried several other startup managers, and I have found Starter to be the easiest to use, the most reliable, the least system-demanding, and to provide the most useful information. The creators still develop it regularly, and their changes are always useful ones. The only two things I'd put on my "Starter Wish-List" are: (a) add built-in help (e.g., it took trial and error for me to figure out what their new "MSConfig Compatibility" option actually did, and I'm still a puzzled about why the feature even exists), and (b) add the ability to modify the timing of startup items (i.e., eliminating my need to also use "Startup Delayer"). Still, Starter gets a big "Thumbs Up" from me! Price: Free
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Startup Delayer Startup Delayer

Great, truly unique app! 4 stars
If you've got any startup problems (e.g., apps that seem to conflict on boot), take Startup Delayer for a spin. Since I started using it, I never boot without it. You'll probably need to experiment with a few trial reboots before you figure out the boot order and timing that best minimizes your startup problems. If your experience is like mine, you'll eliminate those problems; but even if you don't, you're probably going to learn something new about your startup apps. Price: Free
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