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CubicExplorer CubicExplorer

Good alternative to explorer 4 stars
Cubic Explorer is a good alternative to Windows Explorer. Actually, it's superior to Explorer in a number of ways. First, you can actually navigate your disks via tabs. Second, you can create permanent bookmarks to your favorite folders on your drives, something that really speeds up file navigation big-time. On top of all of that, Cubic Explorer contain all of Explorer's most important functions and feature -- all in a very good-looking interface. The only problem that I had with Cubic Explorer involves navigating on a LAN. Cubic Explorer would occasionally come to a grinding halt and freeze when trying to navigate LAN directories. Still, if you don't need to navigate a LAN, Cubic Explorer is a faster, more efficient, and less resource-hungry way to navigate your local disks than is Explorer. It's well worth a try! Price: Free
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HostsMan HostsMan

Great "hosts" file utility! 5 stars
Spyware and other malware often change the settings one's hosts file in order to redirect your Internet destination. For instance, you want to go to -- but you end up going to Well, HostMan -- which is very easy to use -- comes to the rescue! With HostsMan, you can "lock" your hosts file to prevent such changes from taking place. Even better, you can lock or unlock individual Internet addresses via HostsMan. So, if you want to go to a specific site that HostsMan is blocking, you can override that setting manually. Note that HostMan even provides free host file updates that can be added to your host file at the click of a button. This reduces the chances of your having to experience sleazoid web sites via spyware or trojan redirection. In short, if you hate spyware and want to control your Internet surfing tightly, then use HostsMan! Price: Free
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