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Returnil Virtual System 2008 Premium Edition Returnil Virtual System 2008 Premium Edition

Still needs work. 2 stars
A great concept which could use better implementation. I cannot get the virtual drive (to save data while using virtual mode) to work at all--and also cannot remove it, it seems. Merely unmounting it does not work. Better and more complete documentation would be tremendously helpful. In sum, wait for the update and fixes unless you don't need the virtual drive feature. Price: Free Trial ($26.95)
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OpenOffice OpenOffice

Voodoo for ms office 5 stars
Consider OpenOffice a voodoo doll for MS Office. Downloading and using this superb software is not unlike sticking a pin into a Bill Gates or MS Office voodoo doll. I've used OO for over two years now and have not once missed the now uninstalled MS Office. Use OO and keep the ridiculous amount of money demanded for MS Office in your pocket. Price: Free
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FastStone Capture FastStone Capture

Great little app. 5 stars
No drop shadows? I sometimes worry about whomever runs SnapFiles and does the initial reviews. This is for screen capture, not artistic user interfaces. Drop shadows are entirely unnecessary, unless you aren't focused simply on the task at hand--capturing a screenshot. That said, this is the best little screen capture app I've found. And, it's fast and simple. Use it and don't worry about any "missing" drop shadows. Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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The Wonderful Icon The Wonderful Icon

What's it good for? 2 stars
After installing this highly-rated (by SnapFiles) app, I then wondered for what it was any good. I could find no reason to keep it installed. This software is a solution in search of a problem. Or, I just don't get it. Either way, it has been uninstalled and I don't miss it at all. I invariably miss good and helpful software--free or otherwise. Price: Free
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Advanced Diary Advanced Diary

What's not to like? superb [free!] software. 5 stars
Advanced Diary is superb. It contains features that one can find nowhere else but in similar products that cost $30 or so. This freebie is a jewel. Advanced Diary has password protection, lots of preferences, self-contained back-up, text formatting, support for multiple diaries, and the list goes on. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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Clipboard Help+Spell Clipboard Help+Spell

Confusing and non-intuitive 1 stars
It's likely just me, but I just don't get this application. At first glance, it's not at all intuitive. (Even its name confuses me. "Huh?") After playing with it for a short while, I still could not say I understood it. I have used other clipboard utilities that immediately made me more productive. However, I lost time with this one. Again, it's likely just me, but I do think it could be far more "straight-forward." Price: Free
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Responding Heads Responding Heads

Good try. 1 stars
I did not find Responding Heads easy to use--at least when it came to deleting/fixing entry mistakes. In fact, I never figured out how to remedy a mistake in some cases. (That's when I uninstalled it.) It does not help that the documentation is exceptionally sparse and explains very little. Version 1 was a great try at something I do believe I'd really like, but this particular diamond is *very* rough. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Nov 07, 2005: Okey.. that seems fare.. or is it? the I dont know if you have downloaded the latest version but you might notice a huge change in the program but even the first one worked great for most users just see the comments below. Too bad you didnt figure out how to change an entry... its the big button that says change.

Maxthon Maxthon

Maxthon beats them all. 5 stars
I have used Maxthon, [..], and [..] extensively. For ease of use, and believe it or not--security, Maxthon beats them all. Security, you say? I've used Maxthon for as long as I can remember. Scans of my system always came back perfectly clean. Deciding to use [..] for a day, simply for a change of scenery, I scanned afterward and found the first malware ever on my computer. Feel free to go with the hype, but I trust my computer only to Maxthon. And, it's nice to have a browser that works right "out of the box" instead of having to add countless plug-ins, as one must with either [..] or [..], to equal Maxthon's functionality. And, all those plug-in needed for [..] or [..] invariably present problems, with users saying to remove them if you wish to avoid such problems. Nope, doesn't make sense when Maxthon hits the ground running. I worship no browser; I simply use the best available. Price: Free
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Slawdog Smart Shutdown Slawdog Smart Shutdown

Superb. it does its job. 5 stars
A neat little application that does its job very nicely--something that is becoming rarer and rarer, it seems. It's perfect for watching late-night DVDs and falling asleep, but awakening to a computer that has nicely shut itself down, hibernated, etc. It fills in a gap you don't even know exists if you're now only using Windows' built-in power management. Price: Free
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CompuSec PC Security Suite CompuSec PC Security Suite

Bad software. rude support. 1 stars
First, the software did not install correctly, with the biggest problem being refusal to make a duplicate key. Knowing having only one key was unwise, and its loss would mean being locked out of my computer, I uninstalled CompuSec. That's where the major problems began. Several apps no longer worked. And although a free product, I thought it best to contact CompuSec for advice. CompuSec insisted they were in no way at fault. They were nasty and rude, and demanded $10 "ransom" to receive any advice at all. I balked, but seeing little choice other than to pay their "ransom" to quickly get my PC back, I grudgingly agreed. (If their software could cause no problems, then why did they demand money to provide solutions?) CompuSec then refused to accept my money and stated they would not have me as a customer! Needless to say, that left me on my own. Luckily, I am fairly geekish. A week later, I finally have my system back. Caveat emptor! Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Dec 21, 2005: We are talking serious Security here. Who will make a duplicate key for that. I have no ideas, did you contact a correct person here, we do provide a online free support to any CompuSec users. We as a establish serious security provider will not demand a ransom to our CompuSec user.

Skype Skype

Good for free. awful for fee. 1 stars
I have had nothing but an entirely negative experience with Skype after paying for their fee-based services. Customer support is non-existent, even for paying customers. Trouble tickets go unanswered, and from my experience, do not even generate an automated response. Paying customers' problems vanish into a black hole somewhere. I'll use it for free, but I'll find another provider when I wish to pay. And, although they supposedly offer a full refund if service is unsatisfactory, my refund has yet to appear. Caveat emptor. Price: Free
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Google Earth Google Earth

What a wonderful world. 5 stars
Just download it without asking any questions, whether you're into maps or not. You'll have the whole world in your hands, and implemented very nicely. Great job, Google. Price: Free
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Desktop Ruler Desktop Ruler

Too little for too much. 2 stars
Twenty dollars for a ruler?! I'll keep my excellent freeware version until the authors recognize something on the order of $10.00 would still be more than a fair price for the product. However, it is a [desktop virtual] ruler and with it you can measure. It scores points there. Price: Free Trial ($14.95)
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The software developer responded to this review on Aug 06, 2005: Ten dollars is definitely much nicer price than twenty. However, look what happens if we cut the price to half: RegNow takes something like $3, affiliate (Web site) that brings a customer takes another $3, which leaves only $4. After money transfer fees and standard taxes there is just nothing left! And we really need to get something in order to keep the product development running...

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