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Greenfish Relief Map Generator Greenfish Relief Map Generator

No use, but fun! :-) 4 stars
I can't think of a practical USE for this, but it is quite fun to feed it a list of local villages and see it make an imaginary map of them! :-) Might be handy for role playing games to have a random countryside generated, but it`s fun to play with for a while! Price: Free
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JPEGcrop JPEGcrop

Very handy tool 5 stars
I've always performed crops with PaintShop, but having seen this little tool listed I thought I'd try it, and am very impressed. Lossless, easy to use, fast loading and stand-alone - for me one huge bonus is that it leaves all the xif data intact, so that I can perform crops before using bulk remane utility to auto rename the files. Another handy feature is the optional masking of cropped areas. Give this program a try! Price: Free
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DSynchronize DSynchronize

Great sync tool 5 stars
I've tried any number of sync tools, and for making sure that my laptop is in sync with the desktop machine (just a couple of folders) this is without a doubt the best I've used. Just set up the the folders you may need to keep in sync and check the ones you need for the occasion. For whole drive back-up I still prefer Tarylynn, but to sync a few folders with the laptop this is the best. Price: Free
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Broadcaster StudioPRO Broadcaster StudioPRO

Stunning! 5 stars
This is an amazing toy! Lets you switch between your webcam and streaming any video file via MSN. A feature I really like is the ability to set a static picture to display when you 'pause' streaming, great for a be-right-back message! Another great feature is sending a stream of your screen - makes it easy to show someone how to do something. I run a quite low-spec machine and have had plenty of problems with cam applications before now - but this little program works without any problems. The only negative is a very occasional nag screen that pops up, but I can live with that for such a useful free program. Give it a try, it's fun and has some serious uses too! :-) Price: Free
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ProVide Server ProVide Server

Makes ftp hosting a breeze! 5 stars
I've tried a couple of FTP servers before, and none had worked to my satisfaction, but zFTP is so easy to set up and use - so simple to set up users and define which folders to give them access to. If you need a simple and stable ftp server, look no further! Excellent. Price: Free
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WinDirStat WinDirStat

Great tool 5 stars
Not a program you are going to use often, but it's handy to have when you are running low on free space as it shows clearly the big files that you have forgotten about - a big avi stands out a mile in a folder of jpgs! - I found 4Gb being wasted on one drive thanks to the colour-coded display on this great little program. Highly recommended. Price: Free
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Bulk Rename Utility Bulk Rename Utility

I can't fault this program! 5 stars
This program is a great bit of work. Whatever batch rename task you need to do this will do the job - from simply removing one word or first few characters to removing the whole filename and replacing it with date and sequence numbering. The interface looks daunting at first glance, but don't be put off - it is far easier to use then it looks and is VERY powerful. My most common use is to feed it a folder full of photos which it can then convert into date and suffix order. Once you have setup a format you can even save the settings and reload them next time. Download this program and give it a try, you won't be disappointed! Price: Free
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Trillian Trillian

The best 5 stars
Without a doubt the best way to use IM. Yes, it has a few flaws. Yes, you are best advised to keep the genuine clients on your machine for the things that Trillian can't do. But for multi-protocol chat it is all you need. There have been issues when changes are made to MSN or Y! systems, but there is always an update (fast and free!) to make it right again. The lack of video chat in the free version is a shame, but if that is important to you, get the pro upgrade. They guy who commented that he can't see what system people are on needs to change his skin, most skins use different icons per system! The range of skins available is amazing. I like a small, basic interface to keep my desktop clear - Trillian gives me this with all the features I use, I cannot recommend this program highly enough! Price: Free
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Great audio/video tool 5 stars
Very useful prog. Handy for putting together short clips into full videos, lets you split off the audio for editing and then replace it. Converts different size/frame-rate clips to the same format and then join them. Have a few problems joining files it insists are incompatible, but mostly this program works like a charm! Very impressed. Price: Free
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WebMon WebMon

Perfect! 5 stars
Faultless tool. Tidy compact interface, no frills, designed to do a job and does it very very well. Perfect to flag up that someone has signed a guestbook, or new content has been added to a page, if it has, just click the page in the interface and it opens. Has option to only check parts of a page, and can keep a log of when pages changed or were unavailable. Price: Free
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Emsa Web Monitor Emsa Web Monitor

Handy tool. 3 stars
Handy little tool - I wanted to check that my site was available following some problems with my hosting company, this little prog just pings it every few mins to check response time. The only problem for me was that it has no logging - so I couldn't see any time-outs unless I was watching it. If it kept a log of time-outs it would be far more useful. Price: Free
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EarthWatcher EarthWatcher

Limited use, but fun! 4 stars
This is a great little prog - does what it says and does it well. It's fun to see the sunrise and sunset move around the world. I can't comment on the automatic wallpaper function, as I've only used it to dump to file. Price: Free
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