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WinCleaner Memory Optimizer WinCleaner Memory Optimizer

I've tried most all. . . 4 stars
Unfortunately, my computer came with only 256 MB's of RAM, so I have tried several different programs (mostly free)that promise to maintain an acceptable level of RAM. Some work, others fail miserably, so am still looking. Overall, WinCleaner Memory Optimizer shows a lot of promise and maintains the 90 to 120 MB's, or about 50% of total available RAM, I find is necessary to do most things. Online, I use the "Free RAM on Alarm Level" setting and that works fine. Offline however, I find it disconcerting when it interrupts to 'do it's thing'. Price: Free
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Unlocker Unlocker

Unlocker 1.79 - best yet! 5 stars
Unlocking or releasing files so that they can be deleted or moved has in the past been a real pain. I have tried many that promise results, and had been using GiPo@MoveOnBoot which very often after a restart the offender was still locked. Then, along came "Unlocker" and for me...problem solved! Price: Free
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CCleaner CCleaner

Fast and effective 5 stars
For me this well thoughtout and written program has replaced a couple so-called "cleaners" that I was never sure did what they claimed. I use it every day . . .Thanx Price: Free
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Aurionix FileUsage Aurionix FileUsage

Me too . . . 2 stars
I agree that this program's a joke, and although I wouldn't go so far as to call it "an incitement" for .NET Framework, I do wonder where all the new programs written with the much touted and way over-bloated .NET Framework are. Price: Free
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Opera Opera

I am sold . . . 4 stars
Tired of IE "Screw-Up's" and feeling rebellious one day I downloaded and installed Opera 8.5 (what a difference in size!) Anyway, started messing with it and was soon overtaken by it's simplicity, ease if use and especially (and I cannot overstate this part since I use dialup) SPEED! I'm still learning about all of it's little extras like the "Wand" (RoboForm) and advanced "Bookmark" system (Favorites) and am extremely close to being able to thumbmynose at IE. Oh yeah, I should mention "no ads. . ." Price: Free
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Nesox Link Checker Free Edition Nesox Link Checker Free Edition

Worthless. . ? 2 stars
Well, maybe "worthless" is a bit harsh. I guess I didn't understand what the true purpose for it being written really was. Price: Free
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