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Spybot  Search and Destroy (Free) Spybot Search and Destroy (Free)

Avg syndrome; bloated, weird, bad... 1 stars
Spybot was my go-to malware program for years until MBAM came along and severely outclassed it. I hadn't used it in a while, but wanted to check behind MBAM, MSE, and SuperAntiSpyware on a laptop I was cleaning up for a friend. I was sorely disappointed with how badly this program has lost focus. From the gimmicks to hide and discourage downloading the free version, to the unnecessarily complicated interface, I recognized this path to bloatware oblivion as the same one AVG took a few years ago when it became the awful, invasive piece of spyware it is today ("security" toolbar, anyone?). With the latest version of Spybot S&D, I could not expediently figure out how to run a full system scan, and it appeared to not even be an option on the free version any more. So I tried to improvise by selecting the entire C drive for a "folder" scan, but this froze the program, which then required a ctrl+alt+del just to be mercifully closed and cleared away. That was all I needed to see. Thanks to the developers for providing a great piece of free software for so many years, and good luck with this as well. Price: Free
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TSR Watermark Image TSR Watermark Image

Limited functionality shareware, not freeware 1 stars
Just downloaded version and tried it out. Not bad, except that it left an enormous watermark that says "TSR Watermark Image - - Unregistered version" in huge font right across the middle of my picture. Editor: You are right, they have made some changes and it is now free with an added watermark... so it really isn't... We have changed the license to Free Trial. Price: Free Trial ($29.00)
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FastCopy FastCopy

Used to love it, but i had to kill it 3 stars
For years this was my go-to program for replacing Windows' lackluster native copypaste function, but with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit there seems to be some issues. First, I couldn't get the shell extension to operate reliably or even stay selected. I'm the only account on the computer and have full administrative privileges with UAC turned completely off, so not sure why this was a problem. Second, there was no uninstall entry in Revo or in Windows. After researching the problem, I ran the setup.exe file to uninstall, but it failed to uninstall properly - leaving behind a message that I'd have to find & delete a dll file, then delete the folder. This ultimately required a reboot, which seemed excessive. One final note, which may or may not be relevant: for some reason, this program seems to have taken an excessively long time to copy large amounts of data using the default settings. As stated before, I have used this program many times before without any trouble, so I'm not sure why it was problematic for me this time. At any rate, I really appreciate the effort the developer(s) put into it. My system is a brand new Dell OptiPlex 3010 with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, core i5 3.20 GHz, 8GM RAM, 1TB HDD. Price: Free
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Comodo Internet Security Comodo Internet Security

Avoid this horrible soft-mare! 1 stars
That's right, I said "soft-mare", because this software is a nightmare! It is, by far, one of the worst applications I have ever made the mistake of trying to use. Forget about the frequently-required restarts, forget about the ridiculously complicated and un-intuitive interface, forget about the maddeningly vague descriptions of most processes... forget about all that stuff, because the real coup de grce comes when you try to remove this unbelievable piece of bloatware from your computer! Forget about it! If you happen to use a third-party uninstaller (such as CCleaner) because you've long-ago stopped using the glacially-paced one included with Windows, you'll end up with a 'broken' uninstallation which will require you to, in the very best of circumstances, reinstall the exact version you're removing - just so you can uninstall it using its uninstall link in the start menu. That may work if you happened to save the old version of the install file. If not, you're pretty much screwed. Comodo makes a removal tool, but it is unreliable. No amount of intuitive registry combing, either by hand, or with a 3rd-party app will get rid of this beast. There is, however, a 17-part (with dozens of sub-parts) registry-editing project you can perform to supposedly remove all traces, if you happen to have several hours free... Price: Free
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WinSplit Revolution WinSplit Revolution

Excellent, but with one annoying bug! 4 stars
This software is awesome! Many thanks to the folks who write free software to fill in the gaps where Microsoft just can`t get it right! Simple, intuitive interface for those of us who just need to tile our windows sometimes. The only caveat is this: the hotkey part of this app is buggy, and will start up on its own sometimes. And yes, I`ve turned hotkeys off in WSR`s settings to no avail. It has happened on two PC`s, whether the app is installed or run from executable. When this happens, you can`t type because your entire keyboard is in hotkey mode. So for every "c" you type, the window you`re in gets closed without warning and so on. Kill the app, and you`re fine. But the worst part is, until you figure it out - you`ll have no idea what`s happening! Other than that, this is an extraordinary program which gracefully does something Windows should have been doing from the start! Price: Free
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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Formerly good software gone bad... 2 stars
I've used AVG Free for probably a decade and I always used to recommend and install it for people. I've even sold a couple of paid versions to businesses based on my experiences with their free product. But at some point not too long ago, I started noticing that this software was drifting from its honest, minimal roots into that awful category we call bloatware - where software starts getting really large and resource-intensive, and begins to advertise itself as a "suite" although most of its new 'features' are just superfluous window dressing. Then the free version links start getting smaller and harder to find. There was the LinkScanner debacle, the false-positive keygen deception which continues even now, and my favorite - the "no active components" failure which seems to occur without warning or even notice after it has happened. All of this as the quality of protection has absolutely tanked. Price: Free
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