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Outlook on the Desktop Outlook on the Desktop

Resources hog! 1 stars
In my opinion this is quite a useless program. When I discovered it I thought that I could run it instead of Outlook itself and save my PC memory as Outlook is quite hungry with resources. But the result was the opposite: each time you switch from Calendar view to Inbox, Tasks or any other part of Outlook on the Desktop a new instance of the service Outlook.exe starts running in the background (you can see it in Windows Task Manager). And all instances of the service Outlook.exe are kept! The program itself takes about 20 MB of memory + each instance of Outlook.exe takes about 15 MB and thus in the end of the day you can find yourself giving this resources hog 200-300 MB of your computer memory! A very bad piece of work! Price: Free
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PureText PureText

Real little gem! 5 stars
In my view this tiny application (only 12 KB!) is really invaluable for those who intensively works with various texts. Being a translator I need many times a day to copy text in one program and paste it into another and it's very annoying to change the formatting each time after pasting. PureText allows to elegantly solve this problem: I copy some text, click CTRL+B hot-key (it's a hot-key of my choice) and the text is pasted without any formatting or it acquires the formatting of the target text. And did I say that PureText is free and doesn't require installation? Price: Free
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InControl InControl

One of the best startup managers I`ve tried. 4 stars
Genarally I like this proggy. PROS: Simple to use and nice-looking. I especially like the Heal My PC feature which other similar programs don't have and Black List - the matter is that there are programs that stubbornly add themselves into startup whenever you run them even if you have previously removed them from there (for example MSN Messenger, Ashampoo Uninstaller Platinum, ABBY Lingvo Tutor). With InControl's Black List it is easily solvable: once you have added an application to the Black List you will never need to bother removing it from the startup list again. CONS: 1) I don't want Welcome Wizard to pop up each time I run the program and I haven't managed to find how to stop it. 2) I would prefer Black List feature to block intruders for good so that it was not necessary to run InControl for that. 3) The price is too high. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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avast!  Professional Edition avast! Professional Edition

One of the best antivirus software around. 5 stars
It seems to be quite reliable with its regular automatic online updates of virus definitions (sometimes twice a day). I switched to Avast from Norton which took SIGNIFICANTLY more of my computer resources than this program and was EXTREMELY slow. Avast works very quickly. It has quite unusual but convenient interface (in pro edition you can switch to more conventional enhanced user interface). I have checked this app with several testing tools and it has passed all the exams. I have already been using Avast during several months and so far haven't noticed any cons. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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Unlocker Unlocker

It's definitely the best. 5 stars
Utterly indispensable for those who often delete files or folders. I'm one of those and I had tried several other apps before found this little tool. It's definitely the best. Now I don't need to reboot to delete a stubborn file or folder. And everything is under your control: before making a decision to delete a file you can see what's locking it. Price: Free
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RegSeeker RegSeeker

One of my favourite tools for pc maintenance. 5 stars
It is small, fast and doesn't require installation: just put it on your system and run. Once a month I use it for cleaning my registry of redundant/obsolete entries and errors. I install and inevitably uninstall lots of programs and RegSeeker is an integral part of my uninstall routine: a lot of programs are badly written and leave many entries even after proper uninstallation and RegSeeker helps me to find those unneeded items in the registry and delete them. This utility has also many other useful options. So far I have never had problems with RegSeeker and I would highly recommend this superb program but not to novice: one should be very careful making changes to the registry, you should understand what you do. Even to experienced PC users I would advise to always use "Backup before deletion" option of the program and also make a system restore point before using RegSeeker: that way you can recover from any mistakes you may accidentally make. Price: Free
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Xecrets File Classic Xecrets File Classic

Superb utility which can be very useful. 5 stars
Some ideas on AxCrypt usage are given on the program homepage. I'm a freelance translator and would only like to add one specific idea of how it can be used in our business. Imagine that you have a customer whom you don't know well or don't trust. You have several files to translate. You do your job and then you send the files to the customer but all (or some) of them are encrypted with AxCrypt and though the customer has the files he can't open them without your authorization. The best thing is that he doesn't need any special software installed on his machine to open the files. All he needs for that is the password which will be sent to him as soon as he transfers the payment to you or on any other terms. Certainly the app should be used like this very carefully and only as the last resort but still it's nice to have such a tool in your arsenal. Price: Free
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CATraxx CATraxx

Great app but not without drawbacks 4 stars
A very nice music organizer. I have already tried many of similar apps and come to the conclusion that CATraxx is the best. What I like most of all in this program is that it's totally customizable. At the same time I have noticed one very serious drawback: CATraxx doesn't support Cyrillics as well as other non-English alphabets as I suppose. Unfortunately FNProgramvare are not going to improve their software from this point of view. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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Gadwin PrintScreen Gadwin PrintScreen

Perfect for simple screenshot tasks. 4 stars
Gadwin PrintScreen isn't so versatile as ... but it is small, free and does it work very well. A propper tool for an average computer user, perfect for simple screenshot tasks. Price: Free
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