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Iconize Iconize

A wonderful tray minimizer! 5 stars
A wonderful tray minimizer, that helps you saving taskbar space! If you have many windows minimized at tray bar and you want to have them as tray icons instead, give it a try. Price: Free
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PeerBlock PeerBlock

A must have, for every p2p-torrent user! 5 stars
I love the P2P and Torrent sharing (for legal downloads) and this is a must have addition to my security suite. It helps me locking away from my PC the bad guys (hackers, spies etc.) Easy to use and configure, with a really nice help forum. Yet another marvelous open source gem, for my (and everyone's) collection. Price: Free
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ZipGenius ZipGenius

A wondefull zip suite (and not only)!!! 5 stars
I really like this archiving suite (I'm using it for years), because of the many supported file types, the beautifull and easy interface, and the very useful shell integration. I'm using the lite version, because I don't need FTP support or splitter (also available as stand-alone download), but if someone needs the extra features of full version, its very easy to dl, install and use, also for free. PS: Just because some users complaints that it rarely crashing on exit, they can easy close it from Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del -> Processes->select it on the list (click inside the list and press Z)->End Process->Yes). Price: Free
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ieSpell ieSpell

The easier spell checker. 5 stars
If you want a spell checker inside IE, this is for you. Nice and simple interface. Don't forget to add its icon at IE toolbar (left click->Customize). If you want a spell checker, outside IE, this is for you too. Just do this little trick: 1) Go to a website with text entry box (e.g. a New Thread post at some Forum). 2) Save this page (as mht or html) for offline use. 3) Next time you want a spell checker, copy your text there and check it. 4) Copy the corrected text at your desired application (e.g. at Notebook). Enjoy! Price: Free
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Sandboxie Sandboxie

An invaluable tool in pc security!!! 5 stars
I'm impressed with this tool. A great help, if you gona drive to dangerous sites (with dialers, keyloggers etc.), or you don't want to save traces on your system (adult sites?). When you end web browsing, just save what you want and drop away anything else. With a single click!!! But I think its most valuable feature is to test new software, if it fits your needs. What do you want to test? A new game, a new security suite, maybe a shareware program? You are not satisfied from it? Just empty sandbox contents. No garbage files through various Windows folders, no registry entries. I really think, its a must have for all Win32 users. The first program to install, after Windows installation. Thanks! Price: Free
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F-Prot Antivirus F-Prot Antivirus

Very light in system resources!!! 4 stars
I liked it, when I installed its beta version (although beta, it was without bugs). It was very light and it was not downgraded my system performance (I have a Celeron 800). The updates was small and I hadn't to stay on-line for long time (I have a dial-up connection), just for downloading updates. The user interface was somewhat unusual, but after spending 15 minutes exploring it, I got familiar with it. Also it has the option for auto-update (better), or just notifying me, for manual updating. Also it has the option for disabling the shield for a while (e.g. for installing a very heavy program). Another advantage was that it was not demanding (after installation) further actions from me. The beta testing mail support was excellent! Well, my overall impression was very good. I think, if you are searching for paid protection, you must try it, so you can create your own opinion. Price: Free Trial ($29.00)
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Unlocker Unlocker

Unlocker is the perfect unlocker 5 stars
I like Unlocker very much, because its easy to use (specially with tray manager running) and effective in almost any case. I like the choices that give you (for deleting or moving etc.). An finally in rare case that it fails to unlock the problematic file, you give you the option for auto-delete after restart without further action from you. With this, you can forget the annoying log off and back on, just for delete a useless file. I think you must give it a try. Best Regards! Giorgos. :-) Price: Free
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Clipdiary Clipdiary

The best (at my opinion) clipboard utility! 5 stars
I like very much the ability for autosaving pictures. I like also its ability to handle non-English (e.g. Greek) characters (the only one that worked for me). Thanks! Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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Visual CD Visual CD

Great! with thumpnail view support! 4 stars
Since V.2 had arrived (with thumbnail images), I strongly recommend it. The interface is somewhat unusual, but once you 've learned it(with help file), its very practical. Price: Free
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DeepBurner Free DeepBurner Free

The best burner 4 stars
I like it very much!!! I found no bugs and need only little system resources. Its very fast too. And free of course. At my system (Win XP SP2, Celeron 800), its very lighter and very faster, from Windows internal utility(Roxio's) and Nero's last (eval) version. The help file is very good, to learn you the program's interface. It worths, to give it a try. Price: Free
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