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PhraseExpress PhraseExpress

Very useful, but.... 4 stars
This was a great addition to my PC for writing reports and online commenting. It accepted new phrases easily and even popped up and reminded me if I used the same hotkey or sequence. Nearly anything you don't like can be turned off or modified. But, and this was the big one for me, the program is TIME-BOMBED. When you first start using it, it works fine. But if you are, say, in the middle of a thesis and need to use it a lot, the messages start popping up. It amounts to what basically is a threat, telling you to upgrade and pay or you are violating the license. I wasn't. I was pasting my email address many times. And these annoying messages are actually INSIDE the text you pasted, so you need to go back and repair the damage by removing the threat and retyping what you wanted there. Don't fall for it. Get something else, preferably something that is really "freeware". Price: Free
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Visual CD Visual CD

Very nice app 5 stars
I've used the Offline CD Browser for years to catalog CD's. It works well, but has nowhere near the useful features that Visual CD has. I found it stable and fairly easy to use. Some features could be a bit clearer, but the main task of cataloging was straightforward. I'd suggest that others who had problems may have had them for other reasons, such as theming incompatibilities or scratched CD's. I have not yet experienced any erroneous size determinations, but those would be unimportant to me, anyway. The thumbnail feature is a great idea and a time-saver when searching for those obscure images. Price: Free
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