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foobar 2000 foobar 2000

Not enough for me 1 stars
It's not bad, but it's not enough for me. Program must be also intuitive and easy to use - not (just) because of beginners, but because the time is important! You can save time when you setup the program options, but also when you're using it - all the time, but not with this one. It's not all. Default options are not good, I miss also several options (incl. skins) from other audio players. If you want to know what I mean by "intuitive and easy to use" - and you want also low memory usage, try AIMP! (BTW foobar2000 memory usage is 15 712 K, AIMP with skins and several plugins - 4 896 K!) ... so I can't recommend this player to you, especially if you're searching for the replacement for Winamp - but I can recommend AIMP. Price: Free
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Winamp Full Winamp Full

Beautiful unusable garbage! 1 stars
I really tried to solve all the problems in the last version, but from 5.5 it's completely unusable. Do you need a software that: disarrange your desktop icons, if you try dock feature even changes the position and size of all opened windows on desktop, has many other bugs in the final version and even doesn't play the mp3 files (Winamp creates a copy of mp3 file in wav format in my "My Music" folder and DOESN'T play the file at all)? If not, try AIMP! I tried and was shocked (positively) - it's easy to use, intuitive, low memory usage and has so many useful features! And all that for free! Price: Free
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uTorrent uTorrent

Perfect bittorrent client 5 stars
All features, intuitive, easy to use, low CPU/memory usage, no install, even lots of skins (if you need) - just perfect! Price: Free
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The Wonderful Icon The Wonderful Icon

Nice, but there are (much) better ones 2 stars
There are few useful features, but not really "tons". Hotkey can be assigned only to 5 programs, there are also other limits. It's not that easy to use too. Most important, there are other programs (especially one) with MUCH more features, so I can't recommend this program to others. Price: Free
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HotkeyP HotkeyP

All in one 145 kb wonder! 5 stars
You can control almost anything in Windows, almost any program (normal and global shortcuts are supported) by: multimedia keyboard, mouse, remote control, gamepad, tray icon and command line. - Some most important features are: Shutdown, Reboot, Lock computer, Disable key, Monitor power off, Desktop resolution, Change Wallpaper, Show text, Hide window, Opacity, Terminate process, Process priority, Next/Prev. task, Volume, Mute, Eject/Close CD/DVD, Paste text, Macro, Multi command, Commands list, Move mouse cursor, Simulation of mouse button press. - I don't use any other software for multimedia keyboard, mouse, remote control, gamepad, HotkeyP can replace them (and many other programs too) and all this with a minimal CPU/RAM usage. - Hint: I you don't want to read entire Help (or search manually), just choose a command (through [ Price: Free
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Gadwin PrintScreen Gadwin PrintScreen

Doesn't support overlay 1 stars
Doesn't support overlay (video), therefore it's just another snapshot program, most free image viewers can do the same. There are also other problems, so it's completely useless for me. Price: Free
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Volumouse Volumouse

Useless 2 stars
Just another 'one feature' program, I even miss some options... There are better, more complex and still easy to use programs. E.g. HotkeyP - you can set ANY mouse/keyboard shortcuts for master volume, wave, line in... and even bass and treble! You can set also several actions at once. There are also lot of other great features, try that. Price: Free
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HotKeys HotKeys

There are much better 'hotkey' programs 2 stars
Probably you don't know HotkeyP. HotKeys does not support multimedia keys, choosing keys is annoying (from menu), it is installed to Program files automatically... Anyway, not too bad, but there are much better 'hotkey' programs! Price: Free
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ZipGenius ZipGenius

Great archive program 5 stars
Great, easy to use, customizable. I miss just - Browser for files and archives - and Remaining time and Pause button in context menu dialog box. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Jul 15, 2005: Thank you :)

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