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Ziepod Ziepod

Great - podcast to psp 5 stars
Remarkably good - very professional - just awesome!. I wanted to get podcasts, videos and music onto my PSP. PSP users only do the following. Create 3 directories C:PSP ideo, C:PSPMusic, C:PSPImages. After some learning in Ziepod you will understand the next part. a) When building a new subscription specify the download location as one of the directories above. or b) To fix up a subscription. Click on Subscription at the top. Right click on a podcast choose properties. Select Download. Select checkbox 4. Go to the bottom paste in C:PSPudio for mp3 podcasts. In MAX Media for PSP the 3 directories above will correspond with 3 tabs and things are easy. Everyone: I can't figure out if I can get any podcasts that are not on Feedzie, but the selection is as good as iTunes anyway. I can use feedback to recommend a feed. Price: Free
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TaskPrompt TaskPrompt

Orgainizes tasks and gives alarms 5 stars
I have tried a few, this one helps you to list all your tasks easily and fires up prompts to remind you when you need to do something. It is extremely efficient for organizing your work. Other similar programs are awkward in comparison. It opens in a second and works great. Thank You. Price: Free
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Talking Alarm Clock Talking Alarm Clock

This is great for all my reminders 5 stars
This thing really works. I never miss anything important. Outlook reminders do not jump out enough. For important meetings I need this. I am a power user,and a mensa member, and I say this is the best. Price: Free
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Thunderbird Thunderbird

Great mail client 5 stars
1 great feature - 1 annoying feature Unlike OE, You can't split your address book into folders, that would help me as my address book has 330 entries. The one great feature is, more flexible email filtering rules that OE. Lets not forget the key feature, it's safer to use the preview pane that OE. I still haven't found an excellent email client. Combine OE and Thunderbird best features and you would have it. Price: Free
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DeepBurner Free DeepBurner Free

Works fast and effectively 5 stars
I have never had a problem, as I did with the software that came with my CD Writer. I took advantage of the autostart, again not available with my CDW Software. Works every time. Works far faster than before. Interface was easy, drag and drop. I recommend this strongly. Price: Free
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AnalogX FastCache AnalogX FastCache

Negative for xp - good for win 98 2 stars
One reviewer had a stinging indictment of all analogX software. For this product, I agree as far as win XP is concerned. It failed often and needed to be restarted. The product failed to operate, on startup, or after putting the computer in standby mode. The setup instructions for XP didn't apply. I had to guess until it worked. The uninstall left an invalid startup entry that starts the program at machine startup time, even though the program is uninstalled. Also one other registry leftover. The other reviewer says that they included an extra DNS in their machine in case the cache wasn't working. Well that could be most of the time, since he's basically got a failsafe in place. On W98 everything was correct and no problems yet. In summary you have two no votes and one spoiled ballot for XP. On W98 is could be worth a try, it's probably made for that. AnalogX makes niche products, not do everything software, so that's all I expect. Not for Beginners. Price: Free
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AM Browser AM Browser

Uses little memory - it's great 5 stars
Memory usage: Firefox With 5 open Windows 28 meg, IE 6 one window 26 meg, AMBrowser 5 tabs 2-3 meg with the occasional blip to 8.5 meg. The things generally uses 1/10 the memory. It also remembers where I left off yesterday. I don't like to use IE type browsers because of all the spyware and virus risks. But for the non Firefox compliant sites it's outstanding. I look at the same 4 sites everyday and everyday it opens them automatically for me. Price: Free
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XP-AntiSpy XP-AntiSpy

Great features - confusing interface 4 stars
The Application allows you to record the settings that you have before you start, via profiles. It has some existing profiles, and you can add as many of your own profiles as you like. The profile operation may be different depending on which profiles, you select and that is not completely clear in the help. As a result I would not use the provided profiles. The use of colors and checkmarks in the status field is very confusing. However once you hit apply the confusing colors are gone, and your settings can be verified. The explanations of what the fields do is very short and additional investigation should be done in some cases to make sure you don't cause yourself a problem. The help is brief, and more information is required for inexperienced users. I would only recommend this software for advanced users. Price: Free
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