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Smart Diary Suite Smart Diary Suite

If you are just starting, try this 4 stars
This software has great potential, and if you are just starting to use an electronic journal, you should definitely give this one a try. The only real down side for me is the inability to import my data from other systems. Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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Xtreme Journal System Xtreme Journal System

Does not live up to its promise 2 stars
I have tested this software for 45 minutes and had 5 major crashes. I cannot add people to the people section, and the free trial only allows 4 entries, simply not enough to allow a real evaluation of the potential. I have used far more stable beta versions of software. I just don't think this is ready for release Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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EverNote EverNote

A must have application 5 stars
I have this open all day, every day. I use it to capture scraps, ideas, conversations, contacts, just about everything. Price: Free
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Qm - The Quick Mailer Qm - The Quick Mailer

A great standalone mailer 4 stars
I use outlook and Gmail, but sometimes I just want to send a quick note, and not having to wait for a web browser or outlook to load is wonderful. Price: Free
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Screenshot Captor Screenshot Captor

The best free screenshot tool ever 5 stars
I must do screen captures a LOT, and I find this the best tool for that purpose I have ever used. Hot keys for every type of capture, each image can be edited easily, and converted to other formats. What's not to like? Price: Free
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StartRight StartRight

A very nice revision 4 stars
I have used this program before, but found it a little buggy. This revision appears to have cleared up the bugs that were bothering me, and I am back to using it again. I love the ability to control the order of launching, and the timing of each program. There are better startup managers out there, but none of them are FREE. Price: Free
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ObjectDock ObjectDock

Not a good match for win2k 2 stars
I have tried this program in an earlier version, and then tried it again both on my win2k laptop and my XP desktop. I couldn't even access the preferences in 2k, it kept crashing. On the machine at home it worked more or less, but is a real resource hog. There are better programs to accomplish the same thing. Price: Free
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ClocX ClocX

My favorite analog clock. 5 stars
I have been using this product for years. This is simply the most attractive and versatile desktop analog clock available. It has a very light footprint, enough different skins to match any theme, and even supports multiple alarms. What more could you possibly want from a clock? Price: Free
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