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Avast Free Antivirus Avast Free Antivirus

Excellent 5 stars
Good piece of software. Whilst the on-access checking can be a bit intrusive, it certainly stops any virus' Price: Free
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Koma-Mail Koma-Mail

Tricky but ok 3 stars
Just loaded this program it does what it says but is quite tricky to set up. After a few attempts I finally got it the way I want. I like that you can view emails, and download their attachments, whilst still leaving them on the server. Needs a bit more work but can't beat it for price. Price: Free
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SmartClose SmartClose

Close but no banana 4 stars
Looks very good, and quite easy to use, and seemed to close most programs and services. Unfortunately, on restart/restore not everything came up properly. My computer no longer had any sound, the volume control was there and working but no sound from speakers. A reboot fixed problem. Avast (anti-virus) on restart all the services seemed to be there (checked in task manager) but the little spinning globe in the task bar didn't come back. Spybot teatimer took ages to stop and the icon was still in task bar (was it really stopped?) ZoneAlarm didn't seem to stop at all is it supposed to? I guess you get what you pay for. Price: Free
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