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Trillian Trillian

Was easier earlier 2 stars
The earlier version of Trillian were great. A straight forward multi IM client with a single login. Now, they are trying to add way too much in this little package. With all the multiple IM clients out there, there are many others that are a lot simpler and without all the fluff. Price: Free
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Axence netTools Axence netTools

To monitor or not 4 stars
Love this software. When I needed to start monitoring some websites due to my hosting company issues. This was very intuitive and kept me informed when there was issues. I was able to monitor my companies router via SNMP and it worked like a charm. The graphical interface is pretty good, with 5M, 1H, 1D, 7D, & 31D views. Being able to export the results is a great option. The color scheme and the visual icons could use an make over, but over all....great product. Price: Free
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Ad-Aware Free Antivirus Ad-Aware Free Antivirus

What goes up must come down 2 stars
The once highly used software by college students has fallen. The interface is pretty good but not enough meat under the hood. The software just missed some obvious data-mining and tool bars that was installed on my test machine. Price: Free
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Oh my 4 stars
Well, I have a 27" LCD that had a stuck pixel so it seemed. I was getting extremely frustrated that no matter what I used, it would not go away. I TRULY thought I was going to have to buy a new monitor. Well..say no more! This little program is great. I did the first couple of tests and BAM...the pixel is now fixed and I am happy as can be!! No more pesky little white dot on my games! Thank you!! Price: Free
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ProduKey ProduKey

Does its job 3 stars
It does what it says it will do, about 87 percent of the time. Not all computers are willing to give up their product IDs but it is not this programs fault. A big plus, works off a USB drive so you techies can have another tool for their trade. Price: Free
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Dont Sleep Dont Sleep

Works great 4 stars
My company has removed the screen saver option and forces it to come on after 7 minutes. Well that will just not do. This little bitty software does the trick. Just start it up and you have a list of options to chose from. I just use the basic function and it works just fine. No more screen saver to worry about. This little package works off a portable USB drive and is great. So if your company has forced your hand, time to get a little help! Price: Free
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KeePass Password Safe KeePass Password Safe

Security on a stick 4 stars
I use this product on my USB drive and PC. It helps out greatly with only 1 password to remember. Once you enter in your accounts all you have to do then is click and past. When you need a password, use the search function and it will bring up for you. You can attach a file, a url, expiration date, and add notes to each entry. This is outstanding security. I would recommend this for home users and techies alike! The portable version is great work works with no limitation. FREE. Price: Free
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Dropbox Dropbox

Easy as pie 5 stars
It is that easy. Really...just open up the folder that is created save your document, pictures, mp3, whatever...and BAM! Your information is now mobile. I like to take pictures & play new MP3 on my EVO, but I do not need to connect my USB to sync, just drop them in my DropBox and away I go. Anytime I want it, it is a click away! Great job and keep up the good work! Price: Free
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TeamViewer TeamViewer

I paid more. 5 stars
I this is a great product and easy to use for techies and non-techies alike. You actually do not need to install this product. If you go to their website, you can get the portable version and Quick Support which is even EASIER for the end users to understand. Just ask the 2 questions that you are presented with when you are called upon for support and BAM, you are on with a secure connection and have complete control. I have to say, I purchased remote software for WAY too much and cannot do half of what this can do. Price: Free
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XPS Removal Tool XPS Removal Tool

Less confusion 4 stars
Finally, something that does not confuse customers. When a user attempts to use a pdf printer driver, they see this Windows XPS thing. This Adobe Reader, Microsoft competitor is now gone. This is something that I use on all of my members computers. Great tool and should be added to your techie toolkit. Click and done! Price: Free
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Freemake Video Converter Freemake Video Converter

Cannot get any easier 5 stars
You cannot get any easier than this product. I was looking for a good quality video converter for my Archos 101 and my Evo. This product foot the bill and did exactly what it promoted. Love it and will recommend to all my clients. Thank you! Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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CDBurnerXP CDBurnerXP

Wonderful 5 stars
When I first got XP, my purchased software would no longer work on it so I searched Snap for alternatives. CDBurnerXP is OUTSTANDING! Easy to use, easy to understand, and free. I have been using CDBurnerXP for some years now and love it. Recently, I was needing to use my LightScribe drive. I now use Windows 7 64-bit and to my dismay, the HP software that came with the drive does not work. So I searched the internet for alternatives. After some very disappointing searches, I opened up CDBurnerXP and while playing I came across the BUILT IN software package for LightScribe. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I tell everyone that has Windows 7 to get CDBurnerXP!! Price: Free
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K-Lite Codec Pack (Full) K-Lite Codec Pack (Full)

Outstanding 5 stars
There are so MANY different codex out there and there just as many different types of video. This program packages them all together and makes it as easy and a simple install. Keep up the great work! Price: Free
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Predator Predator

Pretty good 3 stars
I can see a use for this program if you did not have multiple users on one PC. Would be a really great software if you are the only person on that particular PC. I tried it out on my 12 year old and he decided he did not want or could not find the USB drive, so he just inputs the password. Kind of defeats the purpose. I find the Windows password just fine for home use. But if you are a security nut and single, this would be the program to have. Price: Free Trial ($10.00)
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Thunderbird Thunderbird

A re-review 2 stars
Thunderbird did come a long way, but after trying to obtain support for all my emails missing, no answer from support. Searched forums and no answers. PASS! There are way TOO many email programs out there to deal with this one. Price: Free
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Radio? Sure! Radio? Sure!

Wow 4 stars
Not a big radio guy at all. But was playing online and happened to come across this little gem. I have to say the fade is a great feature and the ability to record is great. Thank you very much for this! I am now listening! Price: Free
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Google Chrome Google Chrome

Very nice 4 stars
Not bad for a brand new browser. Though I like the recently view sites when you first open it, but having a porn site pop up on that page is not a good thing. Maybe there should be a way to have feature to stop displaying various pages (adult content). Overall, not a bad little browser and I have to give a little while longer to see when the new beta comes out. MS was not built in a day! Price: Free
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Audacity Audacity

Very well done! 4 stars
Very well done program for capturing audio then mixing it. I helped a clint record or rip all of old record collections to MP3 format. Very easy to use. This also comes in a USB version that works just great as well! Price: Free
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ZipGenius ZipGenius

Easier 5 stars
Much easier than others. I use to use another program and loved it until their latest updates killed it and it started to through errors. It is a good thing otherwise I would have missed this one! Price: Free
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WinAudit WinAudit

Love it! 5 stars
This program works exactly as described. This little program is on all of my techies USB drives so when they work on a machine, we get a snapshot of what they have. Price: Free
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CurrPorts CurrPorts

Nice but.. 4 stars
Pretty nice little program, shows you tons of information that is REALLY not needed. Most programs use various ports, but this program gives the "average" end user, way too much information Price: Free
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PStart PStart

Sweet 5 stars
This little gem is really easy to use and runs great on any USB drive. It also gives you ability to setup an autorun. Recommend it highly! Price: Free
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Help & Manual Help & Manual

Excellent 5 stars
Great product. It actually works! I have done a lot of manuals and reports, but this product help you out with the polished and organized manner! Price: Free Trial ($398.00)
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Pivot Stickfigure Animator Pivot Stickfigure Animator 2 stars
Though it is cute and kills a little down time, it has no real value. My 5 year old loves it, but she also loved Barney when she was younger. Price: Free
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OpenOffice OpenOffice

Sing the praises 5 stars
LA LA LA ... DO DO DO ... LA LA LA! What can I say, Microsoft is in trouble! I've just finished a site install of Open Office and a site UNINSTALL of MS Office! Oh happy days! Price: Free
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Ip here we come! 4 stars
If you are a computer guru working remotely. One of the hardest things to do is explain to a typical end user on HOW TO GET their IP address for you. What frustration. A quick download of IP2 and that is a thing of the past. Click the ONE button and get me my IP! DONE! Gives you the LAN/WAN addresses! Price: Free
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Quintessential Player (QCD) Quintessential Player (QCD)

Want to listen to mp3s? 4 stars
This is the program for you. All I wanted was a small footprint on my machine to listen to MP3s. I was not looking for anything fancy or something that had a lot of bells and whistles. I did not need it to balance my checkbook or monitor my network usage, just play music! Price: Free
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CCleaner CCleaner

Cleaning made easy 3 stars
This does exactly what it says it will do. The interface is well designed and you can select which items you would like cleaned. ONLY 1 draw back, as with all the other cleaners. It only cleans the end user that is logged in. It only scans their documents and such (even if you login as the admin). Still searching for an all inclusive! Price: Free
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ZoneAlarm Free ZoneAlarm Free

Pass thru 2 stars
I use to use ZoneAlarm Free and later Pro versions back in the day. I have since moved on to a stronger firewall. One of my customers requested some information on this product so I re-evaled it. This latest version of ZA is a PASS! It causes some faulty errors when booting up IF the machine boots up. Uninstalled rolled back the settings, my test machines work fine again. I recommend looking elsewhere! Price: Free
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Remote Support System Remote Support System

Re-do 4 stars
I once posted how this software was not up to par back in Aug 06. After another look at the product and giving it my full attention, it works! It works to the point I have purchased the package and use it on a daily basis. Price: Free Trial ($349.00)
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WinSock XP Fix WinSock XP Fix

Nice...but don't work! 2 stars
Did not work for the 5 machines I tried it on, ranging from WinXP Home/Pro, Vista! Great idea, but a pass! Price: Free
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Active Security Monitor Active Security Monitor

Pass on this 1 stars
Does see that I have a firewall, but that is it. Does not see spyware, antivirus, and hijack software. Since it does not recognize the various other security features, not worth it, pass QUICKLY! Price: Free
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Disk Cleaner Disk Cleaner

Nice but... 3 stars
This program is pretty good, but it does lack the ability to get all of the junk on your PC. It does a great job for WHOEVER it is logged into but not all of the other directories, even if you are logged in as the administrator. That would be a great feature. The ability to CLEAN the ENTIRE computer of all users. Price: Free
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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Just plain excellent 5 stars
All I can say is, excellent. This software package has helped me greatly and has helped out my clients! I recommend this to everyone I know! Very nice! Norton who? Price: Free
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Kidz CD 1 - Surf Station Kidz CD 1 - Surf Station

About time 5 stars
This software is exactly what the doctor ordered! I recommend this product to everyone with a child in early development! Do not allow your child to fall behind on computers. Give them the tools and a safe place to use them! Thank you very much for these products! Price: Free
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Abyss Web Server X1 Abyss Web Server X1

Very nicely done 4 stars
Very easy to use and it took me approx. 30 seconds from install to getting it up and running. Does not use up much resources and it serves its purpose to a T!! For those that want their own webserver, this is the easiest one I have found to date!! Price: Free
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Allway Sync Allway Sync

Found and like 5 stars
This is exactly what I was looking for! I have a couple of USB Drives and need to ensure that they are backed up in different locations. Works like a charm! Great interface and really easy to use. Price: Free
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Thingamablog Thingamablog

Let the blogging begin! 4 stars
I would have to say, this is a very nice little program. I have never Blogged before and now I am a blogging techie! The initial setup is a little tricky, but after that, it is EASY to use and very functional! I applaud the creators!!! Price: Free
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Mail PassView Mail PassView

Tech tool 5 stars
This is a tech tool that is a must have! I downloaded it today, tried it on my clients machine. Within a second, I had every password for every email account that was on that machine. My client was all too happy to pay for my services today! A tool that has been added to my disks!! Price: Free
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Koma-Mail Koma-Mail

Good idea...but pass 2 stars
I attempted to configure the program using my default testing email account. The setup seemed pretty straight forward with the exception of the SAVE button. You have to have the Options screen FULL screen just to see the Save button. I came across that by mistake. No matter what configuration I did in Koma, it always came back with the same results..."Unauthorized access with NAME(Maybe to frequently logged in)" Mind you....I attempted to check the email 1 time and I get this message. I changed the timing, settings, and anything else that could be changed, no good. Great idea but needs some work! Price: Free
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Spamihilator Spamihilator

Easy 4 stars
Very nice program. I install this program on all my clients machines when they use Outlook! Easy plugin and the learning curve is very low! Great job! Price: Free
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