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UltraDefrag UltraDefrag

It's a winner ! 5 stars
This defragger not only does a great job, but it comes in a portable version (included with the download) as well. Seems to work very well on my Vista platform. Thanks and keep up the great work ! Price: Free
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Registry Workshop Registry Workshop

Absolutely the best regedit replacement 4 stars
It's THE best replacement for the lame registry editor that ships with windows. My only negative is that it's a bit on the 'pricey' side. Not everyone can afford it. A drop in price would lead to less piracy and more profit for the author, IMHO. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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ShellExView ShellExView

It is not portable. 4 stars
In spite of otherwise being an excellent utility, it still writes it's settings to the registry instead of to an INI file. It is therefore not portable on a USB stick. The author could easily change this and make this a truly gold star utility. Price: Free
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CubicExplorer CubicExplorer

There are far better ones - and free, too. 3 stars
This Windows Explorer replacement may develop into a nice little app one day, but it's not there yet. It's missing a ton of options that may be found in other WE replacements, too numerous to mention here. My advice - keep looking, at least for now. Price: Free
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RegShot RegShot

It's a winner ! 5 stars
Been using this little utility for several years now. It simply takes a 'snapshot' of your registry and then compares it to a second 'snapshot' some time later so you may visually compare and see exactly what has changed in your registry between 'shots.' Thanks for the update ! Price: Free
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Twistpad Twistpad

Nice, but . . . 3 stars
It's a nice editor with many great features, but considering all the free ones out there today, it's a bit pricey... Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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Shareaza Shareaza

Top quality ! 5 stars
Really a great application. Kudos to the author. First class in all respects ! Price: Free
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Foxit PDF Reader Foxit PDF Reader

One tiny problem . . . 2 stars
I have tested each and every version of Foxit for the past several years, and compared it to Acrobat Reader. Each time I have ended up deleting Foxit simply because of the quality of the text. It cannot compare with Adobe's crisp, clear text. Try the two of them side by side and you will see the difference. Price: Free
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EditPad Lite EditPad Lite

There are better 2 stars
Lots of features, except one - the ability to read RTF files. Try 'metapad'. I've used it for years and it rocks. Price: Free
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Chronograph Chronograph

It's good, but . . . 2 stars
It is a great little application IF you prefer a deluxe and showy app just to get the time of day. This one is FAR more than what the average user wants. I want an app that (silently) goes out on the internet, sets my system time at startup and then exits automatically. Nothing fancy, and I surely don't need a multi-megabyte application with skins to do that. Also, to do what most users want and need, there are plenty of free time sync programs out there, if you just search a bit. Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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XYplorer XYplorer

It's the best windows explorer replacement 5 stars
XYplorer will do just about everything you need and expect a Windows Explorer replacement to do. The author addresses issues quickly and efficiently. I have tried XYplorer on two occasions and as soon as I am able, I shall register and reinstall it again. Thanks for a great product and great support. Price: Free Trial ($40.00)
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CCleaner CCleaner

Almost great 4 stars
This gem was better before the last release. It now leaves files behind that it never did in the past, and this bug is not getting fixed very fast. It has been reported for weeks now. Still a GREAT little app, but unless you are running IE7, I would recommend that you stick with the previous version - 1.34.407 Price: Free
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FreeCommander XE FreeCommander XE

This freebie rocks 5 stars
It's an absolutely outstanding Windows Explorer replacement. The features and settings are simply too many to list, but among the things it offers in addition to standard Windows Explorer are dual pane capability, file/folder compare and synchronization, desktop snapshot capability, compression and decompression of files (in a choice of formats), etc, etc. freeCommander stores it's settings in an INI file instead of trashing up the registry like most do - a big plus as far as I am concerned. Believe me, the list goes on. And this baby is FREE on top of everything else. GET IT NOW ! Price: Free
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PhotoFiltre PhotoFiltre

Get it now ! 5 stars
Absolutely outstanding in every respect - and FREE TOO ! Price: Free
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Avast Free Antivirus Avast Free Antivirus

Outstanding 5 stars
I was an avid AntiVir user until they released version 7. Such a shame they no longer support v6.x. They FORCE you to upgrade. I switched to Avast! and love it! Try it - you'll like it. Price: Free
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Startup Organizer Startup Organizer

Needs work 3 stars
The one, and to me, most important thing this utility needs is the ability to dictate the timing of various apps that excute at startup. For example, I want my mail application to open last, so there should be a way for me to set a timer or to wait for a previous application to close before beginning my mail program... Price: Free Trial ($25.00)
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StartRight StartRight

It's far from the best . . . 3 stars
This utility is a 'nice try', but it pales in comparison to a real startup manager - one that allows you to wait until certain startup programs have closed before opening the next, or varying the timing between startup programs exactly as you choose... Price: Free
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