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KeePass Password Safe KeePass Password Safe

Great software 5 stars
I have used this for a number of years moving from Version 1 to the current version 2.09 Using the safe means that you can double click the URL and then copy username and passwords when logging in which defeats any keyloggers. There is also a usb drive version equally secure so it is easy to carry your complex passwords around with you. All you need to remember is the one password to open the safe, the rest is stored. Price: Free
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InFormEnter InFormEnter

Very useful 5 stars
This is an extremely useful piece of software, I have used it for some time now and for form filling in very handy. It can distort the web page but it can easily be toggled on and off. It is currently not available in FireFox 3, hope the author updates it as I for one will miss it. Price: Free
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UnderCoverXP UnderCoverXP

Easy to use 5 stars
For printing any type of either CD or DVD cover this could not be easier. A very useful program. Price: Free
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CD Recovery Toolbox Free CD Recovery Toolbox Free

Good product 5 stars
Simple and easy to use which means the developer put in a lot of effort. I had reason to use this as I had a DVD which would not load. DVD Shrink would not rip it. So I tried CD Recovery Toolbox. Depending on how bad and many problems the DVD has depends on how long the recovery will take. For a difficult DVD it could be a long time. The upside is most of the content can be recovered ok you lose structure of the DVD but the Vobs can be read manually which is better than nothing. Useful and well designed bit of software. Price: Free
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Glary Utilities Free Glary Utilities Free

Looked good 3 stars
One of the extra utilities added on I tried which did not work. The File Splitter worked fine on files smaller than 1gb but I wanted to chop a file that was 4.5gb into 1gb pieces. The chopping process was very quick and the reason was it although it created 5 files the first 4 were only 100mb in size. It is a well thought out product just needs this bit sorting out. Price: Free
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CrossLoop CrossLoop

Remote assistance made easy 5 stars
I currently use the free version of LogMeIn to help others out with their computer problems so I thought I would give this a go as it appeared on SnapFiles. It is easy to set up and it works very well. The documentation is good. Not much else to add but thanks to the developer(s) for the effort they have put in to make the a useful product. Price: Free
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ScrapbookFlair ScrapbookFlair

Good stuff 5 stars
This is fun software. It is easy to take any family/friend photo (jpeg) and add bubble captions to make it into a fun photo for leg pulling fun. You are only limited by your own imagination. For free software this is a fantastic package and you can have a lot of fun with it. It is easy to install and use, I found it easier to export the finished photo to a jpg and used PaintShopPro resize it and print it but Scrapbook does print. Download it, have fun with it and a big thank you to Aurora Digital Imaging for making it available. Price: Free
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WPanorama WPanorama

Good fun 5 stars
Like Google Earth this is a fun product. The views that you can download from the web site are stunning and if you search around there are some more free ones out there on other web sites. Give it a go nothing to lose. Price: Free
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Google Earth Google Earth

Good stuff 5 stars
Just downloaded it and it really is a good piece of software, I found my house and I live in Swansea, Wales, UK. The way it scans around to locate the place name input is very clever. As one of the other reviewers commented, just down load it and play with it. Price: Free
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