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Xara Web Designer 365 Xara Web Designer 365

Ok for graphics, forget long text 2 stars
I had high hopes for this program. It has many import options, and I need to do a makeover of a big, text-intensive site. For that purpose, it proved hopeless. Firstly, the import loses all links, unless you bring in RTF. Secondly, it works with a page metaphor, "pages" really being text boxes, and their length is limited, both within the program, and more critically with what happens when you export to a website. As with many of these CSS-type positioning programs, long CSS text boxes seem to be minced when browsers decode them. Thirdly, trying to import files with tables gives unpredictable or missing results. Fourthly, when I tried to republish an imported html article, it gave an "out of memory message" and didn't spit out half the file. If you want to make a site with short "pages" and pretty graphics, Xara may well work fine for you. Otherwise ... Price: Free Trial ($49.00)
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WYSIWYG Web Builder WYSIWYG Web Builder

Ok, with reservations 3 stars
I bought this program, and have some regrets. Working at a fairly simple level within WYSIWYG Web Builder, it works at advertised, and that is all that most people will need. However, importing anything is bad news. The program claims to import HTML, and indeed it does. However once you do that, then try to publish, the headaches begin. No matter how you play with imported content, no matter what the property menu says, and no matter what it looks like within the program, imported content once republished will not retain proper positioning or much formatting. Old fashioned cut and paste (which destroys all formatting) is the only reliable way to get content into this program. A second big issue is that long CSS text blocks in the program do bad things when they are published into a website. Since my own website has been growing for 15 years and is text intensive, using WYSIWYG Web Builder to give it a modern look has become a dubious process. Price: Free Trial ($59.95)
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