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Pocket (Read it Later) Pocket (Read it Later)

Very useful 5 stars
This addon is great for snagging a page for later review without setting a permanent bookmark. It essentially does what it claims. Very easy to use helpful when gathering info for and doing research. Price: Free
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Logo Design Studio Logo Design Studio

Move away from the download button! 1 stars
Resist the temptation to even try this software. I can only assume it has a high rating simply based on the claimed feature set. It does have a lot of features, but you can't actually use most of them. This is the MOST illogically designed and dysfunctional graphic software I've ever used. I was able to master Photoshop to a mid-level degree and that's complicated, this is just bad design and execution. If you work in pixel sizes, it's simply unusable. Creating a 500x500px canvas will initially appear as 475x475px at 100dpi. If you change the magnification (zoom) factor in the window, the canvas changes to 775x775px at 100dpi! You can't get the correct canvas size. If you try to import your own images, they are fuzzy at any size. Very simply, this software is junk. I made the mistake of buying it with a 50% rebate. It's no wonder they're giving a rebate! Free would be too much. Here's a logo idea: LDS with a big red slash through it. Price: Free Trial ($19.99)
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The software developer responded to this review on Dec 18, 2006: We are happy you at least tried out the demo version, but are surprised at the comments (seems suspect that not a single positive comment was offered, a common bashing technique by competing software publishers). The UI (user interface) was based on Microsoft s Office 2003 interface, which is fairly easy to work with. We based our Logo Design Studio interface on an easy premise: you add items to the logo canvas on the left side, and then adjust their look using the tools, colors and effects found directly to the left of the logo canvas. Once you are happy with your design, you simply use the File menu options (something found in almost every software application) to either save it for future modification, or export it to an image format for easy use in any online or print project. Because our full version includes high quality, royalty free objects and pre-designed logo templates, we did not think a 200 MB demo was the way to go. So, in the demo, we kept the full functionality of the program, but replaced the high quality objects and templates with lower quality versions that are only meant to show the possibilities of Logo Design Studio. This kept the demo size smaller. In reading reviews like this, we urge people to keep an open mind and give the demo a try if you are interested in a program like this. Trying for yourself is the only real way to find out if this program is for you, or to give another similar product a try.

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