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MP3 WAV Studio MP3 WAV Studio

The very worst 1 stars
This is without hesitation the very worst software I have downloaded after many years on this site. It did not display properly (windows 7 64bit)and was therefor unusable, but worse was yet to come ...It had installed other software without the option not to have it and after uninstalling it (not in programs and features it was not there)it left behind a folder full of active files (hard to get rid of active processes )one of which had attached itself to a weather program I presume to gain internet access... The company responsible in my opinion is a disgrace, and my view is that you install this software with great caution, it just isn't worth the hassle you have getting rid of it. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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AM-Notebook Lite AM-Notebook Lite

Awesome 5 stars
After many desktop note programs, I finally found this one, it's way above the rest. There is so much to this, notes, to do lists, calender contacts, alarms and much more. For me the best thing about the program is that I can put images in my notes, you cant do that in word! I can not fault it, and use it every day for something. Get it! You too will be amazed. Price: Free
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Peanut Butter PC Peanut Butter PC

Excellent 5 stars
I downloaded the trial version to get my four year old granddaughter on to a PC, when the trial expired she missed it so much I had to pay for it (very rare for me!) Although my granddaughter is four and we use it together, it is also suitable for older kids who can use a PC on their own. I have added movies, music and games to the desktop interface, which will grow with us as she gets older. Peanutbutter is her world on the computer, and it keeps her away from accidentally doing anything on my PC. The options for using this software are endless, and I think it will last us for a good few years. I did have an issue, so I contacted the developer. The boss!! replied immediately with an explanation, so customer support should you need it is excellent. I think if Snapfiles had the time to play around with this software they would give it a higher rating. I love it and we would not be without it. Give it a try, I bet you end up paying for it! Price: Free Trial ($24.95)
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CSE HTML Validator Lite CSE HTML Validator Lite

I use this at least ten times a day 5 stars
I use this at least ten times a day, and can not fault it in anyway. I have tried about ten of these programs and there is not one that compares to this. I love how clear it is, making it so easy to edit, it hasn't got loads of different colours which I find much better, if you make a mistake in your coding everything goes blue so you know immediately that you have to fix it. Not sure why Snapfiles doesn't give it a higher rating, as it is head and shoulders above the rest. Give this one a try, I feel sure that you will like it. Price: Free
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Unbelievable 5 stars
I have been getting software from Snapfiles for a very long time! This ranks in my top 5. If you are into taking thing with you on a external hard drive, this is an absolute must have! Loved it as soon as I installed it. great interface, so easy to use. I went to the authors website and downloaded lots more apps. Skype on the move, fab, and so much choice of very useful apps for on the move. Everything I installed works perfectly. For Free?? Awesome.Please try it. you will be delighted that you did Thank you so much for this.. Price: Free
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Ghastly 2 stars
I wanted software for ISO files, glad I didn't buy this...I tried 10 times with an ISO file... every time the software gave a different excuse! Price: Free
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Spider Player Pro Spider Player Pro

Awesome 5 stars
Love this player, very simple easy interface, such a change after Windows Media Player annoying me for ages. For me the best bit was after fiddling with the equalizer my Sennheisers sounded the best they have been since I bought them, sounds better than my high end audio editor. If someone could be talked into developing some skins I would definitely pay for some extra ones as I am sure others would. A must have if you want a really good small player and a better sound. Thanks a million for this. Price: Free
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Shuangs WAV to MP3 Converter Shuangs WAV to MP3 Converter

Doesn`t get better than this 5 stars
I use this daily, and it does exactly what it says I have high end music software..but for converting Wave to mp3 this is my program of choice. Obviously you loose quality doing this conversion, but I am happy with all the files (loads) that I have converted using this. Easy interface, never a problem, makes this a great tool. Thanks for this Shuangs Price: Free
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Gadwin PrintScreen Gadwin PrintScreen

Where have you been all my life 5 stars
For years I have tried screen capture software and never really liked any of them..Then along came Mr Gadwin, In a class of it's own, simple, great interface, loads of options, that I have never come across before, but most of all you really do get a great result. I give this the highest recommendation possible..Try won't find better.. Price: Free
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AutoRuns AutoRuns

Recomend this? You bet 5 stars
If you are interested in what goes on inside your PC then this is for you. You can do loads with this,a very useful part is to find out what exactly is loaded at the startup, lots more than you think! You can disable any unneeded process and loads more... I have had this one for years, would not do without it Price: Free
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Vuze Vuze

The next level 5 stars
I started downloading torrents using utorrent (see my review) and then decided to go to the next level with vuze..1st observation ..on install do not make vuse the default unless you want it to take over all your torrent files..I have not as yet found an option to undo this !! In the options tab under "mode" there are three interface options (default beginner)intermediate and advanced...very useful if like me you are new to the program ... the search is come divided into results for vuse and external websites.. the library ..great way to keep track of what you have..the download window isnt as good as utorrent on seeing download progress..but thats picky!!! hope you like frogs!! all the stored files are blue frogs So far this program will be all I need for the near future for torrenting..and free...awesome..nothing to lose.give it a try my opinion is you wont regret it Price: Free
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uTorrent uTorrent

Works perfectly 5 stars
I downloaded this software for my first experience with torrent far it has been excellent - very lightweight.(I am running it on an external hard drive as it is standalone.)A very simple interface and a changeable port option gets you going straight away.I use the copy and paste option to link it to the file but there are also other options to do this does miss out on excellent ..just because it doesnt have a search facility .. torrent sites can be a bit of a minefield! I highly recommend this for use with SiteAdvisor(on snapfiles). Thank you for a great bit of kit that is free, marvelous!! Price: Free
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Stickies Stickies

Love it! 5 stars
Works fine...fully deserves five stars..loads of options..including sending stickies directly to your friends desktops (they need the program installed) love it....thanks Price: Free
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PhotoRazor PhotoRazor

Highly recomend this one 5 stars
Great program, easy to use, resize a whole folder of pictures at once or choose individual pictures...fab interface lets you know exactly what you are doing. Chose a folder, choose the size and quality, press the button are done The small photos are saved in a separate folder but best of all is the quality of the small photos, you can magnify them and they retain the quality. Great if you send a small photo in an email, it can be magnified for a better all round good one. Price: Free
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Wavosaur Wavosaur

Only for smaller audio files. 3 stars
On opening the program it looked great..nice.. well set out interface with plenty of options but that is as far as I got; as soon as I opened a file an error message appeared: memory allocation ...unable to load file ! There is no help withing the program but there is an online forum where I found out that large files can not be handled by the program, so sadly I can not recommend this unless you want to use it with smaller files. Price: Free
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Rainbow Folders Rainbow Folders

Terrific small free handy and useful 5 stars
Two reasons for getting this easy to use.. free because your folders will look much nicer in color...hundreds of colors available..and the second reason is that it makes it easier to recognize color coded have the option of xp of vista styles..I have used this program for ages on probs ever and now on probs..easy to use..highly recommended.. Price: Free
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Kaspersky Anti-Virus Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Surprise surprise 5 stars
I have been using security software for ten years..with varying degrees of success am now on vista my options are less and I was having trouble finding a firewall that would work.. having tried four that wouldnt load I downloaded this more in hope than my amazement it loaded fine..and has so far in three days blocked three trojans from seemingly innocent websites..stopped two virus's in emails uses few resources even when scanning..and doesnt slow me down at all..programs like this are hard to find..and so far it goes into my top thee security programs of all time..and when the trial is over I will have no qualms about parting with the money that they are asking for it...what price peace of mind?? highly recommend this one... Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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POP Peeper POP Peeper

Top of the range..a must have 5 stars
I have been a loyal supporter of ePrompter for years but after recent problems had to move on..I expected to go through quite few trials to come up with anything half as good..but yikes..pop peeper was my my first test and its fab...granny could configure with the new live hotmail..lots of options even opens your email client for you...its lightening fast when checking for mail..and easy on the eye...get it you wont regret it... Price: Free
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PDF-XChange Viewer PDF-XChange Viewer

Dump acrobat..this is the one to have 5 stars
How I have put up with acrobat freezing..and messing up my system for so long i dont know when there are great programmes like this one to replace it...Make it the default reader..and yipee it automatically opens pdf files on the internet (or anywhere)in the blink of an fuss it just does the job...a must have..and free!!...Thank you developer you have made my life easier...xx Price: Free
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B/Works B/Works

Excellent...thankyou media chance 5 stars
I have been using this program for years with absolutely no problem... ever... and have just downloaded it onto yet another computer...if you are into easy ways of changing black and white sepia etc ..this is for will never regret downloading this.... Price: Free
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Stardock RightClick Stardock RightClick

Awesome 5 stars
Love this...right click on your desktop and depending on how you choose to configure it ..your whole computer can be accessed including shutting the computer more having hundreds of messy looking shortcuts on your more having to use the start menu to find has lots of great features...I shall be paying up at the end of the trial....highly recommended.. Price: Free Trial ($14.95)
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ObjectDock ObjectDock

Another great freebee 5 stars
If you like your desktop clear and tidy this is for you...looks really hides..and access to your whole computer is one click away ..easy to configure...and for free...highly recommend..if however you want something that uses few resources check out "right click" by the same developer..its awesome Price: Free
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WackGet WackGet

Where have you been all my life!! 5 stars
Thank you for this..easy..and it works..I can't fault it..if you want to keep it really simple..then this is for you..if you want loads of features..and a complicated download..then look elsewhere..highly recommend ..for a nice easy life.. Price: Free
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Eusing Internet Window Washer Eusing Internet Window Washer

Use with extreme caution 3 stars
This program should be used with caution..what it doesn't let you know is that it may remove lots of things you need it's vital to USE THE TEST FIRST when cleaning up stuff for the first time...I didn't and lost every skype contact I have.. I would recommend this program as long as you use the test and check it!! and despite the nag screen which is just a click to remove .. when someone develops a good program its fair to ask for donations... Price: Free
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Free Download Manager Free Download Manager

Nearly tip top 4 stars
Certainly one of the best download managers I have tried..lots of options..very easy to of my favourite things about it is that,if you are downloading music there is an option to listen to the only whinge is that on "right clik save as" downloads it sometimes will only download an image rather than the file..I sent a question about it to their help ..they havent replied!! Price: Free
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iTunes iTunes

Yes..definitely.. 4 stars
I have had four mp3 players this year..and used the manufacturers software with all of my review is about using your Ipod with Itunes which is ahead of all the others..very easy to use..imports music from files quickly..downloads music to player fast..options easy.. setting up playlists etc..but the best thing for me is that you can choose the equalizer for each individual means if you are playing a variety of music you dont keep having to change the sound on the player...fab... Price: Free
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Tux Paint Tux Paint

You must have this for children 5 stars
I put this programme on the school computers for my local school in thailand...they loved it...and they dont speak english ..which tells you how easy it is to use...highly recomended...thankyou mr kendricks xx Price: Free
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Ashampoo Burning Studio Ashampoo Burning Studio

a really good choice 5 stars
This program beats all the audio software on my pc..none of the programs did the job I wanted..Ashampoo no problem...easy fast job..and bonus... my dear old granny could use it..highly recommend..havent bought it yet but will do... thank you Ashampoo Price: Free Trial ($50.00)
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