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StopUpdates10 StopUpdates10

Very useful 5 stars
Lately I have been bothered by daily Windows Updates. Some updates took more than hour to finish. This is unacceptable so I began looking for a solution. I found it in this small gem of a program. After installation: no more updates; no more annoyances. The system is all mine now ! Price: Free
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AnyTXT Searcher AnyTXT Searcher

Works perfectly 4 stars
The best textfinder up to now. Ease of use and very fast to retrieve any text in any file scattered all over the system. Price: Free
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Photoscape Photoscape

The winner 5 stars
I tried them all. Photoscape is the winner. Both on PC and on MacBook Pro. Advantages: versatile, reliable, user friendly, fast, free. Disadvantages: None. Price: Free
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DSynchronize DSynchronize

Love it 5 stars
After many trials, errors, disappointmens and uninstalls I finally found this free dSync progam that does what it promises and also does right from the start. Dsynchronize comes with a user interface that is very versatile and yet understandable at a glance. Love at first sight? Well... Yes! Price: Free
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FastStone Image Viewer FastStone Image Viewer

Simply the best 5 stars
I use Faststone for many years now. On a daily basis. It allways sits under my mousebutton. What more can I say? Price: Free
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Evorim Free Firewall Evorim Free Firewall

Nice and free 5 stars
The Evorim firewall works flawlessly. As expected. A worthy alternative to Private Firewall which is no longer available. Price: Free
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Skitch Skitch

Works fine 4 stars
This little gem does exactly what may be expected from a versatile screencap program. Nice features. Try it and find out for yourself. Price: Free
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VidCutter VidCutter

Good but lacks helpfile or manual 3 stars
It took me quite a while of trial and error to find out how to isolate a portion in a videofile and putting the two remaining portions togehter. There is no helpfile nor user manual. You are on your own to find out but when you get the Aha... Erlebnis this app works fine. Price: Free
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Opera Mail Opera Mail

There is no better email client 5 stars
A few words are enough to recommend Opera's fine and versatile email client. A joy to work with, really. Former users of conventional (oldfashioned) mail programs need a little time to adapt but that will turn out to be more than worthwhile. Price: Free
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Macrium Reflect (Free Edition) Macrium Reflect (Free Edition)

Impressive and very useful 5 stars
For the less experienced user it will take some studying but that is certainly worthwhile. In a matter of less than an hour I got exactly what I wanted: An image of my C: system partition written to an external HD plus (with help of Macrium) a bootable Windows PE rescue cd to restore my system in case of an emergency. Every user should use this! Price: Free
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Cybereason RansomFree Cybereason RansomFree

Seems to work well 4 stars
This protection shield against ransomware was developed by military experts who say they fight cybercriminals. The software installs smoothly and then just sits there in the systray at the bottom of the screen like a spider in his web. I cannot tell if it works well or not. For that I have to wait until the first ransomware attack hits my system. Price: Free
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IE PassView IE PassView

Works fast and flawlessly 5 stars
Only two words suffice to honor this useful program: 'Fast' and 'Perfect'! Price: Free
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Process Tamer Process Tamer

Works perfectly for me 5 stars
For many days I suffered from a sluggish computer with an average (idle) processor usage of 56 percent. To overcome this problem I considered to give up Windows 7 and migrate to Linux. I even thought of Windows 10, but only for a while. Then I discovered Process Tamer. After a few minutes fooling around I was ashtonished and impressed. My processors behaved normally again with an average processor usage of 4 to 12 percent. A perfect piece of useful software! Price: Free
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Memory Booster Memory Booster

Works great! 5 stars
My system must work very hard all day long. So it looses performance after an hour or so and then the irritation of a slow computer begins. This inconvenience now belongs to the past thanks to this handy utility. Memboost starts up with the system and then sits in the background keeping memory in top form. If you wish you can see it working on the foreground. Certainly this useful gem is one of the best things in life that are free! Price: Free
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BandiView BandiView

Very nice 4 stars
There are lot of picture viewers around but this one is a gem. And it is free and portable as well, so it sits on many a usb stick of mine. Ease of use in combination with functionality is Honeyview's strong side. A recommendation worth! Price: Free
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Cathy Cathy

Fast as lightning 5 stars
Cathy catalogged my NAS (2 TB) and my external drive (1 TB) in a wink of an eye. Both media contain thousands of videos. To locate needles in these haystacks even less time is required. Cathy is just Perfect. Price: Free
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Double Commander Double Commander

Impressive 5 stars
This Double Pane filemanager provides me with all the functionallities I need for my daily file management needs. In the past I had to obtain many functions from several file managers. Double Commander provides me also with the possibility to copy the folder contents to the clipboard and from there paste it to my wordprocessor. Good work! I am very glad with this free app. Price: Free
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MasterSeeker MasterSeeker

The fastest, the best 5 stars
Only a few words are enough to describe MasterSeeker: the program outperforms all other file seekers I've used. Not only fast but also free and portable. Top! Price: Free
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SyncFolders SyncFolders

Very simple and to the point 5 stars
Just a few words suffice to recommend this little gem of software: synchronizing, backing up en copying files from one folder to another (on external HD or NAS) was never so simple, adequate and straightforward. Price: Free
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PrivaZer PrivaZer

A car with three wheels 3 stars
Privazer does its job well and thoroughly although it takes its time. Nevertheless this utility is far from finished. It still lags the important option to clean up a multi TB NAS. Here it comes up with a cryptic message of which I understand that this feature is still under construction. So, why is this car rolled out with only three wheels? Another thing is that the translation into Dutch sucks. Obviously it's google-ian and indeed cryptic here and there. A very nice thing is that the installation permits the user to choose between portable and writing to usb stick and a Windows registration. Price: Free
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Any Video Recorder Any Video Recorder

Very useful 5 stars
Long did I look for a program to make instant shots of live videos from a webcam. Fortunately this Any Video Recorder showed up. And it does exactly what I want it to do: recording videoshots for sharing in social media. Quick and easy. Excellent free software. Thanks! Price: Free
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Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft Security Essentials

Excellent free product 4 stars
I could not use the paid version of Avast because the built-in firewall conflicted with my PrivateFirewall V.7 which is so good that I never want to uninstall it. So I looked for an alternative and found MS Essentials. It is a good and reliable product. I use it with pleasure. Price: Free
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Cryptnos Cryptnos

Works well 4 stars
A fine and handy method to create and retrieve unique (very) long passwords with a few keystrokes and mouse clicks. Works well as long as you remember your own passphrase. However, you have to use a password manager like Password Vault as well if you have password protected web apps on other platforms like Android, Apple or Linux. On these platforms Cryptnos will not run so you have to retrieve your user ID's and passwords from a printed list. Price: Free
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ToolWiz FlipBook ToolWiz FlipBook

Could be a lot better 3 stars
A very nice program that lets you create your own ebooks. However, when working with this Flipbook Builder one gets the strong impression that this product is still under construction. I miss a help file for instance and grouping short stories in chapters seems to be possible but remains a complete mystery. Further: the output file is exe which means that you will not be able to distribute your ebooks as attachments in the email. I do like Toolwiz Flipbook Builder but I await new and better releases with which I can produce representative ebooks. Price: Free
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Privatefirewall Privatefirewall

A real firewall at last 4 stars
I'm using Private Firewall for several weeks now and I can say that I am impressed. The program is always there being alert and doing its job without bothering me with adds and nag screens and it also never begs for donations. At first it seems a bit overwhelming but after a while you can see the benefits of all the features. One remark: the GUI is sometimes puzzling and could be more helpful. Apart from that: Recommended. Price: Free
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Bolide Slideshow Creator Bolide Slideshow Creator

Very fine program 5 stars
After trying some other so-called slideshow creators I finally found this Russian program which does everything I want and need: inserting and deleting pictures, lots of nice graphical effects in-between and inserting music flawlessly. It is obvious that this program was developed with the end user in mind. And this is a compliment. Price: Free
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ffDiaporama ffDiaporama

Buggy 2 stars
FfDiaporama looks promising but turns out to be rather buggy. For instance, it is not possible to insert pictures or videos. After many hours of editing, trying and compiling the hi-res results (avi, mp4) are of no use. The presentations often show blanks in stead of pictures after videoclips. Price: Free
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Toolwiz Care Toolwiz Care

Very impressive 5 stars
I am very reluctant to let strange programs and utilities enter my system. Let alone that I allow them make changes. After careful trying and executing in a sandbox, Toolwiz Care managed to win my complete confidence. This bundle of utils is not only trustworthy it's also versatile, complete en useful and it comes to you in a very friendly and functional user interface. It looks like I'll need nothing else to manage my system. Best of all: it's free. Price: Free
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Tonido Server Tonido Server

Works fine 5 stars
Tonido works fine. It's a secure bridge between my Win7 pc and my Android Asus Transformer. Amazing that I had program (on pc) and app (on Asus) up and running (co-operating) in no more than 2 minutes. Recommended! Price: Free
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Shotty Shotty

Very nice and useful 4 stars
There are plenty of screen capture utilities around. I've used many of them. Most of them are freeware and very good. So is this one: Shotty. It does its job very well and it offers some extra nice features. I welcome the possibility to blurr parts of my screen dumps. However, I miss one important feature: a color picker. For that purpose I've to 'step down' to Picpick. Recommended nevertheless! Price: Free
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Quicksys RegDefrag Quicksys RegDefrag

Trustworthy 4 stars
It was not without hesitation that I let Quicksys RegDefrag touch my registry. But it comes from Snapfiles, I thought, so it must be trustworthy. And trustworthy it turned out to be. Indeed: RegDefrag does its job very well and indeed: it speeds up my Win 7 system. Recommended! Price: Free
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Nitro PDF Reader Nitro PDF Reader

Very neat PDF reader 5 stars
Highly recommended. There are more PDF readers around than Acroread. Nitro PDF Reader seems to be a newcomer and it makes a very good impression: fast, good looking, functional and reliable. It even lets you extract texts and images from PDF files. I did not hesitate long to make Nitro my favorite. Price: Free
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DocFetcher DocFetcher

Needs perfection 2 stars
Docfetch does not always do where it stands for. E.g. the doc file BriefAanmeldenSchotman.doc could not be located with the search argument `Schotman`. Price: Free
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Online Armor Free Online Armor Free

Good, but... 2 stars
A very good firewall indeed, but... I was not amused after installing Online Armor Free. After the installation I noticed a dramatic increase in startup time. More than 50 percent which was unacceptable. The inconvenience was over after UNinstall. Price: Free
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SyncBreeze SyncBreeze

Efficient and very fast 5 stars
Snapfiles gives this app two to three stars only. That's not enough. I give it five stars. I use SyncBreeze on a daily basis to securely save my hot directories to my external hard drive. It keeps my system healthy and it never misses a bit. Price: Free
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My Lockbox Free My Lockbox Free

More than useful 5 stars
More than useful. Not only does MyLockbox password protect folders and files against spying eyes, it also makes them invisible (non-existent). From now on all my private files are really for my eyes only. Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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PasteCopy.NET PasteCopy.NET

Buggy and stubborn 2 stars
The underlying philosophy of PasteCopy.NET may be good but the program does not meet its promises. It stubbornly fails to popup the list of earlier copies. A restart of the program is necessary to retrieve them. The consistency of the pulldown menus is also a bit mysterious. I recommend a thorough rethink and remake. Price: Free
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Apple Safari Apple Safari

Pretty fast browser 3 stars
Safari is OK. It lacks the bells and whistles of other (overcrowded) browsers. It is fast and straightforward and it looks and feels like a nice tools for daily browsing. Price: Free
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Quick Restore Maker Quick Restore Maker

Excellent! 5 stars
Why does the Snapfiles announcement read 'Fair' for this little gem? It should read 'Excellent' because that's what it is. The only hassle is the making of a shortcut. Price: Free
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FBackup FBackup

Backup plus plus 5 stars
A complete, easy to use, reliable and versatile backup application at last. I was impressed by FBackup after trying (and uninstalling) so many others. FBackup does all the things I want to be done, so it's here to stay. Recommended! Price: Free
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Benubird PDF Benubird PDF

Impressive 5 stars
An impressive and very useful program. Benobird PDF easily manages my multitude of doc and pdf files which are scattered all over my (external) hard disks. Benobird indexes all these files and folders in a jiffy. It organizes all and retrieves specific files (nearly) with the speed of light. Very versatile. I like it. Price: Free
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AbiWord AbiWord

Conflicting with OpenOffice 2 stars
I tried almost every version of Abiword, in Windows as well as in Linux. And always there was that nasty incompatibility with OpenOffice. Abi cannot handle docs from OO with pictures, tables, etc. Abi may be nice for simple docs but I'll stick to OO. Price: Free
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PeaZip PeaZip

Very neat program 5 stars
I tried almost every zip/unzip utility but this one stole my heart. PeaZip offers all the functionality you need to pack/unpack files and folders. Besides that there much more. PeaZip does its work fast, secure and reliable. Also important: it's free. Highly recommended. Price: Free
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Auslogics Registry Cleaner Auslogics Registry Cleaner

What's the use? 4 stars
This Registry cleaner found and corrected more than 700 'problems' in my registry. Good feeling? Not quite. After the scan, [...] registry cleaner found another 400 problems. Price: Free
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File Shredder File Shredder

Small, simple, useful 5 stars
Use this freeware little gem to really get rid of sensitive and/or private files. It's straightforward, functional and very easy to use. Total learning time: 3 seconds. Price: Free
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Androsa FileProtector Androsa FileProtector

Really amazing 5 stars
Everybody has files and/or folders for his eyes only. Hide and encrypt are mandatory. There are little programs that are useful in this respect but Androsa FileProtector is one of them. The only one if you ask me. It encrypts and decrypts password-protected files and folders with astonishing speed, using no less than a 256 bit AES algorithm. It even compiles self-extracting zip of exe files. Best of all: it's free. A very fine program! Price: Free
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Q-Dir Q-Dir

Versatile and looking good 4 stars
After PowerDesk, FreeCommander and many other file managers I like Q-dir best. It is versatile and user friendly. And it is looking good. Fun to work with. A great help to fight chaos in an ever growing and complex file system. Recommended! Price: Free
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Mz Ultimate Tweaker for XP Mz Ultimate Tweaker for XP

Not perfect 3 stars
I uninstalled Mz Ultimate Tweaker after the program failed to backup the registry for the second time. Results: system hangs. Price: Free
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Wise Disk Cleaner Free Wise Disk Cleaner Free

Fast, reliable 5 stars
Very useful. Helps you to keep your logical drives clean and... fast. Recommended. Price: Free
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DriveImage XML (Private Edition) DriveImage XML (Private Edition)

Very reliable 5 stars
I installed and used it to backup (clone) my valuable C-drive to DVD RW. A big job well done! The program is very robust, transparent, reliable and efficient. It clones entire logical drives sector by sector. Then it lets you restore not only the entire drive but separate directories or files as well. Highly recommended. Price: Free
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