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TweakVI Basic TweakVI Basic

Good idea, but . . . 2 stars
I installed this on my new laptop which is running MS Vista and I was sorely disappointed. All the features which you really need are disabled. I uninstalled the program within the first half-hour of testing. "Well, what can you expect for free?" you might ask. "Lots," would be my response. I run mostly freeware on my desktop and laptop, and I have some programs which I would say outperform most commercial software. TweakVI Basic does not meet standard. They should have a commercial product only . . . not a "fake" free one. Price: Free
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Maxthon Maxthon

Good - but not the best 4 stars
On a positive note, Maxthon has many useful features and is ready to run right out of the box. I like it's ad blocking capabilities and its automatic sliding sidebar. It renders some pages correctly that Firefox cannot. I like using it for downloading Microsoft's security updates. However, it has many features I don't need. I prefer customizing from the ground up. I don't like the way the tabs work. It uses IE's engine, so shares the same vulnerabilities as IE. Even so, it still renders some pages incorrectly that IE renders correctly (e.g., It is slower than IE or Firefox. Its interface is a bit more complicated and busy than Firefox's interface (although the features are excellent). The extensions are not as numerous or as well-designed as the extensions for Firefox. For security, speed, customizability (is that a word?), and simplicity of layout go with Firefox. Price: Free
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