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USB Safely Remove USB Safely Remove

Very nice 5 stars
I have had difficulty getting the "safe to remove" message when I want to disconnect an external hard drive. I was getting one of those messages saying I should check back later. Really? I need instant gratification :-) and this program delivers. It identifies whatever is holding my stuff hostage, then gives me the option to shut it down. I registered my copy after only one hour of testing and reading. Price: Free Trial ($20.00)
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XYplorer XYplorer

Fully loaded! 5 stars
This is one of those programs that provides a lot of bang for a few bucks. I have not found anything out there that compares. Too many features to praise here makes this a must try. XYplorer is one of the best Shareware investments that I have ever made. I'm hard to please but more than satisfied with this very professional and user friendly program. Price: Free Trial ($40.00)
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RocketDock RocketDock

Lightens business.. like a cartoon on CNN 5 stars
This is a very functional and fun menu program with impressive animation. I found it very stable on each of my systems and easy to use. Price: Free
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Clickster Clickster

Recommended! 5 stars
I've really enjoyed playing with Clickster for the past week. I downloaded so many free MP3 files that I sent the author a donation. He sent me a link to download the Pro version. It has a deeper search and the downloads are faster too. Fantastic value and support for free or a donation of whatever it's worth to you. Very hard to beat! Price: Free
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EverNote EverNote

Remarkable 5 stars
Thumbs up, kudos, yippee, superlatives, fun. Try this one! I don't think you are likely to be disappointed. Price: Free
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PixelCryptor PixelCryptor

I garbled it up! 4 stars
This is a quick and easy way to encrypt without a password. I tried changing just 1 pixel in my original (key) image and just as stated, this is not allowed by Pixelcryptor. This is a very nice program but protect your original image or back it up. If you fail to do this your encrypted data could become hopelessly lost until the end of time, Amen! Price: Free
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EarthquakeView EarthquakeView

Cool 4 stars
Years ago during a world series game a disastrous quake hit the SF/Oakland area of CA and I developed an interest in seismic activity. Over the past few years with the advancements of the internet, software and related technology it has become much more interesting. The USGS will keep anyone informed via E-mail bulletins of quakes over M5. This program monitors the activity and makes all this a real snap with links to USGS for details and latest tsunami reports. The graphics are cool too. I think the the program is nicely done. Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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TreeSize TreeSize

Marvelous! 5 stars
Oh joy, oh rapture unforseen! Highly recommended. Price: Free
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ArovaxShield ArovaxShield

Heads up! 2 stars
I was pleased with this program's performance initially. I installed a new internet explorer and could not get arovaxshield to allow the browser to go directly to my homepage vs. the run once introductory page of the explorer. I un-installed arovaxshield and re-booted. That's when I discovered the uninstallation process disabled my firewall, my anti-virus protection and also administrative priviledges. This prevented me from activating the firewall or the AV protection. I found some other undesirable registry changes as well. In short if you put this baby on you system, you need to know how to remove it without making some uninvited changes in your start up process. Price: Free
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Yankee-Clipper III Yankee-Clipper III

My choice! 5 stars
I've been using this one for a long time. I don't pay much attention to other clipboard programs any more because this one handles all my needs. Yankee-Clipper is one of the finest and complete utilities that I have ever used. I give it all the superlatives! Price: Free
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Posteriza Posteriza

Cool 4 stars
The first time I used Posteriza was to enlarge an e-mail photo sent to me by my nephew from Iraq. The program easily produced a poster version of that photo about 36" x 24". The individual pages were then trimmed and glued . I framed the assembled poster and gave it to my sister (his mother). She showed it to all her friends and co-workers and eventually presented it to my nephew when he returned to the states. I guess it knocked their socks off. I have continued to use Posteriza and I am pleased with the results and all the compliments that I receive. This ia a very nice program. Price: Free
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Spamihilator Spamihilator

Not a good student! 2 stars
I used this program for about a week. Possibly my imagination but it seemed to be a spam magnet. I tried repeatedly to teach it NOT to block several newsletters, bulletins, and special offers from a couple sources that I had requested. I also tried to teach it to reject a couple sources that have been trying to get me to re-finance my home or sell me something. Spamihilator does not pay attention to this instructor and therefore has disappointing grades on my report card. Price: Free
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WordWeb WordWeb

Recommended 5 stars
This is just the handiest, easy program that I on a daily basis. I do my share of information processing with a computer and I have become dependent on WordWeb. The program quickly defines words that I am unfamiliar with, identifies synonyms, and even provides a usage sample. I highly recommend WordWeb. Price: Free
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NoteIT NoteIT

Recommended 5 stars
I have always been interested in this type of program and I was really impressed with some of the handy features of NoteIt. She has a pretty face too! I highly recommend this program to all those who like jotting, saving, locking, E-mailing, and organizing their notes. Nice job! Price: Free
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XnView XnView

Super 5 stars
Many superlatives are due here. This is a great program..a trulely versatile and wonderful work. Price: Free
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Responding Heads Responding Heads

Fatal blue 2 stars
Maybe I have a cruddy microphone but I could not get the heads to recognize my commands very often. I got really frustrated when the program imploded into a dreaded blue DOS screen telling me Windows needed to shut down to avoid damage. Responding heads had to go. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Nov 12, 2005: You sould use windows xp. not windows 98 or 95 (i dont know why snapfiles have said that it works with 95 and 98 but i am sorry for any damage... i advice you to upgrade your computer for this program needs a good computer) [Editor: the software was submitted with Win 98 compatibility]

Google Earth Google Earth

Very impressive 5 stars
Usually when the name Google is attached to something there are folks out there really proud of their work; and I am interested. This program is a blast, fun to use and full of good stuff. Price: Free
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Visere Visere

Hangs 2 stars
The program had problems with some of my image files or perhaps it just has a personal issue with me, but it froze up several times as it scanned a couple of my folders. That aside, I liked the overall quality of the program. Sadly I uninstalled it after a couple of trial runs. I have numerous other image viewers on my system and none of the others jam up like this one does. I can't recommend a program that gives me the freeze. Price: Free Trial ($14.99)
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The software developer responded to this review on Nov 26, 2005: The version of the program this user tried was an older version ( We have since upgraded the product to a new version ( We would be curious if the new version freezes as well!

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