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VueMinder Calendar Pro VueMinder Calendar Pro

Nice 4 stars
Smaller than Outlook and better. A bit higher than I'd like but do not regret installing in Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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Lunascape Lunascape

Good but not so good 4 stars
I use Vista Ultimate 64 bit and I use IE7, not extremely happy with it but IE does render where I go correctly. On the down side of IE I have to constantly monitor and delete. Lunascape is noticeably slow and my 3rd party pop up blocker (Ad Muncher) does not work so I see ads all over the place, not good. I'm not thrilled with FF and even less thrilled with Googles Browser, I like Opera but I have problems on some web sites. as for IE add ons Maxthon does well but do not use it as with a few settings IE does as well. If Lunascape addresses my 2 main concerns I believe I would switch as it does offer a great deal Price: Free
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Vopt Vopt

Small file great features 5 stars
I've been using Vopt for over 3 years. When ever I have had a issue, it was address in short order. Vopt does more than just defrag, oh yes did I mention it performs the defrag quickly. PerfectDisk and Diskeeper have a better interface but when it come to it's main chore it's 2rd to know one Price: Free Trial ($40.00)
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System Suite Professional System Suite Professional

Used this for years 5 stars
This is a great software utility. I have tried System Mechanic, Advanced Uninstaller and SystemSuite in my humble opinion Stands way atop them. The registry cleaner is 2nd to none and the hard drive cleanup tolls isn't far behind. This new version has a few new tools (Services)that's really a nice touch. The suite is a bit pricey but most suite don't have a hard drive defrag. You can also work with zip files. It also comes with a firewall and anti allot of good things come with this suite. Price: Free Trial ($59.95)
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Ad Muncher Ad Muncher

Best of the best 5 stars
I've tried most other ad Blockers and none come close to this. It's not updated a great deal and when a new version comes along I'm updated. I spent more for it than the others but it has been money well spent. I've been using it for years and it just works. Price: Free Trial ($25.00)
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nCleaner nCleaner

I use this 5 stars
Now it's free but When I first tried nCleaner it was shareware. I liked it so well I paid for it. I just downloaded v2.2 and each version just gets better and better. Whenever I had a problem and contacted support the problem was addressed and corrected. This program is a gem, Better than ... ( All of which I paid for)....Your choice, I made mine. Price: Free
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EverNote EverNote

Confusing 3 stars
Maybe it's just me. The program on its face seems great.....but when a category is created and a note is placed in this category it ends up in another area along with other notes of different types. Didn't work for me Price: Free
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EraseTemp EraseTemp

Be veerrryy carfull 2 stars
Doesn't appear there is any control and it deleted files that it should not have. If you use this be very careful and make sure you have your system backed up Price: Free
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