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MediaMonkey MediaMonkey

Freeware-shareware, who cares? this is great! 5 stars
Don't be distracted by comments bemoaning this not being pristine freeware. This is a great program that has met all of my needs and pointed out needs of which I wasn't yet aware. I have music files given to me from a friend formated in FLAC. I wasn't able to listen to them until I started using MediaMonkey. Now I can not only listen to them but MM easily converted them to MP3 so I can listen to them on my portable listening devices. Besides this, the program rips CD's and Manages the music on my older iRiver player. I was ready to throw it out but now can use it as easily as the iPod. MM can manage the iPod as well, but I have a lot of music bought from iTunes. When I figure out how to carry that over, I will exclusively use MediaMonkey. Then there is the add on.. Price: Free
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Cropper Cropper

The zen of screen grabbers 5 stars
Don't let the absolute simplicity of use fool you. This program is perfect for every screen copy I have had to make. It takes about 45 seconds to learn and works all the time. Who can top that? If you just use it to copy on screen information into emails, it's worth the effort. Price: Free
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Google Earth Google Earth

Have time to spare before you start. 5 stars
As a person who loves maps and going places, Google Maps is wonderful. The installation was faultless, and the interface is practically spiritual. I went to the small town where I was born on the Atlantic Seaboard and zoomed in on the house where we lived. I could see the milk truck behind the high fence. This program has layer upon layer. Go to San Francisco and click on the Churches box. I didnt know there were that many churches in town. Need a pharmacy or gas station? This will not only show you where they are but what they look like. Can you tell I played with this one for a while? Thats why I say, have a lot of spare time before you install this. Price: Free
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