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Mass Directory Eraser Mass Directory Eraser

Not that fast but it`s okay 4 stars
Deleting about 150.000 files took it 45 sec (not 2 or so as promised in the description) but still a much better solution than a lifetime waiting for Explorer to finish. Simple, efficient, does the job. Price: Free
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Shareaza Shareaza

Best of its kind - but be careful! 5 stars
There are different versions of Shareaza. Version numbers like 2.3.x are usually fine and work as you'd expect. BUT! They will warn you about an "update" to 4.0 which you should NOT allow because it's a dirty trick from someone else, it's not from the same author, it acually has nothing to do with the good old Shareaza. 4.0 will not allow you to download torrent and stuff, but instead offers a nice-and-dumb interface to buy music online. So just keep the old 2.x versions running and you'll be fine. The REAL Shareaza is the best p2p tool I've ever used, and all I can say is thank you guys. Price: Free
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Desktop Sidebar Desktop Sidebar

I just love it 5 stars
After first seeing Vista Gadgets I thought I would look for a sidebar like that for my XP. Well, this one is better. Very handy, able to do a lot of things I've been missing for a long time, etc. Has quite a few gadgets. (For first time users I recommend to remove the standard clock and add a World Clock that's much more customizable.) Take a look at the "Add plug-ins" page on the web, and see why I love this stuff. Undocked toolbars are my favorite - I can place file lists on my desktop for every project I work on. G.R.E.A.T. Price: Free
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Absolute HTML Compressor Absolute HTML Compressor

Don`t expect too much 3 stars
When you read the word "absolute" and see some 80-85% compression ratios you can easily suppose that this program does a lot more than just remove the whitespaces and stuff. Wrong. That's what it does. This is the standard html compression method, don't expect too much. I did :) On the other hand, the program does the job, it's a fair tool to anyone looking for what it actually does. Still I wouldn't recommend to use this one - there are others, and this one has a little but annoying advertisement on the top. Price: Free
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BackStreet Browser BackStreet Browser

Simply doesn't do the job 2 stars
My problem was that BSB didn't fetch things the way it should. I tried clicking, looking, reading, begging but neither helped. BSB can download files but links will still open from the original server. NO, it's not that I haven't configured it properly. Believe me I did my best. The annoying fact is that it's probably a 2-chars bug that keeps BSB from working, I don't know... I wouldn't say bad things about the author, I see he is a thinking human but this time he just couldn't make it. Price: Free Trial ($19.00)
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