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MyDefrag MyDefrag

Impresssive 5 stars
I am impressed about this defragmenter. It has functions and defrag methods we can only find in much expensive software - I own one of those - and it does the job really well. Besides we can also download and use one of the various GUI made for this little gem. Excellent Price: Free
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Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

Not the fastest nor the more reliable 4 stars
Used Firefox for an year - versions 1.5 and 2.0 - and at the end, I ended with Opera. The most interesting thing abt Firefox, are the addons that one can integrate with the browser but had many crashes with version 2.0. Opera is faster, does not eat as much memory as Firefox does and at the end is more user friendly than Firefox. However, Firefox is a good alternative to IE...but not for Opera. Price: Free
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Image for Windows Image for Windows

It saved my system many times 5 stars
Fast, simple, very reliable and with a good array of features and possible plugins, IFW is probably the best imaging software on the market. Either if you make a direct DVD image boot disk or a "file" on a external drive and a boot disk with IFW plug-in with BartPE builder, you cannot go wrong. Byte for byte verification is a plus, which gives us peace of mind. Used Norton Ghost 9.0 which is slower, eats a lot of memory and by no means is a reliable as IFW. Had many problems with an old disk drive and IFW saved me a lot of times until I decided to substitute that drive. A great piece of software. Price: Free Trial ($49.98)
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SyncBackSE SyncBackSE

It does the job and does it very well 5 stars
Since day one I am an happy SB user. Tried many BK apps, some of them considered top ones( ie NovaBackup and Retrospect,much more expensives) but SB still remains for me,the best one. It can lack the ability to make a CD boot recovery disk (for that I use Image for Windows with excellent results)but with so many features it does the job the way I want it. Full,incremental,differential backups,syncronization, verification, hashing comparison, 3 compression algorithms with 9 levels each,or no compression at all, safe copy, FTP support, a battery of features that once we read the documentation,we will find the right method for our backups, with the right preferences for each backup.This is the kind of app,that the serious user that do not want to loose its valuable work,should have. Very well done and written. Congrats to 2 Bright Sparks Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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FreeCommander XE FreeCommander XE

Excellent but... 5 stars
The only bad thing I have to say about this great explorer, is the not so good GUI, which by the way it will be improved in the next release.Otherwise, it's a great replacement for the windows explorer, not as complete as Accelman - but in some ways, more practical. I use it very often and I am satisfied with it. Price: Free
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wTicker wTicker

Probably the best 5 stars
Tried other two RSS agregators but Wticker is the most complete and probably the best of them all. Although the initial configuration can discourage some, the fact is that afterwards, it works like a breeze. Very nice piece of software. Price: Free
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FastStone Image Viewer FastStone Image Viewer

Great companion 5 stars
I am a photographer and work a lot with images. Besides my main "digital dark room" programs - Gimp and Photompact - FSIV is a great image browser with an excellent array of features that in some cases, it is not worth to open the other two, as I can make the small adjustments with FSIV with very good results Great freeware program, no doubt. Price: Free
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Opera Opera

It rules the pack 5 stars
For a long time I've used the IE based browser Maxthon, and tried several others, including Firefox.However, for my daily browsing needs, I trust and use Opera,as it is a really fast browser - the fastest of them all - , simple to use, highly customizable, safe and free. You should give it a try. It's worth it Price: Free
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Gimp Gimp

Although... 5 stars
Although a steep learning curve, and a cluttered worksapce sometimes, the Gimp is an excellent image and graphics editor. I used PhotoImpact but Gimp offers me exactly the same features and a lot more and in some features, is much easier and user friendly to use than PI.And it offers the same power as Photoshop. And it's free. First users may be detracted for the hard learning curve it offers but should give it a try, as it has a very good on line tutorial as well as help files. It's worth it. Price: Free
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I have two ftp programs in my machine. smart ... 5 stars
I have two FTP programs in my machine. Smart FTP for the more quick tasks related with the websites I am responsible and ... for other related FTP works. The more I use ..., the less I use Smart, not because Smart is no good - it is very good - but because ... gives me aditional features that makes my web administration and developing much easier and simple. Its a very stable program, feature rich, not heavy on the system and it works perfectly. Highly recommended. Price: Free Trial ($59.00)
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O&O Defrag Professional O&O Defrag Professional

It does the job perfectly 5 stars
Tried ...,and ....The latter, on 2 different computers,after analysis, crashed both computers. O&O, did the job and still does it perfectly,fast and it is very reliable.Defragmented my hard drive and partitions quick and effectively.Very nice software, full of options.Cant go wrong with it.A little expensive but...does the job nicely Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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MailWasher Free MailWasher Free

Very good 5 stars
I use MailWasher Pro for sometime - app.2.5 years - and it's getting better. Spam it's really filtered and deleted automatically from the server, as per user "learn" mode to the program.It's fast and only lacks the ability to view legitimate mail in html form from the source.Nevertheless, a very simple and efficient spam eliminator Price: Free
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POP Peeper POP Peeper

Very useful, however... 5 stars just simply lacks the ability to filter spam and junk email, as per user definitions. However, i must say that it is for me the BEST pop notifier on the market. The ability to read html emails from the source, the ability to answer emails directly from the program without the need to save them on disk,the ability to have a protected password for all the program or only for the accounts we want, the ability to read almost any web mail - even Gmail - just fills the needs of the serious user. The filter tool would be welcomed. Price: Free
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AccelMan AccelMan

Excellent file manager 5 stars
I have tried some File Managers and found that AccelMan is the best of them all.The features it offers are excellent, very easy to use - at least when we are used to it - and the panoplia of interface schemes so complete and useful, that it is almost impossible to miss one that is the adequate to specific works.The integrated viewer and player are vey handy.Upgrades are free for the lifetime of the product and the support from the Flexigen people is very good, - Jan Safonov is very patient and helpful - which is very important when we might have some questions or problems to solve.The only thing I really miss , it is a built in FTP client, to manage, organize, sincronize and whatever "ize" I could do with my websites, but as far as I know,this feature might well coming soon.All in all, a very impressive piece of software.Well done. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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AAA Logo AAA Logo

Its simple and with good results 5 stars
I was looking for a long time for a logo maker and after trying three other applications, I decided to buy AAA Logo. Very easy to use, with lots of graphics and fonts, and a panoplia of effects that produces the logo we need. A bit expensive compared to others, but very stable and with a very small footprint. Try it. Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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