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Pale Moon screenshot

Pale MoonPale Moon

Great progam, beats firefox5 starsby highcloud63
Now I have my tabs on bottom and hidden tab bar when one tab showing. You can use theme maker to customize the looks. It's fast an so far it hasn't consistently nagged me to update. The add ons are a little lacking in choices but that may improve in time. It's what firefox should have been, I'm not going back unless they mess it up like firefox did.
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HashCheck Shell Extension screenshot

HashCheck Shell ExtensionHashCheck Shell Extension

Simply hashed!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 212 reviews)
This program is so easy to use and can add another level of security to track file changes. Select your files or diectory, create a checksum file and then double-click on it to run the utility to verify if any files have changed. So easy and can be checksum file will be overwritten to ensure that the checksums are accurate. Pretty awesome!
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BeeBEEP screenshot


Simple & easy to use on local networks5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 212 reviews)
This is a wonderful utility for small to large networks for people to communicate with each other. The installation and configuration is very straight forwarda along with minimal resource usage. I like the interface which is easy to get around and understand. Overall it is once of the best network based messaging programs available.
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Lupas Rename screenshot

Lupas RenameLupas Rename

Snapfiles should take another look at this!5 starsby Aunzie (Read all my 4 reviews)
This one deserves 5 stars people. I have experimented with many file renaming programs bit this one gets a blue ribbon. It deserves 5 for its ease of use, overall functionality, and stability. Top-notch for may years now! I salute the author(s) for a truly amazing work!
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Nitro PDF Reader screenshot

Nitro PDF ReaderNitro PDF Reader

Everything is here...5 starsby PxDemaR
Amazing, simply amazing. Everything is here, and it works great with Windows 10. I congratulate everyone who discovered and using this software, and at the same time thanking the developers! I hope there is room in software heaven for programs like this, especially since original Adobe Reader has become too big for both users and their own developers. PxDemaR. President at Starmoods Europe NPA.
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WizTree screenshot


Does not work for me2 starsby Harlan (Read all my 62 reviews)
I used to love this program, but I've found that it does not properly report on my external HD, skipping some (normal) directories and reporting some folders with ridiculously large sizes. It shows the correct totals at the top, but the detailed listing is badly incomplete. It also has problems with other removable drives. I've emailed tech support, and their responses were friendly and logical, but their suggestions didn't help. When I tried to dump the MFT to send them, I got an enormous file of garbage. As a result, I'm now using TreeSize, which does not have any problems. I'm running Windows 7 Pro x64 and my drives are all NTFS.
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DS Clock screenshot

DS ClockDS Clock

Excellent5 starsby Harlan (Read all my 62 reviews)
I rely on having the time and date always displayed on top of whichever window is active, and this handles that very well. I formerly used Titlebar Date-Time for this function and I was satisfied with it, but DS Clock gives more control over the appearance and includes a time syncing capability that solves a problem I have with my network. I wish there were more choices of background color, and that changes were visible within the change dialog box itself, but this is a great program. I use this in a one-screen display system; I have had problems in the past with other similar programs in multi-screen displays.
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Puran File Recovery screenshot

Puran File RecoveryPuran File Recovery

Worked when the best rated program didn't5 starsby gullyfoyle25607 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I needed to re-download pictures from my camera SD card after they go corrupted on my hard disk. Recuva couldn't find them even though I knew they had to be there. Puran File Recovery successfully found them all because it supports exFAT cards while Recuva does not. While I rate both programs 5 stars, Puran did save my pictures.
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Recuva screenshot


Very good, however. . .5 starsby gullyfoyle25607 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I've been using Recuva for several years for those rare occasions of accidentally deletion. Recently, I lost some pictures on my camera SD card. Ran Recuva and it turned up. . . nothing, even though I knew they must be there. So I downloaded Puran File Recovery. I was able to recover everything as it, unlike Recuva, does support cards formatted with exFAT.
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KMPlayer screenshot


Loaded with adware.3 starsby tscialdone645
What used to be the BEST media player is no longer freeware but is now adware. Make no mistake, there is a difference because it interrupts what used to be a seamless process. Ads appear randomly but enough to be very annoying. For that reason, I rated "Interface" Poor. SnapFiles does a good job screening, alerting us to trial limitations and the potential install of third-party software. I'm not sure if they note adware type and if not, hope they will. PotPlayer is a virtual clone of KMPlayer and I would recommend it as opposed to KMP. It's free and what's more, portable!
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KeeWeb screenshot


Annoyed1 starsby raptozilla (Read all my 18 reviews)
I tried for hours to import passwords from kbdx and xml files generated by both LastPass and KeePass with no luck. There is no menu system where you can go to look for ways to import passwords from similar software, nor is a help file or website where you can go to get help. The interface is very nice, but an interface without functionality is just plain useless. It's very frustrating. I'll go with another software that's easier to use and supplies a way to solve problems either by website, menu system, or help file. -- Editor: There is no need to import the KeePass file, simply use the OPEN option to open the kdbx file with KeeWeb.
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JR Directory Printer screenshot

JR Directory PrinterJR Directory Printer

A small fantastic gem5 starsby DennisNSoCal (Read all my 4 reviews)
A great little program that is only 173 Kb in size but it you will save you tons of work. I was exiting to dos and then doing the "dir>filename.txt" to text file command but that gets old if you have several directories to do. This is one of those great gems that isn't overly and unnecessarily complicated. I'm very happy with this program and it definitely saved me lots of time today. Great job.
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Directory Opus screenshot

Directory OpusDirectory Opus

One of the very best!5 starsby Job076
Great, the very best I would say! Multicommander is free, and almost as good, but Opus is THE BEST. I have purchased several licenses to use it on all my computers.
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FileZilla Server screenshot

FileZilla ServerFileZilla Server

Best ftp program ever!5 starsby constanze.andel965 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I really love it. I've been using FileZilla for 6 years now, with no problems at all.
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PDF Anti-Copy screenshot

PDF Anti-CopyPDF Anti-Copy

Content of protected pdf can still be printed1 starsby jm926
It is still possible to convert a 'protected'pdf into JPEG or another image format by using e.g. the free PDFill software and then print the pages as image files...
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ScanTransfer screenshot


Great software!4 starsby petestocks664
This software is easy to install and works a treat - normally. I use it on my Moto G4 phone and desktop computer and no problems. However, my partner has a Samsung S8 phone and an HP Laptop and for some reason we can't get it to work. We get to the stage where you click on the "+Select Files" button but it doesn't work. Nothing happens! We are sat within a few feet of the same router and using the same Wi-Fi. Has anyone any ideas as to how we can get it top work for her?
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FinalCrypt screenshot


Updates too often.2 starsby Scientific_Frontline (Read all my 23 reviews)
Author needs to learn to make beta editions instead of major updates every few days. A true bandwidth eater in my opinion. Leaves multiple instances instead of doing overwrites. Very unclean programming. If you uninstall you will have lots of manual clean-up to get all updated versions out of your system.
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Snap2HTML screenshot


This is perfect!5 starsby highmate86
The long search after a lucid filelist solution is over now! THANKS ALOT! I'm shure our customers will appreciate it as well!
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EMDB screenshot


The seen date field is useless3 starsby bevinb246
One can't type the date a movie is seen into the field, one has to scroll through a calendar. So if you saw a movie 1 year ago, you have to scroll back 12 months, 5 years ago 60 months. Extremely annoying, making the software basically unusable. Other than that it is really nice.
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Secret Messager screenshot

Secret MessagerSecret Messager

Simple and easy to use4 starsby steven.strange1115756
This app is an easy-to-use windows software. You can use it to encrypt messages and files. More importantly, you can use it to hide messages in PNG, JPG and BMP. Interesting and deserve a try.
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DataNumen Access Repair screenshot

DataNumen Access RepairDataNumen Access Repair

Successfully fixed my corrupted .mdb file4 starsby redeemed (Read all my 2 reviews)
Repaired my .mdb database (58Mb). Thanks! :)
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PhoXo screenshot


No hassle, great for quick crops and edits5 starsby Solfire (Read all my 9 reviews)
It's a simple little app, but does a lot of the common tasks one needs in a paint program, comes with a bunch of cute funny icons too. Recommended
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Everything screenshot


Excellent i agree5 starsby fena2012682 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Amazing program. So Fast & you you create your own bookmarks like biggest files, changed today, db-ini-tmp etc. You can also save hard drive info in an easily readable file. A list of All files, all folders.. everything.
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FastCopy screenshot


Daily use5 starsby fena2012682 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Very fast copy of Large Files & program is kept up-to-date
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Everything screenshot


Best search, even better with advanced search5 starsby henerey773 (Read all my 33 reviews)
Using for several years for basic sortable (name/path/size/extension/date) filename search, recently I was telling a friend that it only missed being able to search for more than one word in the name. For instance Beep AND Boop AND .gif NOT Bee. As we spoke I found this capability under Search/Advanced Search.
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MJ Registry Watcher screenshot

MJ Registry WatcherMJ Registry Watcher

Best overall system monitoring tool5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 212 reviews)
MJ Registry Watcher is a portable application which is wonderful addition to ones USB Tool Kit. It provided insight and reveals into a windows system that usually remain hidden behind the scenes. The interface is clean and easy to read. The default key selection is pretty good but if you feel something is missing you can add any registry key to monitor as well in the OPTIONs menu. So really it is ready to go once it is launched. To really understand this utility spend the time to read the internal HELP. This is a very detailed tool so for beginners it will take time to understand all the features and registry structure. There are many web pages devoted tot he breakdown and understand of the Windows Registry. The programs internal HELP is written very well and describes all the features, Registry Notation, and definitions to make this program as useful and easy to understand for any user. On Mark Jacobs website he has instructions on how you can configure MJ Registry Watcher as a SERVICE. This is an advantage for those who want to have it running at start and continuously monitoring changes on your system. It has alert sounds to notify of any changes made to windows files or registry entries. Kudos to Mark Jacobs for putting out such an amazing utility!
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Phrozen Windows File Monitor screenshot

Phrozen Windows File MonitorPhrozen Windows File Monitor

Very cool portable file monitoring tool5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 212 reviews)
This is an oldies but goodie tool. I needed something small that I could run and found this Windows File Monitor by the Phrozen crew which fits the bill. It is small, easy to configure, and the interface shows exactly what is going on based on what it is your want to track. The Filter Manger is your friend when configuring the Events you want to track on the target system you are working on. After testing the events I found that it was logging everything perfectly. Granted it has not been updated since 2015 it does the job nicely. Adding this one to my USB Tool Kit.
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A1 Website Download screenshot

A1 Website DownloadA1 Website Download

Downloads functional websites5 starsby IceFiend (Read all my 2 reviews)
One problem I've found with most website downloaders, is they download thousands of junk files, and still manage to miss basic files needed for the site to properly function. This one is very good at preserving functionality(especially with html5 and ajax sites which often give other DL programs fits). It has one major flaw, which is it will only work with websites that use internal file referencing(IE ..wp-content2017picture.jpg). If it accesses files by using a full http name, you're out of luck. While the files themselves will download, the offline website will be looking for it on the web, not in the local directory. There doesn't seem to be a "translate hyperlink to local" option here. It's the one flaw of the program(though in fairness I've yet to see anyone address this problem).
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Find.Same.Images.OK screenshot


Duplicate picture be gone!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 212 reviews)
Another wonderful program put out by SoftwareOK. I do like that this program is specific, small, fast and displays the information you need to evaluate every image. It has features to detect if a photo has been flipped, rotated, or reversed. This I found of interest because when taking pictures on a phone you sometimes have to alter the image but have the original image in another location. So kudos on the added features.
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Nemp screenshot


Excellent portable player5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 212 reviews)
This is a really nice portable application. It is a pain to have to import and configure a new or existing media player. It is easier just to launch it from my portable drive instead. The feature I like as well is the build-in Web Server. This does make it easy to access the files while working in the browser. Anyhow check it out and leave a comment. Cheer.
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