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HandBrake screenshot


Great conversion utility5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 261 reviews)
HandBrake make it easy to do video conversions. They keep updating the software so it is good to see that that author is maintaining it and adding features. It has tons of video setting to match the type of video devices you may want to play a particular video on, so cool. Great Utility!
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UninstallView screenshot


Uninstall with ease!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 261 reviews)
Nirsoft has updated their easy to use tool for uninstalling software. The interface is simple to follow with some visual preferences for displaying the rows in different shades. If you want to get things done this tool is for you. No install necessary and supports both 32 and 64 bit platforms. This utility can be run from a USB stick. Enjoy!
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Memtest86 screenshot


Amazing memory test tool5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 261 reviews)
I've been using it for years and it has been a helpful utility to solve many computer issues due to memory problems. I appreciate that Passmark is continuing to update this Memory Test Tool.
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HDCleaner screenshot


User review5 starsby jtvoon08750
This is an excellent system maintenance tool to possess, its performance is above averaged and better than other similar tools I have tried so far, the system cleaning task is especially fast & thorough, and the cleaning is safe and secure.
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O&O AppBuster screenshot

O&O AppBusterO&O AppBuster

Awesome - app be gone!5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 261 reviews)
A wonderful tool to help remove applications from your system that are no longer needed. O&O has really made it easier then Windows Program and Features to remove software, especially Windows apps that are never used. The program doesn't require installation and so just click on it to run. Also, recovering extra disk space is always a plus. ;) Two-Thumbs Up!
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PDF Shaper Free screenshot

PDF Shaper FreePDF Shaper Free

Great features and easy to use5 starsby Nelson-Carvalho (Read all my 13 reviews)
There are several PDF file manipulation programs, most of which are good. PDF Shaper is an example of a very practical program, easy to use and with sufficient and useful features. It stands out as one of the best and it's truly free (without "fine print" and surprises). Congratulations to the developer.
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NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner) screenshot

NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner)NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner)

Why have this software?3 starsby howardfernman (Read all my 2 reviews)
Just what is the point of having this software? My scanner does every bit of that without me having to install another program, and I'm sure most modern scanners do too.
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Spencer screenshot


This is a superb start menu program!!5 starsby DerellLicht (Read all my 21 reviews)
I criticized a previous version of this program because it did not support actual cascading menus, as I required. However, I eventually contacted the author and discussed this and several other issues with him, and he put a significant amount of effort into improving the program... it now has options for true WindowsXP-style cascading menus, and many other options as well. I was incredibly impressed with how much effort he put into updating the program for my requirements, and we had several useful discussions about various aspects of how the program might operate. I highly recommend this program now!
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doPDF screenshot


Very good for the add-in for microsoft office5 starsby pierredepot58
Unlike other free PDF file producers, doPDF includes an Add-in for Microsoft Office, which allows you to integrate hyperlinks. When I am in Word for example I can make hidden links on images to YouTube pages which it is impossible to integrate with PDF24. The other way to integrate hyperlinks is LibreOffice and to export a Word document to PDF but this is a larger download.
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FileMenu Tools screenshot

FileMenu ToolsFileMenu Tools

Wonderful set of tools worth every penny5 starsby Bigdummys (Read all my 12 reviews)
Started using years ago before the limitations and having to pay to use the latest full version. it is well worth the money for just the file renaming portion of the software.
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doPDF screenshot


Not brilliant2 starsby snap.5.davolente347
Didn't work too well, in my experience. A bit clunky, missing out various parts of a page. Didn't like the way it was yet another constantly running program, whereas other PDF "printer" drivers don't.
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Free Alarm Clock screenshot

Free Alarm ClockFree Alarm Clock

Use for fajar prayer5 starsby a99stars288 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Unbelievably easy and very simple, you can use Quranic verse starting from slow and then 2nd alarm increase more volume, especially for fajr prayer, must donate good amount.
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WizTree screenshot


The best5 starsby Nelson-Carvalho (Read all my 13 reviews)
Fast, efficient, easy to use, free (donation worthy).
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HiBit Uninstaller screenshot

HiBit UninstallerHiBit Uninstaller

Has dark mode view and font sizing!5 starsby henerey773 (Read all my 37 reviews)
Long time Revo Uninstaller user here, but as my eyes get worse with age I wanted a program with a dark screen and larger fonts. Unavailable, seemingly, in Revo or Absolute or Geek. This has both. Dark under ToolsThemes. I couldn't find anything about fonts under Tools. But then, voila, just the old CTRL-scroll to change font sizes. Fantastic. What's more, a great set of Tools and a deep clean scanclean of program crumbs, like Revo.
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Vivaldi screenshot


Good but too many updates4 starsby henerey773 (Read all my 37 reviews)
If you're like me and want to update your software before it interrupts your workflow with its auto-updating 'feature', you'll soon find the updates are coming too fast. A few every month. Otherwise a pretty good browser.
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Text Editor Pro screenshot

Text Editor ProText Editor Pro

Very functional and fast text editor5 starsby padulist516 (Read all my 3 reviews)
TextEditor PRO is one of the better text editors. It is light weight, fast and more than adequate in features. It is also truly portable. Well worth installing and using regularly.
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WinStep Nexus screenshot

WinStep NexusWinStep Nexus

Well done!5 starsby flocanu69
Quad-core CPU has no problem at all, everything is fluid and smooth. Very useful and very beautiful! Fully customizable. 10 points out of 10.
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Chameleon Folder screenshot

Chameleon FolderChameleon Folder

Install issues1 starsby mikahel312 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Doesn't give a choice of where to install. Really hard to completely uninstall and remove all files.
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UserBenchmark screenshot


This stupid program stinks like before2 starsby DerellLicht (Read all my 21 reviews)
1. There's no way to bypass that stupid FPS shooter graphics test, which has nothing to do with CPU capabilities!!! 2. Even if I get past that barrier, the program's testing of modern SSDs is simply ignorant... it is the only existing, supposedly-supported benchmark program that has no idea at all how to evaluate modern Gen4 SSD drives; it insists on stating that my modern Gen4 drives readwrite at 1-2GBsecond - which is completely ignorant... every other disk benchmark understands that these drives transfer at 5-6 GBsecond, but not this junk... save your self a head-ache... use a real benchmark program...
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StopUpdates10 screenshot


Very useful5 starsby Nicholas (Read all my 72 reviews)
Lately I have been bothered by daily Windows Updates. Some updates took more than hour to finish. This is unacceptable so I began looking for a solution. I found it in this small gem of a program. After installation: no more updates; no more annoyances. The system is all mine now !
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Adobe Photoshop Express screenshot

Adobe Photoshop ExpressAdobe Photoshop Express

A typically wretched program from adobe1 starsby JohnCorliss (Read all my 24 reviews)
I installed this thing as an "app" on my Windows 10 laptop. Then I tried using it. After having to click through some pointless feature screens, Adobe tried to bully me into creating an account with them in order to use the app. When I attempted to do so, they then demanded far more personal information about me than I am willing to provide. As a result, I then "uinstalled" the app. Since M will only allow you to disable an "app" in reality, I will have to open the hidden app folder and delete the subfolder Adobe created for the app. My advice is to not waste your time on this one.
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TweakPower screenshot


Amazing suite of tools5 starsby SelectFreeware804
Easily beats most "for pay" applications in terms of features and ease of use. Can't go wrong giving this program a try. NOTE: always enable auto backupsystem restore prior to any cleaning or optimization.
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Replay Converter screenshot

Replay ConverterReplay Converter

Converts many formats to your desired format.5 starsby ewirman (Read all my 12 reviews)
Converts many formats to your desired format.
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Pegasus Mail screenshot

Pegasus MailPegasus Mail

It may not be the prettiest - but it works4 starsby CTSNWW
A client of mine has an XP machine (in 2003) and won't change it due to sentimental values. His email was collected via the ISPs website, but suddenly he couldn't get there. The security settings on the website were preventing him from seeing email. Enter Pegasus Mail - Problem solved. This 73 year old user got a 20 minute lesson from me and he was away - no more problems! It does what you need it to do. Incoming attachments needs a bit of tweaking - but it is great.
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Thunderbird screenshot


Constantly nags for donations2 starsby gwestbound (Read all my 20 reviews)
I installed it two weeks. I'm done with it.
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Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit screenshot

Malwarebytes Anti-ExploitMalwarebytes Anti-Exploit

A must have!5 starsby Klatuu (Read all my 29 reviews)
If you are not running a paid version of a good Anti-Malware software, this is a must have! The ransomware hijacks that take over when you click on a dangerous link can get right past most Anti-Virus software. This stops them dead in their tracks. I've gotten hit 3x online with these. Luckily I was able to disable the ransom screen on the first one, and then I started using Anti-Exploit. The next two were instantly stopped! Uses very little resources and starts with Windows Just go to the Settings Tab and click the Advanced Settings button, and check all the available boxes for full protection and you're done. Do not go online (especially to social media) without it!
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Waterfox screenshot


One of the best netbrowser waterfox5 starsby rommel.fernando109
Thank you Team Waterfox for making this new browser, I'll recommend this to all my friends to try this new amazing browser. God bless to all the Team Waterfox.
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XL Essential PDF Splitter screenshot

XL Essential PDF SplitterXL Essential PDF Splitter

These two tools worked beautifully together!!5 starsby DerellLicht (Read all my 21 reviews)
I had to print out a signature page for a long pdf document, sign it, and send back the signed document to them. Instead of printing, signing, scanning the entire document, I used XL Essential PDF Splitter to split it in two, signed the last page, converted it back to PDF, then used XL Essential PDF Merger to merge the two docs back together. Both programs were quick, easy, intuitive to use, and quickly got the job done!! Thank you XL Development for excellent free tools!!
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XL Essential PDF Merger screenshot

XL Essential PDF MergerXL Essential PDF Merger

These two tools worked beautifully together!!5 starsby DerellLicht (Read all my 21 reviews)
I had to print out a signature page for a long pdf document, sign it, and send back the signed document to them. Instead of printing, signing, scanning the entire document, I used XL Essential PDF Splitter to split it in two, signed the last page, converted it back to PDF, then used XL Essential PDF Merger to merge the two docs back together. Both programs were quick, easy, intuitive to use, and quickly got the job done!! Thank you XL Development for excellent free tools!!
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Reg Organizer screenshot

Reg OrganizerReg Organizer

Secure registry editor4 starsby Nelson-Carvalho (Read all my 13 reviews)
Reg Organizer is a mature, secure software with powerful features to tinker with the Windows registry. Like any Windows registry editor, some technical knowledge is required. However, the software allows you to make a backup before carrying out any operation. Reg Organizer also has some extra features that may be of interest to all users, such as software update control. It is reliable software and is worth purchasing.
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