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Adobe Photoshop Express screenshot

Adobe Photoshop ExpressAdobe Photoshop Express

A typically wretched program from adobe1 starsby JohnCorliss (Read all my 24 reviews)
I installed this thing as an "app" on my Windows 10 laptop. Then I tried using it. After having to click through some pointless feature screens, Adobe tried to bully me into creating an account with them in order to use the app. When I attempted to do so, they then demanded far more personal information about me than I am willing to provide. As a result, I then "uinstalled" the app. Since M will only allow you to disable an "app" in reality, I will have to open the hidden app folder and delete the subfolder Adobe created for the app. My advice is to not waste your time on this one.
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TweakPower screenshot


Amazing suite of tools5 starsby SelectFreeware804
Easily beats most "for pay" applications in terms of features and ease of use. Can't go wrong giving this program a try. NOTE: always enable auto backupsystem restore prior to any cleaning or optimization.
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Replay Converter screenshot

Replay ConverterReplay Converter

Converts many formats to your desired format.5 starsby ewirman (Read all my 12 reviews)
Converts many formats to your desired format.
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Pegasus Mail screenshot

Pegasus MailPegasus Mail

It may not be the prettiest - but it works4 starsby CTSNWW
A client of mine has an XP machine (in 2003) and won't change it due to sentimental values. His email was collected via the ISPs website, but suddenly he couldn't get there. The security settings on the website were preventing him from seeing email. Enter Pegasus Mail - Problem solved. This 73 year old user got a 20 minute lesson from me and he was away - no more problems! It does what you need it to do. Incoming attachments needs a bit of tweaking - but it is great.
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Thunderbird screenshot


Constantly nags for donations2 starsby gwestbound (Read all my 20 reviews)
I installed it two weeks. I'm done with it.
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Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit screenshot

Malwarebytes Anti-ExploitMalwarebytes Anti-Exploit

A must have!5 starsby Klatuu (Read all my 29 reviews)
If you are not running a paid version of a good Anti-Malware software, this is a must have! The ransomware hijacks that take over when you click on a dangerous link can get right past most Anti-Virus software. This stops them dead in their tracks. I've gotten hit 3x online with these. Luckily I was able to disable the ransom screen on the first one, and then I started using Anti-Exploit. The next two were instantly stopped! Uses very little resources and starts with Windows Just go to the Settings Tab and click the Advanced Settings button, and check all the available boxes for full protection and you're done. Do not go online (especially to social media) without it!
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Waterfox screenshot


One of the best netbrowser waterfox5 starsby rommel.fernando109
Thank you Team Waterfox for making this new browser, I'll recommend this to all my friends to try this new amazing browser. God bless to all the Team Waterfox.
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XL Essential PDF Splitter screenshot

XL Essential PDF SplitterXL Essential PDF Splitter

These two tools worked beautifully together!!5 starsby DerellLicht (Read all my 20 reviews)
I had to print out a signature page for a long pdf document, sign it, and send back the signed document to them. Instead of printing, signing, scanning the entire document, I used XL Essential PDF Splitter to split it in two, signed the last page, converted it back to PDF, then used XL Essential PDF Merger to merge the two docs back together. Both programs were quick, easy, intuitive to use, and quickly got the job done!! Thank you XL Development for excellent free tools!!
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XL Essential PDF Merger screenshot

XL Essential PDF MergerXL Essential PDF Merger

These two tools worked beautifully together!!5 starsby DerellLicht (Read all my 20 reviews)
I had to print out a signature page for a long pdf document, sign it, and send back the signed document to them. Instead of printing, signing, scanning the entire document, I used XL Essential PDF Splitter to split it in two, signed the last page, converted it back to PDF, then used XL Essential PDF Merger to merge the two docs back together. Both programs were quick, easy, intuitive to use, and quickly got the job done!! Thank you XL Development for excellent free tools!!
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Reg Organizer screenshot

Reg OrganizerReg Organizer

Secure registry editor4 starsby Nelson-Carvalho (Read all my 11 reviews)
Reg Organizer is a mature, secure software with powerful features to tinker with the Windows registry. Like any Windows registry editor, some technical knowledge is required. However, the software allows you to make a backup before carrying out any operation. Reg Organizer also has some extra features that may be of interest to all users, such as software update control. It is reliable software and is worth purchasing.
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Cryptomator screenshot


Best encryption5 starsby oculusmatrix462 (Read all my 8 reviews)
Not sure how this passed me by, but it has quickly become my main protector of my most sensitive info and docs. No more fear of online cloud eyeballs taking a gander at your files on (their) servers or anywhere. I just got the support license, and purchased the android app. With the way tech is ran nowadays, everyone needs this on all their devices. Thanks!
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XYplorer screenshot


Windows explorer replacement5 starsby Nelson-Carvalho (Read all my 11 reviews)
It is a substitute for Windows Explorer, but with a multitude of additional features. It is the best software in its category. Worth every penny paid. In addition to providing organization and quick access, the user has a very large amount of customization to meet their needs. The software is constantly evolving and the support works.
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FileMenu Tools screenshot

FileMenu ToolsFileMenu Tools

Simply the best tools5 starsby oculusmatrix462 (Read all my 8 reviews)
I tried this to see if it made up for a couple different wares I use for file menus, and this app ended them both. Paid for this within an hour of trying it out. Makes my work much, much easier and that's worth the as of now 11. Totally recommended and well worth the low price for all and the only tools you'll ever need. Thanks for this app!
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SpaceMonger screenshot


Love this one5 starsby mrkozma636
Whenever I want to quickly free up space on my computer, I turn to this little software to identify potential files/folders to delete.
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Earth Alerts screenshot

Earth AlertsEarth Alerts

You need a google account and to use1 starsby Bigdummys (Read all my 11 reviews)
Easier to go to a website then install this and then go to google and get an api to even use the software.
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Send To Toys screenshot

Send To ToysSend To Toys

A gem!5 starsby oculusmatrix462 (Read all my 8 reviews) been using this and it has become a necessity in my work for quickly sending items or files elsewhere quickly or repeatedly as i do. Ive tried similar apps but this one is by far the easiest and no BS bloat of any kind. More than thankful to have this. One feature I wish it had was the option to auto delete a moved item or file after, instead of just copying.
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Registry Commander screenshot

Registry CommanderRegistry Commander

Unique registry editor5 starsby AllanHigdon (Read all my 3 reviews)
This is the Registry Editor I prefer for two reasons. The registry keys are displayed as normal file folders and the most recent WriteTime is displayed for each registry key.
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Pale Moon screenshot

Pale MoonPale Moon

Puzzled at positive reviews2 starsby marketpro14996
This browser is the worst: it hangs on rendering; does not play multimedia well--and has a terrible problem with java. I have really tried to like this browser and have installed and uninstalled it many, many times. Until they get the coding right--stay away!
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PSPad Editor screenshot

PSPad EditorPSPad Editor

There is one lethal bug, that he cannot fix1 starsby DerellLicht (Read all my 20 reviews)
This used to be my go-to programming editor... The feature set is everything one could ask for... but... A few years ago, a bug popped up in the program... it would cause closing-brace lines to be replaced with a strange binary data pattern... He has been fighting this bug for years, but is unable to resolve it... every time he came out with a new version, users would report it happening again... So now, in 2023, this otherwise-magical editor simply is not reliably usable... I recommend trying RJ TextEd instead; it has all the same features, superb user support, completely free, and it doesn't have this bug... separate note for Snapfiles... I had to make all of the specific ratings to Poor, in order to give it the "unusable" rating that I need to give it... but most of those categories Interface, Features, etc would be Excellent, if the program was simply usable...
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AOMEI Backupper Standard screenshot

AOMEI Backupper StandardAOMEI Backupper Standard

W7 boot problem due to driver1 starsby JohnCorliss (Read all my 24 reviews)
I was using an older version of this program and it was working well. Then I updated the program and my Windos 7 computer began hanging during startup. Of course, it freaked me out not to be able to start up my system. Luckily for me, I have another (Windows 10) computer and I was able to use it to research the problem. It was very difficult for me to correct the issue, but I was able to do so without using a Windows 7 WinPE Boot Disk as the instructions at the link above say to do. I was able to contact their support and discuss the problem with them, but was told that they have no intention of correcting the issue. Based on this problem, I absolutely can not recommend this program.
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New Folder Wizard screenshot

New Folder WizardNew Folder Wizard

Simple folder creator5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 257 reviews)
This program worked great for my purposes. It does exactly what it says it does. I do like the flexiblity of creating a text file with your own structure. The features for a program written in 2009 is holding up. I agree with the other post that a couple more features would be nice but that is not going to happen. So for the features presented it works solid. The program does not require install and works on Windows 10 with no issues.
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StartWatch screenshot


Awesome program watcher tool5 starsby busybusy (Read all my 257 reviews)
Unfortunately, the program is not available from the originating website since it is down. But don't forget the registration key in the program description that is posted. You will need it to get full functionality. Great program!
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PrivaZer screenshot


Definitely recommended for its overall excell4 starsby SnapAssessor
I've been using PrivaZer since 2017. It's user interface looks clear. Its menus and settings navigate with ease and smoothly. It cleans thoroughly which also contributes to protect certain privacy interests. Their updates provide regular improvements and new features. And their support is outstanding, meaning they always respond and also within in just a couple of days but also same day. I've made some donations that are totally worth it. But while this is all fine, I do have a serious minus which they are working on ever since at least january 2022. That serious minus is PrivaZer's "USB history" feature not being able to enable as default, and still showing the message: "Cleanup will be soon available in a next release".
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SendTo Menu Editor screenshot

SendTo Menu EditorSendTo Menu Editor

Another shiny gem!5 starsby oculusmatrix462 (Read all my 8 reviews)
This tool is very handy and has made my work much easier. It works as described and has zero problems so far. I sure wish I had this a long time ago. Thanks for this! Highly Recommended!!!!
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VidCutter screenshot


Basic but handles wide range of formats3 starsby Ian.Basford965
A basic tool which is what I needed - however its big benefit is that it handles a wider range of formats which products like realtrimmer for instance cannot cope with.
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ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook screenshot

ReliefJet Essentials for OutlookReliefJet Essentials for Outlook

Customer support a zero. product is weak.1 starsby sandes.alfredo111
As another user commented, ReliefJet will not honor their money back guarantee. I had an issue with my calendar duplicate removal feature due to a bug and I informed them ONE DAY after my purchase. I was told by them that I had made a wrong purchase decision and they did not refund me. Terrible product with very weak user experience and even worse, unprofessional user support. Do NOT buy.
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PDF24 PDF Creator screenshot

PDF24 PDF CreatorPDF24 PDF Creator

Amazing5 starsby Aunzie (Read all my 5 reviews)
I have tried many programs to amend PDF files without spending what I feel is an unreasonable fee. I have found this toolbox invaluable. The options seem almost limitless and user-friendly to boot. In fact every change has been a breeze and includes adding text, notations, or images. I have not been this impressed with an app and myself for years.
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PhraseExpress screenshot


Not for me3 starsby mikahel312 (Read all my 2 reviews)
First, the screenshots are outdated. The program now has an Office type interface. The whole application seems to be designed for use in an office environment. Too complex to bother with for home use. Notepad and one of the many clipboard utilities suit my use better.
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Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder screenshot

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image FinderVisual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

Excellent for finding similar photos5 starsby fexoho6160342 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Never seen such a tool before. Most duplicate finders can not find anything similar. This one can find similar photos even if they are stored in different formats.
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MindGems Folder Size screenshot

MindGems Folder SizeMindGems Folder Size

Can scan mapped drives and network locations5 starsby fexoho6160342 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I nearly missed this tool because of the previous comment. Probably that person has used a very old version. Great free tool! Thank you
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