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Unsuitable for older equipment 3 stars by blackhorse Oct 24, 2017 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I installed this on a ten year old laptop that I still use regularly (and very effectively) in the hope that it would be a lightweight solution. Immediately Kaspersky Free was using between 24 and 75 of the CPU whenever I did anything. In fact I struggled to uninstall it because everything I touched was "not responding" due to the resource hogging. I realise this is old equipment but the whole anti-virus industry needs a rethink. These programs do little more than they did years ago yet clearly use vastly more resources than they used to. No one wants an antivirus center stage on their system dominating everything. show Review details
This just replaced avast on some of my pc's 5 stars by Klatuu Sep 22, 2017 (Read all my 26 reviews)
I am a bit demanding when it comes to an AV program, and some either lack a lot of features and controls, or have a lot of false alarms, or too many popup ads etc. Avast is very good, but on two of my slower AMD PC's I noticed that boot times were very long, and in fact one shield in Avast would fail to load at times and I'd have to manually launch it. So I saw that Kapersky had a Freeware and gave it a shot. Kapersky has a very capable AV that you pay for, so why not? Well, Windows now loads 2x to 3x faster on those slower PC's, and even some software like Firefox launches faster! And Kapersky has a lot of configuration in the Setup area (Gear Icon, lower left) and can be temporarily shut down via the Taskbar Icon and so on. Just setup an account with them using an Email and a password (done within the program install) and you're done! You can then use that same emailpassword for any additional installations of Free Kapersky. Fast and very capable. Out of all of them out there, I would only recommend this or Avast for Free Anti-Virus software's these days, and Kapersky may soon become my favorite! show Review details
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