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Badly made 1 stars by darkocean Nov 28, 2017 (Read all my 36 reviews)
It's one of those programs only the maker has any clue on how to use. I can't figure out where the actual typing area to start a chapter is at. That's just me though, if I can't figure out a program right away I ditch it. Well, not always but if I have tried every menu option and still can't find the simplest of things (the whole point of installing the program is to write in it.) then the hell with it. And, the search continues. I give this an epic fail, should be K.I.S.S. show Review details
Very useful 5 stars by adrian40 Jul 24, 2017
I have recommended this software to others on an online writing course. Its sections simply allow a novel to develop with a constant overview of where it is going. As you go along, characters can have their characteristics recorded, and these are returned to later on to check with consistency. The arrangement into flexible chapters and sections allows one to imagine the novel as a film, each section being a scene. At suitable points the construction can be turned into one .RTF file (and from that elsewhere I create a .PDF file with a picture cover). The .RTF is enough. The software accepts pictures for reference and so I have drawn characters and added a map. This is one of those 'other' text writing programs that works and gives added value. show Review details
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