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It has a long road ahead 2 stars by OnePiece Dec 04, 2018 (Read all my 12 reviews)
I appreciate free software, and especially free security software. But Crystal Security undoubtedly has a lot of room to grow, and by that I don't mean its features, rather its reliability and quality. The program is purposed as a supplemental security software in addition to your regular antivirusantimalware, and it fits that purpose well. But it is making too many mistakes. It flags completely valid programs (ones that are listed on this site) as malware, and immediately quarantines them. What is worse, when it comes to restoring these from the quarantine, it freezes, and upon killrestart it will show the quarantine as empty. (But, of course, the quarantined files are NOT restored.) The false positives are all caused by its "dynamic engine", so even if 30 cloud search engines + its own static and heuristic engines found the file clean, it will flag the file infected just 'cos the dynamic engine says so. A very flawed design decision. You can fortunately switch off the dynamic engine, or raise the detection threshold, but hen why is it there in the first place? Hopefully in the future these problems will be dealt with, until then, be careful. show Review details
Great extra layer of protection 5 stars by fuzzy178795 Jun 02, 2016 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Very impressed the user interface is first class , and after a little look easy to understand it does inform very well , the scan is very good and will list all relevant files, updates well and it is a great as an extra layer of protection , in the early days of using Crystal Security but think it will be a Keeper would recommend you give it a Try. show Review details
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