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Time for an update of the capabilities. 2 stars by cd527phd483 Apr 12, 2020
A good start to a program that has long been passed by others. This program ONLY downloads YouTube and Facebook videos (read the text notes) not 80 streaming sites. It does run portably under Win 10 if .NET 4.7.2 is installed, but requires Admin. rights so you cannot use the program everywhere (like at the library) on just any machine. No opportunity for playback is available in the program nor will the program download playlists which are popular on YouTube and can be done with other similar downloaders. I also found that you cannot specify WHERE the video will be saved it must be within the Usnip folder which is a big limitation for many users. On the plus side it does have a range of download file types and shows whatever notes the video uploader has provided which can be of interest to some watchers. However, I found the saved video of significantly less quality regardless of setting. Overall, I recommend using another video downloader that can download from more that just two video services, with a wider range of saving options, portable and are also free without the limitations in Usnip. show Review details
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