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Change of mind 3 stars by gimpguy Feb 05, 2014 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I think I jumped the gun on this review prior so here's a new one. Encountered many bugs with this but here are just a few... 1.If not using from the shortcut on desktop using instead the taskbar pin, will come up blank unable to use it. 2.Switching sound devices like plugging in headphones gives a play list error, unable to read. 3.Unable to play flac unless you convert to .mp3 in same folder, keeping original flacs in there, then will play the flac files, very odd. 4. When using Photoshop for example while playing MP, some things like lighting effects will cause MP to stop, using other programs I get the same thing, will cause MP to pause or stop. Very odd. 5. When you hit the play button on highlighted track, instead of playing that track, you get an option to open a file. Only method is double click song. Hmmm. Play button only works on paused song. Some things that I thought should obviously be added but aren't... 1. Skip to next track or previous track button.
2. Play the highlighted song with play button.
3. Put the options in one place, not all over the place like view EQ etc...
4. More sorting options.
5. Repeat play on single song.
So while at first I was completely happy with this, it's become quite tedious to use, mainly with all the odd issues which I have no more room for in here. I will still keep watch on this in hopes things get fixed in the near future. show Review details
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