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Was great, but now dead 1 stars by RedSnapper Sep 27, 2020 (Read all my 4 reviews)
Epcheck was truly great to use. Unfortunately, it no longer works. show Review details
No longer supported - for now at least 1 stars by Klatuu May 15, 2020 (Read all my 29 reviews)
4 years ago I gave this episode reminder software a terrific review. It was far better than any other program or phone App I have seen. Unfortunately the source for this program was a site that changed its API to allow downloading the data for the shows, and the developer no longer seems to have time to re-write epCheck. (Even though the promise was made to try and do it!) I am sure a paying job and real life get in the way. The features of this software? Larger fonts so it's easy to see on a TV across the room. (I use it with a PC that way!) A Weekly Reminder - shows you what is coming up, what is on today, and what has already been shown. Series List page with every episode of every season listed, in case you want to go find the shows. Ffar easier than opening a television 'guide' everyday to look up the shows you are interested in. Found Network, Cable, and Premium channel shows! I still hope it will come back some day - so good I'd even pay for it! But for now this software is defunct. A true shame. show Review details
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